Thursday, 26 August 2010

French fancies...

French fancies, just right to have with a cup of tea in the afternoon,

which flavour do you prefer with your cuppa??

eeny, meeny, miny mo.....

I'll have vanilla and chocolate please, well you can't just have one can you!!!

Love Lucey xxx

Sunday, 22 August 2010

We went for a walk....

On Saturday we went for a walk,

we passed some sweet little houses,

licked delicious ice creams

under the bunting,

saw all the latest fashions,


admired beautiful buildings,


saw wonderful hanging baskets,

enjoyed a cream tea,

and brought Stanley home with us!!

Oh I could quite happily meander around York all day long.

Did you have a nice weekend?

Bye for now

Lucey xxx

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

The elves and the shoemaker....

I was so excited to find a parcel on the doormat waiting for me when I got back from the dentist yesterday and quickly tore it open

The elves and the shoemaker was my favourite book when I was a child and I've waited far too long to find a copy in fairly good condition for it's age.

Of course I had to pay a fortune more than the original price of....

but......I'm happy!!

I'm looking for a copy of "the party" now to go in my collection, I have quite a few of Rachels books from when she was little and Alexa and I are enjoying reading/looking at them, maybe she'll be a bookworm just like grandma.

Bye for now

Love Lucey xxx

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Gypsy caravans.....

The sun seems to have shone for weeks and weeks  this summer, which is just what I love, and another thing I love is gypsy caravans.

Imagine my delight when I saw three of these beautful creations coming down the road when I was in Borobridge  last week

The one leading had a little Jack Russel that looked a bit like a fox sitting at the front and
looking as proud as punch as he travelled along

Of course by the time I'd fumbled in my bag for my camera they'd nearly passed us and I didn't get a shot of the inside,  but they were all beautifully painted and decked out with beds etc.

I think in the next life I'll be a gypsy and travel around in one of those beautifully painted caravans where of course it would always be summer!!

What would you like to be in the next life???

Bye for now

Love Luceyxxx

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Garden makeover....


want to see what we've been up to?

At the front of the house there was a small lawn laid by the developers that didn't look anything, so,

we decided to give it a little makeover!

Off we went to B&Q for some  lavender plants, a blue cyprus lollipop and 10 bags of blue slate, and while I made a nice "brew" Roger the lodger dug out the grass for me.

We put the lavender down the sides of the path so that when it grows it will smell lovely as you brush past it, mmmmmm.

and we put the "lollipop"  in the middle it will look nice at christmas time with twinkling lights twined around it,

I think the garden suits the style of the house much more than the grass do you?  Our lovely neighbour next door but one has put us a fence up between the houses as our neighbours move in next week and I'm sure they don't want our doggies in their garden,

as the garden isn't very big I've found a lovely shade of green called williow to stain the fence and then we can start on the decking, look at these two they belong to Andy and they adore our Darcy!!

"Toby and Rory" how handsome are they???

Bye for now

Love Lucey xxx

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

The bathroom.....

Morning girls,

Want a look in the bathroom?

The shelf arrived from bespoke country on Saturday 

and no sooner was it out of the box than on the wall and filled with Cath K goodies!

The tiles were already chosed by the developer they're tiny white pearly mosaics (they look cream in the picture) the little bluebirds are by made and found,

I'm waiting for the mirror to be delivered it will fit the wall above the bath making the room look bigger ( a tip from the showhouse)

 I put all my toiletries in the bags so I don't need a  cabinet in here, bathtimes are so much nicer with lovely lotions and potions and fluffy rosey towels arn't they?

I love the blue in this canvas on the landing

the clock was a bargain buy at £5 and, talking of clocks....

the sound of all these clocks ticking together is amazing, its like tickety tock, tickety tock and so soothing, another idea from the showhouse.

Right I'm off to buy some clocks as I have just the place for them.....

Bye for now,

love Lucey xxx