Friday, 18 April 2014

Away For Easter

Just to let you all know I'm going away for Easter this year and if anyone cares to join me for afternoon tea I'll be at ...
"Buttons B&B" 

Buttons B&B is a super place to stay and the afternoon tea is to die for, I'm just having  a stroll round the cottage garden where the birds are chirping away, the bees are busy  and the scent from the flowers is divine.....

So if you fancy joining me here's the address....

Buttons B&B 
Bloggers Lane
The Country side

I'm in the front bedroom overlooking the garden but there's plenty of room for everyone!!

Lucey X 

PS This was made for me by the lovely "Miss Clementine"  thank you X

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Busy Darning With Tom

I've been so busy darning that I forgot to show you the photo's from the darning workshop with Tom of Holland at Hope and Elvis last weekend!!

Have a look at Tom's darning,

beautiful samples on a jumper, it's almost a work of art, something to be worn with pride,

sock's darned to give them more life,

to be worn forever......

Tom showed us how to darn using a mushroom and different needles and wools, like everything, you need the right tools for the right job and then it's easy peasy...well not quite but you know what I mean!!

Our first attempts at darning were clumsy but Tom's were lovely, it made me want to darn my cardigan, just for show,

Tom showed us how to darn with a "speedweve" a sort of little loom that makes a "darn" for you and ever so neat.

I met up with the lovely Rachelle, from Ted and Agnes fame and we spent the day chatting and darning and having a a wander round Louise's studio,

 I  took a few snaps of her treasures, wouldn't we all love  to have this little beauty in our kitchen??

Tea and biscuits anyone?

Louise's "stash"

"all the sizes, all the colours"

time for some paper work.

I bought a  piece of Sanderson fabric from Louise to make into a skirt and this lovely old box of Newey's pelican mantle hooks and eyes, I love old boxes.

Right back to the darning, I must get some more practice!!

Lucey X

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Hope And Elvis Workshops

Way back in November the lovely Louise from H & E put up some workshops on her website which are on a "first come first served" basis so I chose my workshops,  pressed the button then waited anxiously for Louise to reply.

Not long after I heard I had managed to bag  both workshops....and the first one, "Tom of Holland" who is going to show us how to darn, is this Saturday!!

So, my pile of woolies are ready,

I've packed my suitcase,

new brooches are pinned onto my cardigan,

and pennies are ready to be spent!!

Roll on Saturday.....
Are any of you lovelies going?

Lucey xx