Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Fed, Watered And Ready To Fly

Oh I do love Christmas Eve, listening to carols while drinking champagne and stuffing myself with delicious chocolates, the excitement listening for the scratching of hooves on the roof followed by a visit from the man himself....

"fed, watered and ready to fly"

Thank you all for reading my "ramblings" and leaving lovely comments I do appreciate it,

warmest Christmas wishes,



Saturday, 21 December 2013

All Hand Made

Back in September I spied some gorgeous blue faced Leicester wool when I was in York, so I bought  a couple of hanks got out the needles and hunted through my patterns to knit a couple of "Christmassy" cushions.

The wool knits up lovely and is ever so warm and cosy, I made one in brown with cream reindeer's, snowflakes,  trees and border

and the other one in  cream with brown.

Next I embroidered a tablecloth with words from
 "the night before Christmas" on it,

"stockings were hung"

"visions of sugarplums"

Do you remember the pillowcase with the tiny "E" on it, well that's now a tray cloth,

"plum  pudding, oranges and cloves, mince pies and cream" ......mmmm all sounds delicious!!

Mr Lucey got me this gorgeous yellow "Robertson's mincemeat" tin, I have quite a few tins now but this one is definitely my favorite

bake, eat and be merry syrup tin, and a handmade wooly christmas tree  that I got from a fair,

more reindeer's, this time crocheted.

The Christmas tree on the landing has hand made stars, Mary, Joseph and Jesus peg dolls,

and festive cards hung on the branches

and this year's Christmas journal

covered in hand printed fabric that I made on a course last Summer,

little tree's ready for the cemetery, one decorated with rusty bells and filled with hyacinth bulbs and the other with a garland of monkey nuts for the birds.....

and finally....

a little display in the hall.

Wishing you all warmest Christmas wishes,

Lucey x

Monday, 16 December 2013

Wreath Making Class

I saw a wreath making class advertised by the "Parks and Cemeteries" with  all materials  included for £7.50 so I thought we'd  give it a go. 

It was held in a massive greenhouse and we started off with a talk on green willow and a demonstration by Dorothy who had a put together a few wreaths for us to get ideas from, then it was time to "get making"

We each chose 10 lengths of willow and wove it into a ring, weaving away until we were happy with the shape,

then we added the foliage of which there was plenty to choose from and wired it all together,

adding  fir cones, berries  and  dried orange slices  

we finished them off with wired ribbon bows and had a cuppa and a mince pie before taking some pictures.

These two did very well for a first attempt  

I've hung one on the  bike in the back garden along with some fairy lights and an old railway lantern and the other on the fence,

very festive......

A nice shade of purple...this is the bruise on my leg after my fall last week.....must be more careful!!

Lucey X

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Busy Times

With less than two weeks to go till the big day it's been a busy time here in the Lucey household. We've had sickness (me) a fall (me) a  birthday (mr lucey), shopping in York (me)  cupboards cleaned out and goodies squirelled away and the house turned into a Christmas grotto...phew!

I got a  lovely box of  decorations on good old e bay,

 a box from the charity shop for £3 along with some Christmas crackers,

and a bit of help decorating the tree from a little lady,

butter wouldn't melt!!

The stockings are hung,

the candles are lit,

 Cards are  posted and the presents are wrapped up so my "to do" list is getting shorter, I've still  got  oranges ready to be decorated with cloves, oh and a party on Saturday night....it must be Christmas!

Lucey x