Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Just saying hello.

Just thought I'd pop in to say hello and wish  a "happy birthday" to anyone lucky enough to be celebrating,  my daughter has a friend who is officially "8" today!!

I got some lovely fragranced daffs for £1 to go in my new jar/vase it's about 8" high and has  "Gartons of Birmingham" on the side and it has a flat glass lid I don't know what was in it, maybe a sauce?

My friend Evelyn gave me some moss from her garden so I got a cheery pink primula to go in an oversized cup and put the moss around it, a bit of spring indoors, mind it's been beautiful outdoors today, Rachel and I went to do a bit of shopping this morning she's just moved house and the worktops in the kitchen are dark blue so until she can get them changed she bought  a red microwave, a lime green toaster, a purple kettle and a yellow bread bin and it's realy brightened the kitchen up and also a little shopping trip with mam cheered her up a bit as it's the first time she's been out since her op.

I've been sewing again, this time a shopping bag, made from my lovely wooly blanket stash, and lined with some left over CK print,

I embroidered "rabbit" on the front and added a couple of red buttons  and I'm nearly finished my "Lucey Rabbit" to pin on  but in the meantime I "borrowed" Rachel rabbit so you could see it finished.

It's not a shopping bag for the "milk and bread" type of shopping more the" ball of wool and yard of pretty ribbon" type of shopping, just right for a vintage fair I'm going to on Sunday where I hope I come home with my shopping bag full to bursting!!

I'm off to catch the last of the sunshine before I go to the slimming club where I'll be the only one not to loose anything, I knew I shouldn't have had that large slice of chocolate fudge cake with oooodles of fresh cream on this morning, it was utterly delicious though!!

Lucey xx

Sunday, 26 February 2012

and the winner is,

There's much shouting and swearing going on in our house right now so please close your ears, why, you might ask, because Liverpool are on TV and at present they are getting beat 1-0 sssshhhhh!!!

Thanks to everyone who entered my lavender giveaway, I put all your names into the hat  and picked one out and that was ...."second hand rose"....  congratulations, please e mail me your address and I'll post your goodies off to you.

Thankfully now we're shouting and swearing for joy as apparently Liverpool have equalised, I hope they win otherwise we will have to have several re runs of the match to see where they went wrong but then again if they  win we still have to have the re plays to see them winning all over again.....I just can't win can I!!!

Lucey xx

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Another Make.

I was browsing round Dotty and Millie's enporium when I come across these beautifully packaged sewing needles they're H Millward & Sons "3 egg eyed sharps", not too sure what that meens but they're in lovely condition  and I decided to make a sewing book from some pretty satin edged blanket that my lovely friend Mandy over at Daisy Moon gave me to store them in.

I edged the blanket with some pretty contrasting fabric and then cut out a flower motif and stitched it on the front and added an old shirt button, I used a little bit of my initialled tape and stitched 3 lovely conker brown buttons down the front and stitched "sewing" on it.

The needles were the starting point to go inside along with some hand stitched "dandelion" buttons and cards with hooks and eyes and poppers on them, also a transfer pattern of flowers and a couple of cards of cottons, when I'd had a faff about with them and I was happy I stitched them all down. I love making these books where you don't know what's inside until you open it up and you could find anything in there!!

I'm going to a Vintage fair in March so hopefully I'll be able to find lots more sewing things from days long gone.....

I love the old initialled tape and I don't know why anyone would want to part with it, still we don't all like the same things  do we?

News on the diet front:

I'm managing to stick to  it  but then I stick to it every day until after tea then I'm like a little mouse that "nibbles" lol,

Lucey xx

PS There's still time to join in the Lavender giveaway in the last post. x

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Lavender Giveaway.

(picture from mollie makes callender)

Today's another cold, rainy, February day but yesterday the sun was shining and the birds were singing and as I went to work in the afternoon and I was thinking it would be lovely to just sit and enjoy the sunshine with a magazine to read and a nice glass of something  cool to drink.

So I got to work, and I'd just  took off my coat when our "leader" said "oh you had time owing so I put you down as having the afternoon off, sorry, didn't I tell you" "no you bloody didn't but thanks anyway" said I  and, quick as a flash, I was coming out of the newsagents with the latest "mollie makes" and a fruity drink and in no time at all I was sat at home  with the french doors open enjoying my afternoon off, lucky or what eh!!


Now onto the buisness of the giveaway, I got the pattern for this knitted house washmit from Ravelery and I thought I'd add some lavender smellies in a wash bag  to with it so that while you're having a nice long soak in the bath you could kid yourself into thinking it was a summer evening!!

I made a few other bits aswell, there's a bag made from a Parisian  fabric on the front and  backed in lavender coloured gingham that's filled with lavender from my garden last year it smells wonderful,

a lavendery brooch, a post card and gift tag and a peg of ribbon,

and there'll be some sweets too.

So to be "in it to win it" all you have to do is leave a comment on this post and I'll pick a winner out of the hat on Sunday, easy peasy!!

We've booked our summer holls so I joined weight watchers last Monday and I lost a measley 1 1/2lbs this week so please excuse me while I russle up a bit of rabbit food for tea.....again!!

Lucey xx

Monday, 20 February 2012

Hidden owl's.

Awww it's freezing outside today not like yesterday, where the sun shone making it feel a lot warmer we had a lovely walk in the cemetery/park with Alexa, she likes to "find" the owl's in the tree's

can you see him?

There he is!!

 There's some very talented people about isn't there, fancy being able to carve an owl into a tree,

there is a real owl that lives in the  trees and at night you can hear him calling, Alexa thinks it's this little chap!!

Everywhere we walked there were snowdrops just opening their little heads and the sun made lovely long shadows of the trees on the grass 

"don't pick the flowers"

The yellow and purple crocus that snake down the path were just coming through making everywhere springlike and we walked home with rosey cheeks to drink hot chocolate and play play doh, while the little miss was busy I got out my crochet hook and new yarn and made a start on my lap blanket, well it's for my feet realy as they're always cold!!

I've also been knitting a "house" for my giveaway, does anyone like lavender?

Pop back on Wednesday for my  "lavender" giveaway" till then,

bye for now

Lucey xx

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentines Day

I made myself a valentines day brooch last night  but it will have to keep until saturday evening because after a hard day at work I shan't be going and further than the settee!!

Happy Valentines Day,

Lucey x

Monday, 13 February 2012


Thank you to everyone who left me a message yesterday when Rachel was having surgery, it means so much to know you're all thinking about me.

Rachel went into theatre at 9 am and got back onto the ward for 1 o'clock, Anth was there and he said she was in quite a lot of pain,  but ok.

Rachel phoned me herself at 6 pm and she said she'd managed a few spoons  of soup and a drink and she'd put her new jimmies on but was in a lot of pain, which I knew she would be.

I spoke to her at 8 this morning and she said she hadn't had a very good night but she was ok and was going to try a bit of toast, considering she's 5' 6'' and a size 8 she does like her food !!

I'm just happy it's all over and now and we just have to get her home and rested for a while till the wounds heal, she's hopeing to come home on Wednesday.

Well what does a worried mama do while her girl is under the knife???

After a few chores and wrapping of birthday pressies for two lovely people, I started to sew,

after choosing the fabrics I thought I'd make a bunny inspired by the lovely Julie Arkell, when I'd finished her I sewed an old initial on to her dress and called her "Rachel rabbit" so I shall take her along to the hospital this afternoon and hope it cheers Rachel up a bit with some chocs, balloon and card  as you can't have flowers in hospital these days....where did that come from???

Thanks again for all your well wishes,

Lucey xx

Thursday, 9 February 2012


My mam was having a clear out of some craft things she's had stored away for a few years and she asked if I wanted anything before she gave it away, quick as a flash I was in the box and out come a bag of miniature knitting

 there was little hanks of wool and on the thinest of needles was some knitting

also in the bag were patterns for making miniature dolls clothes and a tea cosy which I might attempt to make with the help of a very large magnifying mirror!!

I covered a chocolate box with some nice gift wrap to keep it all safely in.

Then there was a book of decoupage with about 80 sheets of images inside and loads of ideas for making things

I'm sure I have a tray or two that could do with a makeover,

some of the birthday ones I made into gift tags and I'm sure when Alexa comes this afternoon she'll have loads of fun making things.

There were lots of photo albums and  all mams paints, pencils and artists book that she used to do many moons ago and her "craft dress" that she wore while having fun and now it's mine!

It's a lovely blue sprig dress with a detatchable pinny that fastens on the shoulders and ties around the waist, made from a  cotton fabric and I feel like....Hilda Ogden it in the nicest possible way, haha, it just needs a bit of adjustment.

Right I'm off to the RSPCA shelter but more of that next time,

Lucey x

Brrrr I'll have to wrap up warmly it's freezing out there!!!

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Cath Kidston presents.

Ooooohhhh it's been a bitterly  cold  day here in the north east  with some snow flurries but I was filled with warmth when Mr Postie brought me a  parcel from my lovely friend Barbara,

inside was not one but two gorgeous pin brooches from CK,  standing to attention were three  handsome soldiers and, a big red bus, they looked nice pinned on my grey jumper.

Don't daffy down dillies brighten up the day, I was pleased to see these little fellows pokeing their heads up over my planters this morning, and this afternoon I took Alexa to the park to feed the ducks and squirrels and there were shoots coming up everywhere, another month and spring will be around the corner...I hope!!

Keep warm and snuggly,

Lucey x