Thursday, 9 February 2012


My mam was having a clear out of some craft things she's had stored away for a few years and she asked if I wanted anything before she gave it away, quick as a flash I was in the box and out come a bag of miniature knitting

 there was little hanks of wool and on the thinest of needles was some knitting

also in the bag were patterns for making miniature dolls clothes and a tea cosy which I might attempt to make with the help of a very large magnifying mirror!!

I covered a chocolate box with some nice gift wrap to keep it all safely in.

Then there was a book of decoupage with about 80 sheets of images inside and loads of ideas for making things

I'm sure I have a tray or two that could do with a makeover,

some of the birthday ones I made into gift tags and I'm sure when Alexa comes this afternoon she'll have loads of fun making things.

There were lots of photo albums and  all mams paints, pencils and artists book that she used to do many moons ago and her "craft dress" that she wore while having fun and now it's mine!

It's a lovely blue sprig dress with a detatchable pinny that fastens on the shoulders and ties around the waist, made from a  cotton fabric and I feel like....Hilda Ogden it in the nicest possible way, haha, it just needs a bit of adjustment.

Right I'm off to the RSPCA shelter but more of that next time,

Lucey x

Brrrr I'll have to wrap up warmly it's freezing out there!!!


Blueberry Heart said...

lovely decoupage book and the ditsy print of the dress is so springlike and pretty. Nithering indeed today, rain on ice = stay at home day!
BH x

Jenny at Red House said...

A craft dress, now there's a revelation and what a good idea, if you looked like Hilda Ogden I'd be bound to look like Ena sharples! jennyx

Rose H (UK) said...

What sweet things :o)
I'm lovin' the craft dress, what a sensible idea with the pinny!
Rose H

Marina said...

Hello, I'm a new follower to your lovely blog! What fantastic treasures! I would have been in my element too! Love the dress, fab idea!
Marina xx

Carol said...

You found lots of lovely treasures. Love your'Hilda Ogden' dress!
Carol xx

A Blessed Life said...

I have never ever seen that type of knitting needle what a find! and the dress! and the book lol..have loads of fun..

two bones and a bagle said...

I love the craft dress - how proper to dress up whilst crafting - I am also fascinated by the tiny knitting WOW you would need some patience to make one of those tiny garments.

♥ Miss Tea said...

I love the decoupage book! and the craft dress is so lovely though i've never seen on, mind you but it looks lovely and the fabric is just gorgeous!! I never tried knitting miniature patterns, but those pattern look lovely, do let us know and post it on the blog once you created mini doll clothes or the tea cosy :)

x susan

Second Hand Rose said...

Oh wow you found some amazing things! Looking forward to seeing what you make! XxxX

Mary Janes TEAROOM said...

Ooh..such lovely finds Lucey...I love your mum's craft dress too!
Hope you have a lovely weekend ,
Susan c

Felicity said...

Lovely items, I love how you have covered the box for the dolls clothes! Fliss xxx

Kelly said...

How lovely great bits and I'm loving the dress!!!

MarmaladeRose said...

Gosh what lovely treasures you've found. Good luck with that tiny knitting.