Friday, 28 May 2010

Want to win some goodies?

Oh I do love a bank holiday weekend especially as I have the whole weekend off work, we plan on doing some packing, well quite a lot of packing as I'm working next weekend and we're off on holiday the week after, and maybe a visit to Beamish again as we did enjoy it last time.

These are some of the lovely things I bought from Blossom and Walker in York on Monday

there's a linen heart with "angel" on it, some painted dolly pegs and some pretty buttons, these thing's are to go in the giveaway I'm having along with a few other bits and pieces so if you want to win them all you have to do is grab my lemonade kitty link at the side and display it on your blog.

I'm loving these gorgeous rainbow coloured pansies that I photographed on my travels, they make me smile.

Shall we say a week today for the giveaway, just grab the link  and leave a comment on this post and I'll put all your names in the hat and Alexa can pick one out.

Do pop back next week to see who's could be you! lol

Have a lovely weekend whatever your plans are,

Lucey xx

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Sandles and buttons....


Well my shopping trip went well on Monday in York and I found a new shop!!

It's called  Blossom and Walker and was actually two shops brimming with loveliness both inside and out

( I only spotted the stair basket when I got home, now I might just have to go back for that!!)


It's one of those shops you can browse in for ages as there's so much to see and quite a lot of it is handmade, I picked some lovely things  for the giveaway (details in the next post) then I wandered round to my fav shop any guesses what  that is??? lol

It was all set out in a seaside theme...

I managed to get everything on the list assisted by a lovely girl called Jade who was so pleasant and helpful, nothing was too much bother for her, including these "must have" sandles for the Summer

stunning!!! I'm happy.

I had a 15 % off voucher from living magazine so didn't feel too guilty about buying this little lot, lol.

I  must tell you about the giveaway I was lucky enough to win  from bustle and sew recently,

these gorgeous dandelion buttons all hand stitched on linen...I love them and shall be stitching them on a cardigan but not just yet as I can't stop looking at them!!

Todays Alexa day and I feel a trip to feed the ducks coming on...

Bye for now,

Lucey xx

Sunday, 23 May 2010

The new house....

Good evening girls,

what gorgeous weather we've had the last few days, is this the start of our long hot summer do you think???

I have some news on the house hunt,

the sold sign is up and, we've found a new house, and I mean a "new"  house!!!

It's not a little cottage with roses round the door and foxgloves standing in the garden as I'd pictured....

but a wonderful town house spread over three floors!!!

The idea was to move to a little 2 bed house just Mr Lucey and me, but as soon as we saw this house we knew it was "the one" for us and it's just as well as Roger the lodger has decided to come  with us,  I think it was the thought of all those bills that put him off  or was it doing his own washing and cleaning???

Of course we don't need 4 bedrooms so the top floor will be a "suite" for us how posh does that sound, stop it stop it!! Or in reality the "granny floor" with a bedroom, en suite and lounge with Juliette balcony oh bliss....

Roger the lodger wanted the "batchelor pad" top floor for himself but I've hankered after one of those balconies for ages and ages, or as Roger said "you mean a door with a railing in front"!!!

I'm so looking forward to moving in and I have a plan of every how every room will look (how organised is that?)  and all the colour schemes, I see CK roses all over the bathroom so I'll feel like I'm laid out in the garden instead of the bath, and I've told Mr Lucey he's having the CK cowboy fabric in the en suite I don't care how old he is!!! I'm not realy bossy just persuasive lol.

I made this heart just so he gets the idea!

I'm off to York tomorrow on a shopping spree with a list as long as my arm for the new house, and to look for some things to go in the giveaway I'm planning as I now have 150 followers, thanks so much to everyone who follows me I realy do appreciate it,

Bye for now,

Lucey xxx

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Cath Kidston bag...

Morning girls,

After seeing some lovely things you clever people have made from the CK  "sew" book, especially the bag, I got myself a copy.

First I made a few little birdies which I filled with lavender to hang in the wardrobe

Mmmmm such a lovely smell.

Then, after asking a friend how I sew the corners, I made the bag

I made a couple of tweeks, instead of the shoulder strap I made handles out of red webbing and I used a covered Stanley button instead of the plain white one supplied, just because I like to be different! 

I also lined it with a tiny rose printed fabric and put some cardboard in the bottom, I'm so pleased with it I'm on making another one in the "London" fabric but with green handles.

This is the other book I ordered but was very dissapointed and didn't see anything I liked in it, so it will probrably go on e bay.

Anyway I must get back to my sewing while I've got "the sewing bug"! and I do need to start sorting the holiday clothes out as its nearly that time of year again, yippeeeee...

I'll let you have a peek at what I turn out next and I hope to have some "new house" news to share with you 'cause I'm sooo excited!!

Bye for now,

Lucey xx

Tuesday, 18 May 2010



 A couple of weeks ago Mel from "mel mel at home" sent me a pattern to make a "stanley dog"

of course this involved a browse around e bay for the right fabric!

I dusted down the sewing machine that's been in the cupboard for a couple of years, and set to, I was amazed at how easy it was with a pattern. Now I can run up a pair of curtains or cushion covers but in all my 53 years I've never sewn from a pattern before.


Here he is, one pink, quite well made, (said me!) Stanley, I don't think he's too happy being made with pink fabric so I'm going to make another one in the cowboy fabric that should put a smile on his face.

I filled him with beans instead of toy stuffing as I think it looks better.

I've also  been crocheting lots of brooches and I now have a different one for just about every outfit!

Even my shopping bag has one pinned on, well it needed prettying up a little didn't it???
Of course I couldn't just put the shopper in my bag, oh no, I had to make a bag for it (I know I know far too much time on my hands!!!)

Another e bay find was a red riding hood book to go in my collection which I love,


and just look at these pretty vintage slides, there was another one but Alexa has it in her hair, I got them from kitschen pink

arn't they great??

I think I've rambled on enough for today so I'll go and make a fresh pot of tea  and a fresh cream scone, tonights our "stitch and bitch" session,  we seem to talk more than stitch, but thats what us women do best!!

Bye for now

Lucey xx

Monday, 17 May 2010

Country Living silver issue....

Morning all, hope you are all well and had a nice weekend, we got the loft cleared out on Saturday and managed the garage too, we were quite ruthless throwing away all the old junk we seem to collect and taking the better stuff to the charity shop.

Did you all get your copy of country living? it's the 25th anniversary issue and is packed with pages and pages of lovelyness.

"Set the scene for afternoon tea" what could be nicer than that??

Roses, and afternoon tea, a perfect match I think.

I've been reading Country Living for the past 25 years and still have the very first issue, I remember going into Smiths and seeing this lovely magazine on the shelf and I'd never seen a magazine like it.

I rushed home and put the kettle on and read it from cover to cover and have done so ever since.

Just look at all those jams, marmalades and lemon curds yummy...

A bloggy friend of mine Linda over at the vintage heart  has also been reading country living and has every issue do pop over and have a peek, now that would be heaven, partaking of afternoon tea, with big jugs of roses and nothing else to do for a month but read all those country living mags....wonderful ....anyone want to join me???

Bye love  Lucey xx

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Haworth weekend...

Hi girls

I've heard so much about this fabulous event taking part this weekend and I've looked forward to it for so long....but now we can't go....sob sob.

Everyone will be there exept little old me....sob sob.

Why's this do you ask?

Because  its  my weekend off work and we have the very big job of sorting out the loft before moving, you realy can't believe how much stuff is up there, we still  have boxes from the last house yet to be unpacked and we've been here 8 years!!!

So girls if any of you are going to Haworth this weekend please take lots and lots of piccies so I can enjoy a little peek of 1940's nostalgia and I'd  be ever so grateful.

Lucey xx

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Swaps and wins...

A couple of weeks ago "pea green kitty" of memoirs of a vintage magpie and I decided to do a swap, just of lovely things that we both like and as soon as I saw the CK package I knew I'd like!!

The first beautifully wrapped parcel contained these lovely shower gels and creams, perfect for the new bathroom

and in the second was the ladybird book with the squirrel on the front, by now I was sooo excited I tore off the paper on the other parcels and I wasn't dissapointed

pea green kitty sent me sooo many lovely things I shall treasure them all.

The next day I collected a parcel from Christine from this and that in America, I'd aked for Mary Englebright stickers and the parcel contained loads and loads of lovely things.

just look at all these goodies

can't wait to wear the socks and write in that notebook, I'm sooo happy!

I was also lucky enough to win this lovely magazine from Isobel thank you soooo much to all of you for all my very generous gifts.

As you all know we sold the house last week and, we've found a new's gorgeous and I love it.

We were supposed to downsize and move away to a town many miles away to be nearer Mr Luceys job but in the end he decided he didn't want to move that far away after all and so we're staying here, can't wait to show you the piccies....

Love Lucey xx

Friday, 7 May 2010

Busy week...

Hi girls,

sorry it's been nearly a week  since I blogged but it's been such a busy week for me the time has flown  by. Last Saturday we went to Northallerton, a lovely little market town in Yorkshire, where I bought a couple of heathers to go in pots on the decking, pies and cooked meats from the deli and a freezer full of meat
from the butchers. I know it's a long way to go for food but everything is so tasty not like supermarket meat and there's lots of nice shops to browse around.

I loved all these mugs and jugs with fresh eggs and jelly adverts on them

there were also cake tins and coasters

I love these "ladybird book" mugs

Half the High Street was closed and there was a huge fair on and this shop window was in the spirit of things with "hook a duck" and "coconut shy"

Anyone fancy a macaroon???

Then it was on to Stokesley another little market town where two of my favourite shops are and I did a little shopping!

One of the shops is called Croft Interiors and sells lots of gardeny things

and lots of "beachy" cushions and this wonderful bench

and the other shop is called "The Town House" and sells beautiful throws, scented candles and picture frames, so what did I buy...

these house shaped blackboards to go in the pots (I did write on them after I took the piccs!)

four seaside postcards and the tiny wire hearts they're in, I want to get a couple of pieces of driftwood from the beach to stick them in

Somehow these chocolate covered marshmallows and "violent" creams (as Mr Lucey calls them!) slipped into my bag so I had to eat them all, cheapies from Boyes but delicious.

I also got two little signs saying dream and love, by 4 pm we were ready to go home and Mr Lucey made us a lovely tea, it was only Welsh rarebit on toast from Bettys and salad but we realy enjoyed it.

On Sunday we had a good clean up as we had a young couple coming to view the house, its been for sale for 6 months and we've had 12 viewers and each time you tidy the house and think "will these be the ones to buy it" but each one although they've liked the house, they haven't sold theirs, and you think it seems such a waste of time....but this time it wasn't and they put an offer in and we accepted it now we're busy house hunting!!!

Also got a few parcels delivered this week, some CK fabric, a couple of books and a big parcel from America but I'll have to show you next time as I must wade through the particulars of "must view, maybe and yuk!"

Bye bye Lucey xx