Tuesday, 18 February 2014

More Socks And Presents

 Now I've got the hang of the 4 needles there's no stopping me from knitting socks, socks and even more socks!!

The yarn in the sock kit I got from Lidl at Christmas was lovely to knit with and I managed to knit the pair in a week doing a bit each evening 

I like my socks to match up so by wasting a tiny bit of yarn this was easily done and I've got about 3/4 of a ball leftover. I'm really fancying knitting the "bee keeper's quilt" with all this left over sock yarn but we'll see as I'm enjoying knitting socks so much.

Such pretty colours and when wore with my ankle boots they match my red and green skirt.

I knit both my Mam and My sister a pair from the tweedy double knit from the previous post, the lighter ones for Mam,

all wrapped up,

and the conker brown one's for my sister.

Both these were knitted from a King Cole pattern with 2 needles instead of 4 so they needed sewing up and to be honest I think I like the 4 needle way best, it was finger's crossed as I come to the toe's though  as I only had two balls of each colour but luckily I was left with a tiny bit so panic over!!

They were delighted with their socks and as a thank you they bought me this Emma Bridgewater " A Year In The Country" mug, the box is little greenhouse and far too nice to throw away 

chickens and eggs

"The best treat for all your hard work.... a fresh soft boiled  egg"

I think I'll keep it for Easter  time and I can drink my tea while eating  my "fresh soft boiled egg"!

Thank you both very much....I love it. x

Lucey X