Friday, 26 October 2012

My Vintage Goodies

Brrrrr isn't it cold, mind you it was forecast colder weather for the weekend.

Tomorrow I'm off to sunny Scarborough for a vintage fair but first I though you might like to see what I got in Pickering, do you want a look at my handbag?

Not sure if it's 1940's but I loved it as soon as I saw in in Annes' lovely vintage pop up cafe, it's in perfect condition and nice and clean inside!

Whoever had this clothing book can't have had many clothes as all the pages are intact,

a lovely letter from a son to his mother

 all beautifully written,

some hair grips for keeping those "rolls" in place,

and a programme from the Theatre Royal in York, 
"Watch On The Rhine"

which also advertised "Tea At Bettys"

I got this lovely old suitcase that has two compartments inside,
anyone know what would have been used for?

It has the original keys and a few knocks and scratches but I think it adds to the charm,

then there was a "new" cream vintage blanket that I've been throwing over my knees while watching TV,
 a box of hankies,  

and this lovely leather wallet for Mr Lucey. 

My Mam found me this lovely silk scarf and a gorgeous felt flower brooch in her "stash" 

so I'm all ready to see what vintage goodies I can get tomorrow to add to my little collection

Lucey X

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Now We're Hooked

As you all know last week we attended Pickering 1940's weekend and I must say we're both now firmly "hooked", so much so that Mr Lucey suggested we get an old butcher's bike to do up and take to fair's.

 My dad was a master butcher and had one of these bikes and  Howard the "errand boy" used to deliver the orders on it, when we were little me and my sister used to take turns riding in the big basket up front.

So after browsing on e bay we found just what we were looking for and after parting with "a few bob" we got it delivered this morning, it does need a bit of work doing to it to bring it back to it's former glory but hey all that's part of the fun!!

The bike was issued to the Essex CO-OP and has a CWS badge on the front, Mr Lucey will be "doing it up" while I look for a lovely big basket  where maybe I could cadge a ride!!

Lucey X

Friday, 19 October 2012

Lazy Weekend

That's me sorted for the weekend, a couple of  christmassy mags and one of my favourite films "Goodnight Mr Tom", I can't watch this without a large box of tissues at hand!

I'll pop back to show you my ration book and other vintage goodies I got from Pickering.

Lucey X

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Pickering 1940's Weekend

We had a fabulous day on Saturday in Pickering for the annual 1940's weekend.


We were just in time to see a train pulling into the station bringing lots of passengers all dressed in 1940's attire,

"Stanley" had all the ladies swooning over him!!

We listened to a rousing speech from Sir Winston Churchill

before making our way up to the town,
we passed a lovely fruit and veg van on the way

and a newly wed GI bride,

the milkman was delivering pints of milk.

Lots of mum's had their babies out in the fresh air,

and the spivs were out  selling their wares,

"watch anyone"?

By now we were ready for a pot of tea so we went into the vintage tea room that's owned by the lovely Anne from "made and found" blog,

we were lucky as there was a table for two in the corner so we ordered a pot of tea and sausage rolls with chutney

Cheryl-ann from  "Taylor made in England"  blog was our waitress and it was nice to meet up with bloggy friends.

Back outside I stopped people to ask to take their photo,

a policeman stopped a family who looked like they were doing a moon light flit 

and found a incendiary bomb in the pram!

All too soon it was back to the station to wave our sweet hearts goodbye.

Lucey x 

Friday, 12 October 2012

Country Cottage

Where does the time go?

One minute I'm telling you about a visit to the country and the next it's a week later, so I'd better get my finger out and show you my  friends cottage as tomorrow I'm off to somewhere special and I'll have another story to tell...

 Shirly has moved into a lovely little cottage in a village just outside of Thirsk  and what a pretty village it is

when I got there the sun was shining  so we sat on the bench in the front  drinking tea and eating freshly bakes cheese scones, 

inside the cottage  there are rafters on the ceiling, and rosey curtains at the windows,

through to the kitchen where there was a bit of a "chicken" theme going on and Shirly told me that when I go next time there will be chickens in the garden and maybe a freshly laid egg or two for  breakfast.

For lunch we had cheese toasties and  a slice each of that victoria sponge that was as light as a feather.

Outside there was a large courtyard with some raised beds where Shirly is going to grow potatoes and carrots, "hello  Miss Daisy",   through the gate was a walled garden with an old stable that still had the hay rack high up on the wall, this will make an excellent home for all the garden tools

there's a border been dug and some plants put in, Shirly loves gardening and I'm sure before winter sets in the garden will be "all done"!!

 From the street  the cottage looks really small but you can see how far back it goes,

there's some lovely houses along the street so we walked over the green to take some photos.

This one has beautiful windows I've never seen them set like that before,

and they all had benches outside where you could sit and watch the world go by,

 "Old Joiner's Workshop" I'd have loved a peak in there

I love the topiary in this garden how neat is that?

 Just across from the cottage  is the village church  it will be lovely at Christmas to hear the bells pealing and carols being sung

oh to live in a village would be heaven especially one as pretty as this.

Tomorrow I'm off to Pickering for the 40's weekend, I've got the dress and the shoes just hope it doesn't rain!

Lucey x

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Isn't He Dashing....

....And he has all the ladies swooning over him.....


The gorgeous Mr Murray from The Paradise of course, do you agree?

I'm off to visit a very dear friend who's just moved into a cosy  cottage in Yorkshire  with her two little doggies and puddy cat, I've packed a basket of goodies for us to sit and sew in between gossiping and drinking pots of  tea that always tastes lots nicer than ours, "it's in the water" as my dear old nan used to say.

These two have been up since dawn and are ever so excited to be going "a visiting to the countryside"
back soon,

Lucey x