Tuesday, 31 May 2011

May's Monthly Makes...

My needles have been well and truly busy this month as I was delighted to have two partners in the button swap, so what did I make for Mandy and Wendy???

They both got a covered notebook

brooches with flowery buttons on,

 a lavender bag each,

and some hand made "buttony" gift tags to go on their parcels.

(I'll show you what else I sent to the girls in another post)

When I saw this sindy pram in Alexa's bedroom I sneaked it home to make some bedding for it as it was looking rather sorry for itself.


I made a matress out of some wadding and a cotton hankie,

and a sheet that I edged with little heart shaped buttons,

 then I made  pillow and quilt from some  pretty CK paisley fabric and, as dolly had no clothes on  I croched her a pink dress and hat. I thought the fabric suited the blue pram but Alexa is a "pink" girl and said "I wanted it pink spotty grandma"!!

  Anyone know where I can get pink spotty fabric???

I've also been making "granny squares" to make into a picnic blanket, I have loads of balls of wool so I thought I'd  use them up and make it colourful!!

And that's it for this month, did you make anything nice??

Love Lucey xx


Monday, 30 May 2011

Post man called three times...

 The post man called three times this week and each time he brought me a lovely parcel that I'm going to share with you, well to be precise some photos!!

First to arrive were these ever so cute saucer crackers from the lovely Helen  at wwwtalkingtables.co.uk

they'll make your tea party go with a snap!!

Next was a canvas of my gorgeous grandaughter Alexa, (who now is covered from head to toe in chicken pox, bless her)

sent to me by the lovely people at www.bagsoflove.co.uk, what a little poser she is!!

And on Saturday I received a parcel of goodies from Annie at httl//THE FELT FAIRY blog  all beautifully wrapped in yellow tissue paper

look at that mouse isn't he gorgeous, he's filled with lavender and is going straight in my knicker drawer!!

There's a lovely notebook with a mini on, some cat stamps, a mirror, a tea towel, some sandwich flags and stickers for Alexa, thank you Annie I love my parcel.

Thanks to everyone for all the advice on the issues I've had, I'm glad to know I'm not the only one that's had problems with leaving comments etc, but, fingers crossed, everything seems to be back to normal now thank goodness.

Love Lucey xx

Saturday, 28 May 2011


Just testing as I'm having problems!!!

My followers have dissapeared and I can't leave comments on some of your blogs, also blogger won't let me sign in sometimes, anyone else having the same problems as me???

Lucey x

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Wednesday is "Alexa" day...

Morning girls,

Wednesday morning again and what shall we do today???

First of all Alexa and I are walking to the "local" Post Office, we're lucky enough to still have a post office  only 10 minutes walk away and and I certaily make the most of it!! I remember when there was a shop on every corner and a Post Office just down the street, how times have changed, sometimes not always for the better.

We're going to post my "button swap" parcels to two lovely girls and also a "birthday  swap" parcel and it  gets  "dolly" out for a bit of fresh air.

Then I thought we'd go to the park to  play on the swings and feed the ducks, we found these little bundles of fluff last year, how sweet are they??

Alexa loves to help in the kitchen so we can make some pasta for lunch and then we have story time, where Alexa holds the book and "reads" to me.

She always starts with "once uponce a time"( it makes me chuckle every time she says it,) and ends in, "they all lived happily ever afters".

Out of the mouths of babes......

Must go there's the doorbell. 

Lucey xx

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Planning a picnic.

On monday I had a trip to Stockesley to meet my friend Shirly and before lunch we browsed around the handful of nice shops, "oooing and arring" over all the lovely things, I saw these lovely vintage cup cake cases, which I just had to have!!

Back home I looked on the website, and found they sold all afternoon tea related things to match, so quick as a flash out come the credit card and while I was at work yesterday the postie delivered me some lovely goodies.

At the back of the picture is a gorgeous two tier cake stand with reversable plates that have the most beautiful flowers on them, I can see a vanilla slice or two on there mmmmmm.

I got four long plates to hold sandwiches, sausage rolls or "loaf" shaped cakes on, they come in two designs

and no tea party is set without a tea pot, but this one isn't for tea it's for flowers, it's got plastic inside that you pop the flowers into and you have a "tea pot" vase,

or it would look nice with some little violas planted in it.

You can buy it all from www.talkingtables.co.uk

I can't wait for the Bank holiday weekend  as I'm planning a picnic somewhere nice and, as it's all disposable there's no china to break, of course I'll be giving it a wipe down to use again as it's far too nice to throw away after one use!!

Have you got any picnic's planned???

Love Lucey xx

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Elderflower jelly

I decided to make one of the recepies from the "Bompas and Parr" book for jelly, and this one sounded rather nice, it's elderflower made with bottle green's elderflower cordial, mmmmmm......delicious made up into a drink but even better in a jelly.

The receipe is so easy, in a jug  mix 5 fl oz of elderflower cordial with 12 fl oz of water, cut up 5 leaves of gelatine, they recommend you use a good "premium" quality gelatine, and add to a heatproof bowl,  just cover with a splash of the cordial mixture and leave for 10 mins to soften. Then, place the bowl over a pan of simmering water and allow the gelatine to melt. Next pour over the remainder of the cordial mixture, stir, and pour back into the jug.

You can add raspberries at this point if you like them or, if like me you don't, then don't bother!!

Select a jelly mould or pretty glasses and pour your jelly mixture in to set, pop into the fridge for a few hours and when it's set, unmould.

Yummy, yummy, elderflower jelly!!

I would love to try the champagne jelly but I bought a bottle and then drank it, hick, hick!! so I'm saving up my pennies for another bottle.

Bye for now,

Lucey xx

Monday, 9 May 2011


What happens when the girls get new sandles??

They paint their "piggies" pink!!

Alexa has a thing about shoes, I wonder who she takes after???

Anything with a bit of "bling" and I'm hooked!!

Love Lucey xx

P.S. Hope you've all contacted your swap partners for the "button swap" and everyone's busy sewing buttons!!

Friday, 6 May 2011

Reading letters...

Last month was Country Homes and Interiors magazine's 25th anniversary so I thought I'd send them a letter saying how much I loved the magazine, I enclosed a photo of me and sent it off and thought no more about it until I picked up this months issue in Tesco yesterday and my letter was published!!

There it was at the top of the "seen, done and loved this month" page the photo wasn't in just the letter but hey, I'm happy with that!!

I've also had an e mail from a magazine asking if I'd like to write a "piece" each month, it's not one of the "big glossies" but hey as the saying goes....."from little acorns"!!!

Love Lucey  xxx

(PS Lucey is my bloggy name!)

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

We're all partnered up....

Morning all,

Big drum roll please as I partner everyone up in

Lucey's Button Swap

We had 39 entrants all together so I've partnered up twice, so here goes,

(I've never had so much excitement since....well, the Royal Wedding last week!!)

just to save a bit of time all bloggs begin with http:// and end in blogspot.

K C's Court.......   and    dee dee vintage retro delights

B....  and    mumu and squeak's place

The Crafty Cupcake   and   Sew Scrumptuous

lemonade kitty   and   little crafting bird

bertie meadows   and   hookin' with laa laa

simply vintage   and  little cottage comforts

twiggy peasticks    and    the patchwork heart

sew special bears   and   scrap my midlife crisis

vintage vicki   and magic making hands

the pink poppy    and    second hand chic  

kandipandi's pad   and   dinky dots

daisy moon     and   lemonade kitty

emma bear forever   and   pretty little jewels

bee happy   and   the undomesticated scientist

the red house   and   winnie briggs house

juicy fig   and   fee~ bee

ill monde de iris   and   a catterpilla dreaming 

pretty petal handmade   and   postcards from the PP

mad about bags     and    a blessed life

quiltjude   and   crafts at home.

I don't think I've missed anyone out but if I have please let me know.

So do pop over to your partners blog and say "hi" and swap addresses etc and arrange to swap parcels by Saturday 4th  June, that gives us a month to "collect and make"  and  I hope we all have  a
"happy button  swap!!"

Love Lucey xx 

Monday, 2 May 2011

Roll up, Roll up....

"Roll up, Roll up, last chance to join in"!!

"Wow" at the last count there were 38 of us (I think!) in "Lucey's button swap" and it closes tomorrow so if you fancy joining in you're more than welcome.

Thank you to everyone who signed up, I'm overwhelmed by the response I've had, I thought there might be half a dozen or so, but 38, what can I say......

As I havn't done this before I think the fairest way to partner us up is to put all the names in a hat and pick out two at a time, so, until Wednesday,

Bye for now,
Love Lucey xx