Sunday, 4 January 2015

Happy New Year

It's all over for another I hate that saying!
I love Christmas and all the trimmings that goes with it and I'm sorry to be putting everything away for another year, but needs must so I spent today taking down the trees, cards and decorations and storing them all in the garage until November when I can do it all again!

On Christmas Eve we went to the garden centre to feed the reindeer and this year they were very hungry. There's a little machine that you put £1 coin and and it spit's out a tiny amount of food, Rudolph and his friends gobbled it up from little outstretched hands.

Santa was good to me this year and brought me a set of 1950's babycham glasses,

a lovely biscuit tin that I filled with chocolate biscuits to have with a cuppa,

and my best present ever...Julie Arkell's new book.. Away.

Boxing Day afternoon all the family come, we exchanged presents, played games, wore silly hats and ate a lovely M&S buffet. After a few drinks some went home and some slept over, we talked long into the night about new beginnings....

I have some news to share.

Our son and his girlfriend are expecting a baby in the new year.....

We are all overjoyed at the patter of little feet once again coming into the family.

Lucey X