Sunday, 31 October 2010

Happy Halloween...

Wishing you all a happy, scary halloween.

This chap looks like he's had "one too many"!

Winnie the witch

I could sink my teeth into you


witch you were here?

I'm off out for a bewitching evening,


Love Lucey


Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Happy Anniversary...

Me and Mr Lucey have been married 32 years today, where does the time go? One day you're a young couple and the next you're well....not so young.

I love these deco cards.

Tonight Mr Lucey will be cooking pork medallions with a cider, bramley apple and shallot sauce, ( I would cook but nobody wants to eat a cremated tea do they hehe) with gratin dauphinois washed down with a glass of two of champage, I'm sooo spoilt.

At the weekend we're off to Harrogate for a bit of shopping, anyone know where all the best shops are?

Happy anniversay Mr Lucey xxxx

Monday, 25 October 2010

Right up my street...

As soon as I saw this magazine I knew I was in for a treat,

and I wasn't dissapointed, it's crammed full of all things christmas,

I need to find some silver bich branches so that I can make a tree like this

and my cupboard is full of empty jam jars just waiting to be filled with tea lights, I don't think my staircase will look this nice though.

There's lots of"nibbley" food in it aswell these look delicious

and what about this gingerbread house

it reminds me of when the kids were little I always got them a ready made kit, where you just iced all the sides and roof on but one year no matter how thick or thin I made the icing it just wouldn't stick together, so in a fit of temper I smashed the house up!!!! The kids were not amused and sent their dad for another one and I wasn't allowed in the kitchen, even now at their age they still expect to see a gingerbread house on the table, mmm I could just murder a ginger biscuit and a cuppa.

Love Lucey xxx

Sunday, 17 October 2010


I bought these "ice cube" candle holders from the charity shop and I let Alexa decorate them with some christmas stickers

didn't she do a good job, all we need now is some  candles to go in them.

As soon as she saw the bag of cookie cutters I'd bought for her she wanted to bake, they are from the Jamie Oliver range I can just see him and Jules having fun baking with their girls.

So  out come the pastry and flour and currants and she spent an hour making  the gingerbread man, tree, bell and rudolph and decorating them with  the currants, of which I seem to have lost the picture!!

Nigella eat your heart out!!

Finally we made these smartie cakes, one each for all of us.

Does anyone know where I can get some tall skinny candles to go in the candle holders???

Love Lucey xx 

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Winter warmer....

How can anyone not like shortbread when it comes in tins as lovely as these.

"ding ding" all aboard!


Can you imagine passing round the "musical" biscuit tin....wonderful, now which tin shall I choose???

The lovely Happy from happy loves rosie has giving my blog a "winter warmer" red background, it's so christmassy, thanks Happy.

Love Lucey xxx

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Witches hat...

I just loved these long "witches hat" baskets and bought two when I was in Northallerton last week

I planted them up with heather, reminds me of when we go over the moors to Whitby,

some ivy and pansies with pretty faces, give them a week or two and they'll fill out a bit.

I've "tweeked" the shelf in the kitchen as I wasn't happy with it, there that looks better!!

Mr and Mrs Mouse are listening to a few tunes while we'll be watching X factor on TV. I wonder who'll win this year???

Do you lik my new wellies?, just the right footwear for a walk in the park, kicking leaves and splashing in puddles!!

Right I must get the drinks and nibbles ready.......

Love Lucey xxx

Thursday, 7 October 2010


The type of book I like to read is set about 100 years ago and the family haven't got two ha'pennines to rub together and their bath night consists of a tin bath in front of the fire, a tiny piece of carbolic soap and a raggy towel,  and the whole family got in the same bathwater!!

Some years later here's what my bath night consists of...

the all essential hair dye, not that I have many grey hairs you understand!

a selection of bubble bath,

some "soap and glory" body scrub that smells of strawberries,

a fluffy towel and some body lotion,

nail varnish, heel balm and tweezers.

There's also candles, a glass of wine and a magazine, do I realy need all of this???

If my nan was still here she'd say "when I was a girl all we had was a tin bath and a little bit of soap"!!

Love Lucey xxx

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

The new arrival...

My friend Shirley called in for a cuppa the other day and nestled in her arms was a little bundle of fluff called Jinny.

As we drank cups of tea, ate fairy cakes and chatted the afternoon away Jinny slept like a baby, isn't she adorable?

Love Lucey xxx

Monday, 4 October 2010

All for me...

Morning, you know that lovely warm feeling you get when you see Postman Pats little red van van pull up outside your door and he stands there with a parcel for you? well it happened to me last Thursday.

I'd won a giveaway from Sian at lavender hearts and I was delighted, there were so many goodies packed into an enormous box and they were all for me!!

There was a CK mug filled with chocolate drinks, a CK milk jug (how lucky am I?) that had some chocolate bars inside, tea towels, chocolate cereal from Dorset cereals yummy, and some cereal bars, a jar of homemade plum jam, and a chicken shaped tea pot.

Thanks ever so much Sian.

Love Lucey xxx

PS I see a few of you are having the same problems as me getting pictures on my blog, it took ages to get these two piccies on ( I would have loved to have put more on but couldn't wait any longer) how do we resolve this???