Monday, 25 October 2010

Right up my street...

As soon as I saw this magazine I knew I was in for a treat,

and I wasn't dissapointed, it's crammed full of all things christmas,

I need to find some silver bich branches so that I can make a tree like this

and my cupboard is full of empty jam jars just waiting to be filled with tea lights, I don't think my staircase will look this nice though.

There's lots of"nibbley" food in it aswell these look delicious

and what about this gingerbread house

it reminds me of when the kids were little I always got them a ready made kit, where you just iced all the sides and roof on but one year no matter how thick or thin I made the icing it just wouldn't stick together, so in a fit of temper I smashed the house up!!!! The kids were not amused and sent their dad for another one and I wasn't allowed in the kitchen, even now at their age they still expect to see a gingerbread house on the table, mmm I could just murder a ginger biscuit and a cuppa.

Love Lucey xxx


emma bear forever said...

Snap! I picked up my copy this morning.I'm going to enjoy it later with a bar of cadburys dairy milk....ssschhhhhhhh don't tell the children or the Hub's ;)

Amanda said...

I'll have to get that one, thanks for posting.

Pea Green Kitty said...

oooh I got a little 'flip' in my tummy reading this, I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

oooh I shall have to buy this mag - it looks great! Love the tree x

Celestial Charms said...

What a fabulous magazine, chock full of beautiful decorations and ideas. That was funny about the gingerbread house. I've felt that type of frustration before! Thanks for sharing with us!

Kandi said...

Ooohh I need this I am just getting into the chritmas mood!
Kandi x

clare said...

The mag lloks great..i too love that tree!!
Will have to look out for the mag at the supermarkert!

I bought Idealhomes Complete guide to christmas the other day and found this a great read..and soo got me in the christmas

Hope your well hugs clare xx

Florence and Mary said...

I've managed to resist the Christmas mags so far but come 1st November they'll be no stopping me!

Victoria xx