Friday, 29 March 2013

Happy Easter

This morning was like a blizzard outside and now as I type the sun is shining and Spring is here....well almost, it's still freezing cold.

Never mind it's Easter and that means Easter eggs and days off work, always a good combination!







It's time for the dolls house to get a makeover 

all that's left in is the bed,

and the kitchen sink!!

Right off to scoff some chocolates

Happy Easter and I hope you all have a "Good Friday"!

Love Lucey x

Thursday, 21 March 2013

My Parcel Has Arrived

I had a huge smile on my face on Tuesday as I come in the front door, laid  on the mat was the "vintage" parcel I'd been waiting for!

Let's start at the beginning.

I bought a vintage overall  that was too big,

so I tried to put a nip and a tuck  here and there and even a belt round but it still didn't look right, 

then I read that the lovely Rachelle from "Ted and Agnes" blog was making skirts and frocks.

 I ordered the  "rose and peony" skirt from Rachell and I was ever so pleased with it, so I asked her  if she could "snippety snip" the overall and make it into a skirt for me and guess what, "she only said "yes"!!

Rachelle did a marvellous job with it as it now fit's "like a glove" and I'm ever so pleased, it has a lovely pocket on the front and red lace on the bottom....pure granny chic!!

I stitched some buttons down the side and with the pieces  that were left over I made a flower  brooch that my lovely friend Mandy showed me how to make,

I stitched a few red stones in the middle to give it a bit of "sparkle"
 and with Jenny from "The Custard's" expert guidance I made a purse to match.

I lined the inside with some white linen 

and pinned my lovely Cath kidston strawberry brooch on the front, with Jenny's help I found it quite easy to make, the bit I was worried about was getting the glue all over the place, but I didn't.

So there we are one vintage overall = a skirt, purse and brooch, I'm loving this "upcycling" malarky I'll have to see what else I've got!!

Lucey xx

Friday, 15 March 2013

Vintage Parcel Arriving

I can't contain myself I'm that excited!!
All I'm saying is any day now I'm expecting a very special  "vintage" parcel arriving in the post....

Have a nice weekend, whatever you're up to. 

Lucey xx

PS If you're listening up there in the sky,
 we don't want any more snow thank you!! 

Monday, 11 March 2013

Letter from Selfridge & Co Ltd

On a Sunday I like to get my pj's on early, read a few blogs and watch a bit of TV and last night was the last episodes of  Call The Midwife and Mr Selfridge, I loved every minute of them both.

Last week I went to visit a friend in Easingwold and I always get a copy of the local paper to browse and  I come across this letter from Selfridge & co Ltd to a Mrs Malony, The White house, Easingwold, dated 1921.

The letter reads,

Dear Madam,
Thank you for your enquiry.
We have pleasure in enclosing patterns of materials suitable for blouses, and hope they meet with your approval.
It  goes on to list the departments, description of skirts and prices and one of the colours is called ni**er  brown which we now refer to as just brown! 

See also the telephone number "GERRARD 1"

What a treasure to own.

I'm not a big fan of orange but I love these orange ranunculas which were part of my mothers day pressies along with  some CK hand creams and hyacinths in a lovely pail.

It's snowed heavilly all day today with bitterly cold winds and freezing temperatures, I've been cosied up indoors reading my new mag "Jeanne d' Arc Living" which I got for half price,
 loving this idea of a winter picnic in the snow.

Just imagine been well wrapped up, sitting round a huge crackling fire, eating soup with home made bread and drinking hot chocolate with a dash of bailey's in it while little flurries of snow fall from the sky....

On second thought's I think I'll wait until summer for my picnic!!

Lucey x

Friday, 8 March 2013

Hovis Loaf

Today has been one of those cold, drizzly days
so I decided to make some bread in my lovely Hovis loaf tins,

we got  them from Tanner & Lawson  in  London's Columbia Road when we were there at Christmas.

Above the shelf was a card explaining how a small family bakery had closed down in Wales due to a  supermarket opening up so Tanner & Lawson acquired the stock of Hovis tins used for generations to bake the wonderful bread.

It goes on to say they now have a new life as planters for herbs or to hold pens.

Not my Hovis tins, they're to carry on baking bread in, I'd butter you a slice but there's only a few crumbs left.....

Lucey x

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

What I Found In A Box

I went to an Antique/Collectors fair which to be honest was more junk than anything else but there were a few gems lurking about if you looked, and look I did for I come across a tatty old box full of bits and pieces.

After I'd bartered with the stall holder and paid quite a bit less than she'd asked  I grabbed my box and was out of the doors like a flash.
Back home I carefully took the things out of the box, one by one, 
a dollies nightie, 

little blue coat and hat,
a pinny 

and some knitted stockings.

So I  washed them all and hung them on the line to dry, very carefully, as they looked like they'd been in there  for years and some of them had holes in them and I didn't want to damage them

Once dry I decided to display my "washing line" in the bathroom, 

where if I say so myself it looks lovely!!

There was loads of other bits in the box like pieces of linen and lace, an old plastic purse with tiny toys inside that you used to find in  Christmas crackers and these old hand knitted mitts,

with the name G E Wright inside, who was that I wonder??

And finally....a wonderful flowered pinny with elasticated waist, I added the doily pocket for my hanky,
talk about gems I'd say "treasure" more like!

Lucey x

Sunday, 3 March 2013

I Love Swaps...Me

My partner for "Bobo  buns" 4 happy things swap", was the lovely Mel from "Melly moo crochet".

Mel had a look round my blog and sent me some really lovely things she knew I'd love, and I did!!

I got 2 lovely hand made brooches and a little blue rabbit, a beautiful green doily, some seeds to sew, a ladybird book to add to my collection ,a sewing of a bike and a teeny tiny blue flower in a frame, thank you Mel I loved everything you sent me.

Little rabbit, who I've named Bob is now sat on my basket waiting to go for a ride on Poppins when the weather picks up a bit.
Isn't he sweet?

If you want to have a gander at what I sent to Mel you'll have to pop over to her blog "Melly Moo Crochet", as I forgot to take any pics..... sorry.

Next time I'll show you what I got in a "bargain bucket" at a collectors fair as they need a wash, hint hint!!

Lucey x