Saturday, 30 April 2011

April monthly makes...

Morning girls,

It's nearly the end of April  and I'm ashamed to say I have only 3 measly offerings to show you!!

First is a  heart for the landing which I  filled  full of rose petals so when you walk past the smell is incredible,

and after making Lilly a "Stanley" Shirly asked me to make her one and as she loves chickens I knew she'd love this fabric

and I made a little  heart out of the left over fabric.

And that's it!!!

I think I've just been enjoying the sunshine and pottering in the garden far too much this month, well we've got to make the most of it havn't we.

Note to self  "must do better next month"!!!

Lucey xx

Friday, 29 April 2011

Time for a wedding...

Congratulations to the  Royal couple


on their wedding day.

We shall be raising a glass of our favourite tipple and sending them our best wishes for a very happy life together.

To William and Kate.....with love


Tuesday, 26 April 2011

I'm going on a picnic...

Me and Mr Lucey  have a week off work, yippee,

 so we popped down to York today and what did I buy, this gorgeous picnic hamper,


complete with sandwich and cake boxes,  plates, napkins, knives, forks, spoons, salt and pepper for 4 people all for the princely sum of £15!!

Ok so it is a disposable hamper and not wicker but hey what do you want for £15.

All we need are  a few  sandwiches and a cake,  a flask of tea or even a bottle of wine (it's strange how I think of wine as soon as an event is mentioned!!) and I'm off on a picnic, let's hope the weather stays as nice. I can't see me  "disposing" of my picnic basket though, well not until it's had a few outings anyway!!

While I was in York I met a new friend, Jenny.

 Jenny owns Bespoke Country and we've "spoke" a few times by e mail so I called in to meet her "in person" and she's lovely, but then I knew she would be!!

Jenny has shops in York, Whitby and Scarborough which she runs with Victoria and they stock lovely things  like this tea cosy that I was tempted to buy!!

Round in the "Shambles" I found a shop that had balls of wool in all the colours of the rainbow, now what could you knit with that apart from a rainbow!!

How cute is this fluffy "green" sheep, I think that's boucle wool??

Also in the Shambles there's a tiny bakers (I've forgotten the name of it) but it sells the most wonderful home made bread but you must get there early as it closes as soon as it sells out which is usually just after dinner, the marmite and cheese is our favourite.

Just before I go to the "land of nod" I never imagined the response I'd have to the button swap in my previous post, in fact I wasn't even sure if anyone would  be interested, so thanks girls for all your support and I hope your dreams are full of "buttons"!!!

Night all,

Lucey xx

Monday, 25 April 2011

Anyone up for a swap?

Morning girls,

It looks like mr sunshine has got his hat on yet again, I can't remember us having such lovely easter weather before and  it puts a smile on my face and makes my fingers itching to get busy!!!

So I propose " A Button Swap"

I think it will be good fun and something a bit different so if you fancy joining in the rules are easy peasy!!

Just send your partner at least 5 items which could include,

a  button tin, box or bag,

 some realy nice/pretty buttons either on cards or loose,

 handmade (if you're able) or bought gifts with buttons on, could anything from a single button to all buttons,

a lavender bag,

 and to keep us smiling, something edible!!

After that it's up to you.

What do you think? If you fancy joining in just leave a comment on this post, I'll leave it open until Tuesday 3rd May and then I'll partner us all up.

Please feel free to grab my button to display on your sidebar,

thanks girls,

love Lucey xxx



Sunday, 24 April 2011

Happy Easter...

Happy Easter, hope everyone is having a lovely time with lots of sunshine and lovely chocolate eggs!!

Love Lucey xx

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Julie's 40th birthday...

Happy 40th birthday Julie

Yesterday was my sister Julie's 40th birthday and she wasn't looking forward to it at all as she just didn't want to be 40!!

But after a few glasses of champagne, lots of presents and a family party she was soon the "belle of the ball" and had a fabulous time.

Of course Alexa stole the show and danced all night, the little minx

her big brother showed her how to breakdance!!

Happy birthday Jue xxx

Monday, 18 April 2011

Cars with picnic baskets...

Afternoon everyone,

What a lovely day we had yesterday, there was a vintage car rally on at the marina so we popped down for a browse,

let me introduce you to Erin...

Erin travelled to the event in her Hillman Imp and was dressed for the occasion in a gorgeous 60's outfit, doesn't she look elegant??

Of course she brought along a picnic in a wonderful hamper, and just look at that handbag....

Time for tea....

Guess what was inside the Beatle??

another lovely vintage  hamper in  green  to match the car!!

Not too sure if I'd be brave enough to travel in this car though as  it only had 3 wheels but it did have a wicker basket strapped to the back, so maybe.

Love the colour of this Wolsey, just look at those wheels

and this is an Austin A30, I know because I had one!!

When I passed my test at 17 my dad paid the man up the road £50 for it but I couldn't drive it looking like that so, my cousin who was an artist painted it for me. It had dice and flowers on the sides and a big union jack on the top and was a real show stopper!! (Must ask my mam if she has a photo)

As it was a lovely warm sunny afternoon we headed over to the "refreshment tent" for a drink or two and of course the police were on hand to see there was no unruly behaviour!!

Now this is what I'd call "travelling in style" not sure what the little boxes were for, maybe tools?

As you can see we had a lovely time, did you do anything nice yesterday?

Bye for now,

Lucey xx

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Tick, tock...

Evening girls,

When we moved into the house we put a shelf up in the kitchen for all my bits 'n bobs but I wasn't quite happy with it so we thought we'd paper the wall instead. We've been  looking for a while but couldn't find the right paper, then a few weeks ago we saw a huge clock and thought "that's it" just the right thing for the wall.

So at the weekend "the man with the van" delivered  "big ben"and we got a few match pots for the wall in red, grey  and olive green but none realy went with the finish on the clock so Mr Lucey painted it white again

I quite like oversized pieces in small spaces, stops it looking too twee I think.

Changing  the subject you'll never guess what I saw when I was walking along the high street today,
a hand knitted nest and bird sitting in the branches on a tree outside a church!!

The little tag says "if you realy, realy need me please take me but if not leave me for others to enjoy" my sister said they've been there about three weeks

Looks like the little bird has a fat juicy worm in it's mouth, I don't know if they're anything to do with the church but what a lovely idea.

I made a vanilla blancmange today in the jelly mould,

mmmmmm, there's no stopping me now!!!

Night night,

Lucey xx

Monday, 11 April 2011

Part two...

I forgot to show you the mould those lovely jellies come out of yesterday so this is it, all shiny like a new penny,

and here's the new mould that we found lurking at the  back of an antique shop in Whitby last weekend!!

What do you think of "Mr Lion" lounging on top, can you hear him "roar"!!

he makes pretty impressive jellies too,

first up I made the lion in orange jelly and the bottom in lime, my favourite flavour,

then I made  a  blackcurrant lion with  a lemon bottom, what do you think???

This book from Bompas and Parr, jellymongers, dropped on my mat on saturday,

these two are the masters of jelly making

pretty impressive stuff!!

Wow, I wonder if my jellies will ever be that good, I've got all the ingredients to make real jellies (not out of a packet!!) so watch this space, oh and I've just given myself a new title,


Love Lucey xx

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Part one....

A few weeks ago I watched a programme with Rosemary Shrager and she made loads and loads of jellies in  ornate copper jelly moulds, so I had a browse on e bay, won one and made one or two!!

This is the first attempt and I forgot to wet the plate so it stuck where it landed,

I left this one in hot water a bit too long and it split!

Getting better....

the best!!

Lucious wibbly wobbly jellies, anyone fancy a spoonfull??

Of course you need something to go with your jelly,

how about pears and maltesers??

Yummy, a lovely tea time treat.

We're having a little "Royal wedding" party and I'm in charge of the jelly, so this was just a trial run, but, I have a bigger and better mould to show you, it's setting in the fridge, so till part two....

Bye for now,

Lucey xx