Monday, 30 April 2012

Full Of Hand Made Things

Good evening everyone,

hasn't the weather been terrible, day after day of heavy rain, could make you feel quite miserable couldn't it?Well I've got a new shop to show you that's full of lovely hand made things from the students at the art college and it's called folio.

There were lots of lovely brooches,

and  pictures of lillies

and how gorgeous is this bag???

Just the right arm candy for a wedding or a garden party, hint hint your majesty!!!

Embroidered purses

and coat hangers with lovely linen capes on, far too nice to be shut away in the wardrobe,

 and lastly a wonderful Union Jack rag rug that must have taken hours and hours to make, well worth it though.

Oooops nearly  forgot this picture, not sure what they are, well I know they're arms and legs, any ideas???

Have I mentioned how clumsy I am? Today I knocked the handle off one of my favourite EB mugs

I'm ashamed to admit that's the sixth mug I've knocked the handle off Mr Lucey says I've got a touch like a rhinocerous!!

And here's yesterday's little accident,

I unplugged this "plug in" thing while I did a bit of hoovering, and put it on the windowsil and an hour later "this" had happened.....Mr Lucey was not amused as he's the one who'll have to paint it again!!!


I've been to see an exhibition of the most amazing quilts but I'll have to sort the pics out, right I'm off to bed as I have a good book to read , night all,

Lucey x

Monday, 23 April 2012

Wolf Cottage.

It was lovely having the french doors open today to let a bit of sunshine in while I was arranging my "woods"!!

As you know "little red riding wolf" come to live with us and I needed to make her a home, so at the weekeend  while I stitched "wolf cottage" Mr Lucey, who's a very clever bunny, made me some tree's and a toadstool.

The toadstool turned out realy good,

and I made some bunting to string across the tree's

I've just realised I haven't put the chimney on the roof of the cottage so please imagine a little chimney with smoke billowing out of it!!

I think red riding wolf will be very happy in her new home with lots of animals to keep her company.

I did a bit of knitting aswell, here's a little peek of a present for a lovely friend,

and this is a scarf I've made for my mam it only took 3 hours to knit up

the wool sort of looked like a net when it was opened out
and was a bit fiddly at first until I got the hang of it,

I think a shrug would like nice made out of it and I love the colours together.

Next time I'll tell you about a new shop that's opened and it's full of hand made things.

Love Lucey x  ".."

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Crafty Morning

Yesterday I got in my little Mini and drove to the lovely georgian town of Easingwold to a wonderful shop called The Olive Branch where upstairs there's a group of ladies who pass the morning away sitting  drinking coffee, eating  biscuits, nattering   and doing  a bit of crafting aswell. 

I was made ever so welcome  and I had a lovely time getting to know everybody,  they were a nice bunch of people, one lady was knitting a blanket for orphan children and another was making tiny blankets for stillborn babies, while Anne was doing a tapestry.

I took along a house I'm sewing  called "wolf cottage" to go with my red riding wolf display

After the class had finished I had a browse in the shops, I bought a tea towel to make into a bag and I'd noticed last time I was there there was a big basket of magazines that you could swap so I took some along and swapped them. 


I saw this bag with "God save our gracious Queen" printed on both sides that I'm going to make into a pair of cushions with some nice trimmings round them,

and I picked up this fairly new green wool blanket for £2 in the oxfam shop, I can see a bag being made out of that aswell, you can never have too many bags can you???


Got this lovely little tin to keep some buttons in, I ate all the chocolate discs straightaway as my buttons couldn't wait to go in, well that's my excuse anyway!!!

Thanks for all your get well wishes after my "episode" last week, the doctor thinks it was probrably just a bug but I've had some tests done to make sure,

bye for now,

Lucey x  ".."

Friday, 13 April 2012

Julie Arkell's I've Dusted The Farmyard Exhibition

NB long post!!

I've been a big fan of Julie Arkell's for about a year so when  I saw she had a solo exhibition at The Bluecoat Centre  in Liverpool I sweet talked Mr Lucey into a couple of days away.

We put the dogs into the kennels  and  set off early on Tuesday morning and headed stright  for  the centre, there must have been over 100 of her pieces there all absolutely gorgeous  and I wasn't leaving without one!!!

The figures were all beautifully dressed and they all had words embroidered on their dresses,

I adored the houses with their chimneys

and spidery, childlike writing on the side

all beautifully hand sewn,

and with little knitted paths.

Then there were gorgeous brooches, some were  pinned onto an old brown jumper

 others in a "house of dolls"

and even a whole bunch of  wild flowers.

Julie had made lots of trees, a little duck on a pond, toadstools, donkeys and beds, clouds and even ladders, after an hour and a half Mr Lucey said "hurry up and and choose one" so decisions decisions I narrowed it down to just four!

"A friend for Heidi"

"I've just found a pencil" (back left)

"I love wool"

and,  "Pretending to be some one else"

I loved them all equally so which one shall I have???

I thought I'd have to leave my "arklet" at the centre until the end of the exhibition but the lovely girls behind the counter said as I'd come a long way I coulld take it home with me,  I tell you that carrier bag never left my hand for the rest of the day!!!

So here it is, my gorgeous "arclet" who I've named "red riding woolf"

I started to write this late yesterday afternoon but as the night wore on I started to feel unwell and suddenly I had the most awful pains in my stomach as I went into the toilet I fainted then when I come round I collapsed and my mouth and fingers went blue so Mr Lucey called an ambulance (which was here within a minute) and after loads of tests I felt a lot better and declined to go to hospital. I felt like I couldn't sleep all night as I was thinking about had I "gone" what a shock it would have been for the family and what about all the things I wanted  to do. I'm feeling a lot better this morning and if you don't mind I'll take some better pics and post later when I've had a little "play"  and decide where "red riding woolf" is  going as I have a doggie with a fondness for dolls!!!

Lucey x  ".."

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Spam e mails

Somehow  a couple of spam e mails have got through, even though I havn't opened them, and passed them onto you lovely people, how  I've no idea, so to remedy this I've deleated all my the e mail addresses in the hope that if it should happen again it won't be sent on to you, I'm ever so sorry if you did receive one.

I've been to Liverpool for a couple of days to the Bluecoat Centre to see an exhibition by the very tallented Julie Arkell  and guess who just had to come home with me???

I'll have to keep you guessing until I sort out my 60 odd! photos that I took and to say I was in heaven was an understatement!!

Be back soon,

Lucey x  ".."

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone,

hope you've all had a lovely day filled with fun and lots of Easter eggs,

these are a few pages from my Easter journal,

and a few of my bunnies.

I think my love of rabbits come from my dad and granda, they both used to breed and show rabbits and won hundreds of awards for them, when I was little I used to walk round seeing which ones  had won a prizes  and I used to sneak  them  little cubes of carrot which I squeezed through the front of the cages.

I made this lovely cream bunny from some vintage blanket that  I filled with lavender, she lays on my pillow till I jump into bed and the smell of lavender helps me drift off to sleep,

and an "English" bunny pin from the R.S.P.B. box in the garden centre,

I wore it today when we went delivering  eggs, then we had a lovely lamb dinner and tea and "bunny" cake.....well it had bunnies on the top,

absolutely gorgeous,  but far too many calories, good job I wasn't counting any today!!

Enjoy the rest of the Easter holidays, we're off  to visit  Julie Arkel's exhibition in Liverpool next week so I'll be back with loads of pictures and maybe one or two purchases???

Lucey x  ".."