Tuesday, 30 March 2010


When I get a new magazine I must have a quick flick through straightaway to see whats inside, then when I have time I like to sit down with a cuppa and read through from cover to cover then, after a few days when there's no print left on the pages I take my scissors to it and cut out all the lovely pictures and put them all into a file filled with gorgeousness

This room looks so me, but not with 3 dogs! Maybe I could have a little den all of my own furnished with a couple of white settee's and cushions and curtains made from a faded roses fabric...I wish.

This looks such a cozy nook to have afternoon tea in or a lazy Sunday morning breakfast.

In the second file go lovely shops like this one where Miss Hope and Mr Greenwood sell sweeties all day from their lovely establishment.

Then there's the crafty section that inspires me to make hand sewn gifts, and finally in the back there's the afternoon tea section.

 Although I don't like to cook, I do like to bake and I like nothing better than to seve afternoon tea to friends, cucumber sandwich anyone?

I love baking cakes but sadly I have to eat them all and that's not good for my expanding waistline! It's not that I'm gready (not much) oh no its just I can't see them go to waste and that goes for sweets and especially chocolate where I must eat the whole bar/box at once!

Finally the little pictures go into a journal which I have over 30 of now so as you can imagine I'm never short of something to drool over or make or bake but what I am short of is time, so if you have any to spare please let me have some!

Love Lucey xx

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Union Jack tins...

I saw some lovely canisters advertised in a magazine from Tesco so I hot  footed it over there this morning before they all went!

There was a whole range of  "Union Jack"  inspired kitchen things to be had, so I grabbed the 3 canisters for my tea, coffee and sugar,

I like them sooo much I'm tempted to buy another set to put in some flowers  or Alexa's colouring pencils, they're only £5 for 3 canisters.

I think the daffs look nice in there and I have 2 small slim glass vases I put in first to hold the water or you could always use a little plastic bag.

I also got these two tins (£6 for 2)  which you could use for cakes and biscuits or even your "crafty" bits, but I'm using mine as a lunch box for work,

I've put one of my nice doileys in the bottom and there's a CK napkin and spoon all I need now are sandwiches and a yogurt, who do I think I am hehe.

They had a nice oven glove, a pinny and  a glass food preparing board all to match, but  there were quite a few people buzzing round them so I don't think they'll be on the shelf for long!

Now do I get another set or not? hmmm

Love Lucey xx

Tuesday, 23 March 2010


In the town this morning I called at the pound shop for some new bird feeders and these beauties were only £1 each. I've seen them in the local garden centre for a fiver!!

I put them on my bird station at the bottom of the garden when out out of  nowhere about a dozen hungry birds were soon munching away but by the time I'd got the camera out they'd flown away.

I think I'll invent a camera on my glasses that when I double blink they take a piccy how cool would that be???

I'd run out of juicy sultanas so I gave them some grapes instead, my birds are sooo well fed!!!

The only things  brightening my garden up today are these little snowdrops,

and these pretty minature daffs, can you see where the fairies live?

As I passed Wilfred's hutch he was fast asleep, shhhhh.

I decided to call in Sweetpea Cottage for a cuppa, which was lovely and warm as earlier I'd thrown a couple of logs on the fire!!!

I snuggled down with my cuppa and this Miss Read book I'd got from the market for 50p another bargain.

"Chronicles of Fairacre" but then I decided to keep it for my holls as I like a good "Read" on holiday!! (excuse the pun)

What did you do today?

Love Lucey xx

Monday, 22 March 2010

Thank you...

Just six months ago today I started my blog lemonade kitty and I love every minute of it.

I love the fact that I can share my days out, what I've been buying and  what I'm making etc with you all  and I have 118 followers so I must be doing something right!!!

It's all down to you lovely ladies who read my blog and take the time to leave such lovely comments for me.
 I just wanted to thank each and every one of you for being my "bloggy" friends.

Thank you also for your advice on Barbara's "problem" which I'm sure we'll solve tomorrow night over a cuppa and a hob nob!!!

Thank you all sooo much.

Love Lucey xx 

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Help needed...

Off we went on Tuesday to the stitch and bitch class where I managed to get the hang of the granny squares.

I chose some nice coloured wools and a  hook and got started.

After I'd done the first one the rest were easy or so I thought!!!

I sort of had one eye on the telly and one eye on the pattern and somehow the finished 

 square come out bigger than the others.

I think I got mixed up with the htr/tr stitches, but all in all I find it so easy unlike my friend Barbara who is left handed and feels like she has 10 fingers on each hand when she tries to hold the hook!!! 

So far she's only managed to make the chain and nobody else is left handed so  I think she's getting a bit impatient, so if anyone has any advice to give she'd be ever so grateful..

Thanks ever so,

Love Lucey xx

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Free Magazine...

I think Mr Postman is my best friend especially when He puts a lovely free magazine through my door on a rainy Saturday morning.

I rushed to put the kettle on before tearing off the plastic cover,

and feasted my eyes on page after page of gorgeous goodies!!!

How cool would this bag be for a perfect night away, hint hint Mr Lucey!!

I'm dreaming about the summer issue even before I've finished looking at this one, and I might even write a letter to the wonderful  Ms Kidston telling her just how lovely we think her goodies are!!

Off to read some more...

Love Lucey xx

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Babies feet...

I popped down to Next to see if there were any tankinis for my hols in July when I espied this lovely  bowl and  I thought my flowers would look so much nicer in there than the tin jug.

They're just starting to come out and they smell divine, just above them is one of my treasured possesions,

can you see some tiny feet???

When Alexa was 3 weeks old we had her feet cast and framed and I think they're adorable I sooo love babies feet.

She's finally having 40 winks so I'm off to make a cuppa and a sneaky cream egg!!

Love Lucey xx

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Belated mothers day...

As both my "children" were busy on Sunday we had mothers day yesterday

I got this lovely 1940s card from Rachel and Anth,

and Roger the lodger surprsied me with a beautiful hand tied bunch of lillies ,  my favourite flowers, (He surprised me because I don't usually get anything!!) so I was delighted.

From Rachel and Anth there was a  bag from Pandora containing a little daisy charm for my bracelet, it's nearly full now,

and Rachel, Alexa and I went to the Marina for our lunch. (My sister decided I needed to reveal myself!!)

Alexa was as good as gold,

as we both tucked into club sandwiches with salad and thick cut chips and of course there had to be a sweet involved!!

Rachel chose the cheesecake while I had the warm treacle tart with ice cream.

How could you not swoon at those sweets??? That's melted chocolate on the plate yummy  and  Alexa dipped her finger in it until the plate was empty.

When I asked Alexa to smile she said this was her "mean" face, that's what you get for having an older brother.

I think I did very well,  thank you both for a lovely mothers day.

Love Mam/Lucey xxx

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Stitch and Bitch....

On Tuesday Barbara and I joined the "stitch and bitch" at the local wool shop so we could learn how to crochet. Denise the "teacher" said we should start off learning all the basic stitches so we tried them out and they were quite easy to do and we realy enjoyed it. 

I had a pattern for a corsage so Denise sorted me out some wool and a hook and got me started, my first attempt wasn't too good,

in fact it looked a bit like a knotted mess, so I abandoned it and started again!!

The second attempt wasn't much better either!!

By now I was getting the hang of it but didn't realy like the wools so I bought some more,

the outside ring still wasn't quite right but finally after the umpteenth attempt it was looking a bit more like a corsage

I made it out of fluffier wool and this shade of green is so me and I love the colour of this ribbon flower I've sewn in the middle.
Next week its granny squares so I need to pick some nice colours for my blanket, I find crocheting much easier than knitting but my wrist is aching from gripping the hook!!

Hope everyone has a lovely Mother's Day tomorrow and  I'll be back on Monday to see what you all received from your little darlings.

Bye for now,

love Lucey xx