Monday, 1 March 2010


Hi girls,

Happy 1st March

Outside the sun is shining and, with Spring just around the corner I've put away my Winter bag,

Radley's had enough of sitting in the basket, he wants to stretch his legs,

 so I got out my Spring bag where Radley is happily trampling through the flowers,

and he also has his own watering can.

The Summer bag  is filled with scrumptious cup cakes, ohhh Radley is spoiled for choice.

This is my "special occasion" bag that Mr Lucey bought me when I was very poorly a few years ago, its "the sweetie shop" and the back is very pretty.

The hanging basket has tiny beads sewn on, and just look at the inside.

I'll have a jelly baby please!!

I also have our Karens Burberry bag that my bil gave to me, I use this quite often as it holds all this!!!

Purse, keys, notebook, hand cleaner, receipts, staff card and locker key, shopping pad and pen,  hankies, "the stig" pen, gloves, leaflet from the post office and a shopping bag!!!

All in all I have about 15 bags (I must sort some out for the C.S.) but, apart from the shoppers I got from Tesco I don't have a Cath Kidston bag, but I would love one, maybe next time we go to York???

Does anyone else love bags as much as me??? If so I'd love you to show us all...

Love Lucey xx


Rachel M said...

Love your bags especially the cupcake one! XxX

VintageVicki said...

You are v. lucky - I adore the Radley picture bags - don't own one though.

Think my fave is the bike basket one only coz it reminds me of my bike. Mind you the cupcake one is gorgeous too.

Maisey's Attic said...

Hi - love your bags - I have a couple of Radley bags but none as nice as these ones - makes me want to go shopping! - can't wait to leave my coat and boots behind - bring on Spring! - Have a lovely week xx

Isobel said...

Your bags are so pretty! I love the one with the cupcakes.

The Girl said...

So jealous of your Radley bags!! I love those ones but have never bought one because I carry my bags over my shoulder and those straps are never quite long enough for me to do it! Doesn't stop me coveting them though.

Kissed by an Angel said...

I love all your bags - but I love the cupcake one just a little bit more!!!!

A Country Girl said...

You have some lovely bags - my favourite is the sweetie shop one

made with love said...

You have some lovely bags there Lucy,
Have fun,
Rachael XX

charl said...

you have got some gorgeous bags there...very cute..
i love the black and white lulu guiness one.. gorgeous..
im more of a shoe girl than a handbag girl these days!!

Celestial Charms said...

I adore bags of all shapes and sizes, but I definitely don't have any as nice as those you displayed today. I would trade all of my bags for just one of those. ;)

Emma said...

Hello Lucey,
Thanks for your name suggestions, I don't know if your saw my new post? as I have showed the bag that I will send as a prize to the one who finds me a new name.
I loved your winter bag by the way!
Emma x

karen said...

OOOH I love your bag collection. I love radleys too. My poor old hubby cringes every time we pass the radley shop lol.

Kelly said...

Very pretty! My fave is the Lulu Guinness!