Saturday, 13 March 2010

Stitch and Bitch....

On Tuesday Barbara and I joined the "stitch and bitch" at the local wool shop so we could learn how to crochet. Denise the "teacher" said we should start off learning all the basic stitches so we tried them out and they were quite easy to do and we realy enjoyed it. 

I had a pattern for a corsage so Denise sorted me out some wool and a hook and got me started, my first attempt wasn't too good,

in fact it looked a bit like a knotted mess, so I abandoned it and started again!!

The second attempt wasn't much better either!!

By now I was getting the hang of it but didn't realy like the wools so I bought some more,

the outside ring still wasn't quite right but finally after the umpteenth attempt it was looking a bit more like a corsage

I made it out of fluffier wool and this shade of green is so me and I love the colour of this ribbon flower I've sewn in the middle.
Next week its granny squares so I need to pick some nice colours for my blanket, I find crocheting much easier than knitting but my wrist is aching from gripping the hook!!

Hope everyone has a lovely Mother's Day tomorrow and  I'll be back on Monday to see what you all received from your little darlings.

Bye for now,

love Lucey xx


Kelly said...

Well done! I just can't do it! Maybe coz I'm a left hander? Maybe coz i like knitting?
Your's looks great!

Sophie - Chez Sophie said...

Well done Lucey, I like crocheting but do find it quite hard to do.
No body I know nearby crochets and there are no local classes so I get quite frustrated when I go wrong, lol.
Love your corsage.
Have a lovely mothers day.
Luv Sophie xxx

Sea Witch said...

I have awarded you the Beaugtiful Blogger award. Please stop by my blog for details on how to accept it. I am glad that I found your blog, you have such joyful things. Sea Witch

topchelseagirl said...

Well done. For your first attempts they look pretty good to me.

melanie said...

Wow, they are really good for your first attempt. Mind, the more you crochet, the more you will become addicted to it, I know I did, I am hooked (pardon the pun, lol). xxx

Anonymous said...

Well done you - I am so jealous I still can't crochet! can't wait to see your granny squares.

Florence and Mary said...

I really want to learn crochet... I think I need to stop talking about it and just give it a try!

Victoria xx

Kissed by an Angel said...

They look good to me!!! I love to crochet - in theory!!! I've come to a bit of a stand still with my little project!!! Well done on yours!!!

Emma said...

Looking at everyones wonderful crochet creations makes me what to learn how to do it too, I would love to make a granny square blanket or cushion cover.

Petit Coterie said...

Lucey, Crocheting is so much fun and your flower is adorable. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and entering my giveaway. I always love meeting new blog friends.


LoloDesigns said...

Wish there was a wool shop near me that did that, sounds like fun and helpful too.

Think you did really well on your first attempts, can't wait to see next weeks project. x

The Girl said...

That's amazing - was that your first time crocheting?! Can't believe it.

I finally got my head sorted and started doing granny squares this weekend funnily enough, can't wait to make a whole blanket of them!

Maisey's Attic said...

These look good - i'm trying to learn at the moment to. I've come across so many lovely second-hand blankets recently. Attic 24 is great for inspiration and some really good tutorials - xx

marty and sharon said...

hi ya! oh i've always wanted to learn crochet....i think its so gorgeous and cute. even your first go looks great!! well done! sharon x