Thursday, 24 January 2013

Snowman Bunting

With everywhere looking like a winter wonderland it makes me want to get the Christmas tree and fairy lights out again!!

There's always a couple of decorations that stay out after christmas  and the little white cottage that lights up is is one of them,
 and this  bunting is the other.

Just right in this snowy weather, does anyone else do this or is it only me???

Mr Blackbird looks rather chilly with his feet in the snow, maybe I should knit him a warm scarf and a little bobble hat,

 and I feel like bringing these snow covered hyacinths in aswell as it's sooooo cold!!

Being indoors means I've had lots of "knitting days" and at long last I've nearly finished Alexa's cardigan and I'm quite pleased with it,

 I was panicking a bit but I think there's just enough wool left to finish the front band, just need to pick some pretty buttons now and she can wear it....I hope it fit's.

Flicking through the new Cath Kidston brochure I think I feel a new bag coming on...

and a dress...

and a mug or two for a nice big brew!!

Stay warm in this snowy weather,

and above all....

Lucey xx

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Cosy Cushion

We already  had a covering  of snow when it began to fall quite heavily last night, for about 3 hours big fluffy flakes of now and then that fine heavy stuff that covers everywhere in a white blanket fell from the sky.

This morning all the dads were out with the kids on sledges seeing who could make the biggest  snowman, and the dogs couldn't wait to go out.

 I decided to have a lovely cosy day by the fire, finishing off  a cardigan that I started for Alexa last year, eating crumpets and drinking tea. I was just thinking how warm and cosy it was inside,  while big flakes of snow were falling outside, when I glanced across at the chair and I thought "that doesn't look like a cosy chair, it needs new cushions"!!

So I left the knitting (will I ever finish it?) and rummaged through my fabrics for something suitable to make a "cosy cushion" I found a  lovely piece  woolly blanket,  a small amount of pink velvet and I cut a small piece off an old cream blanket for the back.

Half an hour later I'd stitched the cushion together and I was pleased with it but still the chair wasn't cosy enough, I already had this little cushion

  so I just turned it over and wrapped it up, parcel fashion, with some butchers twine,

then I placed them on the chair with Mrs Bunny and a big warm blanket for throwing over chilly knees,

result...I now have a very cosy chair

and footstool to match.

What did you do on this snowy day, play snowballs or keep warm in a cosy chair???

Thank you to everyone who left me birthday wishes in the last post I do appreciate all your lovely comments.

(Back of the cushion looks nice too!)

Lucey x

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Snowy Birthday

I never get the January blues because today's my birthday,
 and just to make sure I like to see it in black and white, or should that be grey and white!!

This gorgeous 3 D picture arrived in the post from  Kirsty Elson designs, all wrapped in blue tissue paper and accompanied by a lovely card,

I couldn't wait to rip the paper off!!

As we often ride our bikes along the sea front we asked Kirsty if she could put the bikes leaning against the railings.....and that's exactly what she did, the clever lady,


and hers.

Mr Lucey got me a Kindle Fire HD that I'm looking forward to reading books and blogs on it,

and spoilt me by getting me a new purse as well, I'm a very happy bunny today!!

There were lots of cards, chocolates and flowers and  bit of shopping, I've still got the "moon boot" on so we couldn't go too far, and lunch with my daughter,

and at tea time the family brought me a huge chocolate cup cake....yummy,
 I can see those lb's rolling on!!

We're just about to order a Chinese takeaway with a few glasses of bubbly
so all in all a wonderful birthday,

and spoilt rotten!!

Lucey x

Monday, 14 January 2013

Ticked Off The "To Do" list

With the last of the twinkling lights and decorations packed away and, on the one day the sun did shine, the house looked a right mess so it got a mini spring clean and a few daffs and hyacinths spread about!!

(I started this post last week!)

See the lovely card on the windowsill? it's from Jenny at the custards blog, it's far too nice to put away just yet and as we have a dusting of snow it looks right at home.

Now I'm not one for making new year resolutions but I do like a "to do/make" list so here's mine,

I've already made the bracelets for me and Alexa out of some pretty green beads I got from a lovely shop in York last year but she took hers home before I could take a pic of it,

yesterday I made the "sewing pinny" for when I go to a couple of classes at Hope and Elvis in April and June, no guesses for what classes I'm attending.....I only managed to book both Julie Arkell and Jessie Chorley....whoop whoop!!

I made the pinny out of a lovely green linen tea towel that has pink rosebuds on it and I stitched an embroidered tray cloth on the front for a pocket big enough to hold a tape measure, needle case and cottons etc,

and this morning I ticked off another make, a needle case made from an old embroidered napkin, I have an assortment of these so I thought I'd use them up instead of them being shut away in a drawer,

and inside is a piece of pretty blue cotton with some wadding in for a bit of padding.

I love these old buttons and the tiny cream, blue and pink safety pins were a lucky find at a flea market along with some other old sewing bits and a big pot blancmange mould, now I just need a recipe so I can try it out.

Love Lucey x