Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Jessie and Buddug, the shop

The main reason we went to london at the weekend was to visit jessie and Buddug's shop  on Columbia Road in the east end of London


it was amazing, full of handmade treasures and I spent an hour just taking it all in.

I love wearing  brooches and there were plenty of hand made ones to choose from,

the shelves were full of journals all made by Jessie,

hand stitched pictures on the walls

and mirrors with bow ties,

you wouldn't find another one of these, a mirror made from a book.

Of course you can't lurk that long without buying a little something!

Can't wait to hang this Christmas stocking up  made from a blanket with a cute little pug on the front,

and some gift wrap and cards

and I think I might find a couple of other gorgeous bits from santa in my stocking...

Luckily for me mr lucey loves shopping too and while I was in the shop he'd had a wander about and said "we must come back tomorrow to visit the famous  Columbia Road flower market" isn't he just a gem!!

Lucey x

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Off to London...

With just over a month  to go till the "big day" I thought I'd better do some christmas shopping so I'm off to London for a few days.

I've  got the tickets, the maps and my trusty ladybird book,

my pj's are packed and it's time to catch the grand central  with a couple of christmas mags and a box of chockies to keep me company!!

See you all next week,

Lucey x

Sunday, 20 November 2011

The holidays are coming...

WOW,  this realy was in our big Tesco's car park today, we were driving past when I saw it so had to go home for the camera

it was absolutely marvelous all lit up with santa on the side

everyone got their photo taken and you can view it online and they were handing  out tiny cans of coca-cola

check out the number plate "SANTA 1"

Christmas has definetly begun!!

Lucey x

Thursday, 17 November 2011

So much to make.

I spent a lovely couple of hours reading this book there's loads of lovely things to make in it and so easy,

these baubles are very vintagy, covered in scraps of fabric,

bits of fabric made into brooches or pinned on shoes

and I love fairies of any description,

I'll have to trawl the charity shops for old glass decanters, these will look lovely on the christmas table with the candles lit.

I asked my sister if I could have a look through her "tweed" stash

so I could make a brooch to go on a brown cardigan santa is bringing me!

I realy enjoyed Kirsties handmade home last night the little robin was lovely and didn't the girls do well taking third place?

I might just have to put a felting kit on my christmas list  that's already far longer than it should be!!

Lucey x

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

My parcel has arrived,


I was partnered up with "annie the felt fairy" in Laalaa's christmas swap and yesterday I collected my parcel from the Post Office and couldn't wait to get it home so I could have a peek inside.

Ow isn't it lovely opening parcels, especially when you don't know what's inside, these gorgeous goodies are what  Annie sent me.

a lovely hand painted "soldier" a christmas cat to stitch, some lovely tree decs made from the solftest felt and...the cutest card holder with a glass tree and reindeer....I love it.

And I have just the right card to display on it, there was also some candy canes but sadly they dissapeared last night while I was knitting!! ahem.

Thanks Annie. x

Here's my parcel to Annie,

a stocking filled with lavender, a fairy with apple spices, a plate for mince pies, a christmas stamp, brooch, soap and a sun catcher hope annie was as pleased with her parcel as I was.

A couple of weeks ago I joined a christmas craft class where Doreen makes the most lovely things

I've started to make a wreath like this one, it's quite fiddly stitching on all the beads, I've stitched two hearts only another 8 to go!!

Doreen must have  spent hours and hours stitching these if only mine were half as good I'd be a happy bunny, practice makes perfect and all that!!

Lucey x

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Our princess is 4.

Today is Alexa's fouth birthday, it seems just like yesterday I saw her being born and held her in my arms, our little bundle of joy.

Last night my daughter phoned and said "is that the birthday fairy? I have a little girl here who won't go to bed and it's her birthday tomorrow" so she passed the phone to me and I put on an accent and said "this is the birthday fairy and you must go to bed and go straight to sleep or I won't be bringing you any presents" quick as a flash Alexa replied "grandma why are talking in a funny voice"? 

You can't fool her!!

"Happy birthday princess"


Sunday, 6 November 2011

Is it too early?

Mr Lucey popped into ikea in his lunch hour and brought me this  nice lantern  and candle home last week

well that was it, it started me off feeling all festive especially as I'd just collected the  vintage christmas issue of Homes and Antiques with some lovely free gift tags so I made a cuppa and had a flick through.

Then I decided to stick some cloves in oranges

because  for me christmas wouldn't be christmas without a big bowl of studded oranges this was just a trial run as it will have shrivelled up by christmas!!

Me and Fliss from Joshy and Bell did a swap of magazines, I sent her some interiors mags and in return Fliss sent me some knitting ones,

these will keep me going for a while, I love the old map paper they were wrapped up in

and the card shows  the linen from Queen Mary's dolls house and took some patient lady over 1500 hours to stitch it all, just wonderful.

I also got a book from Jackie at sew special bears, "Laura's handmade life"can't wait to start reading it.

Thanks ladies you're so kind. x

Just before I go and watch Country file when would you consider it the right time to start wearing christmas pj's??

Do you think it's just a tad too early??

Honestly I haven't got them on ....yet!!

Lucey xx