Monday, 25 November 2013

Blue Tit Buttons

Chatting away at the knitting group a couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I had some lovely fabric that I wanted making into a skirt,
remember this that I got from a fair?

Annie piped up that she was a seamstress and would be happy to do some sewing for me, so after a little chat I said  I liked
 "A line skirts with a pocket on the front and about  knee length" and that is exactly what Annie made me .....what a star she is!!

I added  a sweet "blue tit" button on the pocket

 and stitched a few on the back...just because I love buttons, 

and it goes lovely with my new black shoes.
They're ever so comfy and they come with a spare set of bows so you can "dress them up...or down"

Thanks Annie

Lucey x

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Knitting Socks

I've been wanting to learn how to knit socks for a while now so last week at the knitting class I got some needles, pattern and wool and got started.....not as easy as it looks this 4 needle malarky!!

After a whole week of knitting I'd only managed about 3 inches and when I went to the class last night, Viv, out knitting lady, said not only had I dropped a stitch and  got two holes in the sock but I'd been knitting the wrong way round and my sock was inside out!!

So I pulled it out and started again, taking my time and placing pins in the work so I know which is the right way to knit.

Pics to follow. 

Margaret, one of the Ladies there has been knitting socks for years and she very kindly let me take a pic of hers to show you, Margaret has managed to knit nearly two pairs of socks in a week....what a clever bunny she is.

Such lovely heathery colours in this pair and the other pair are golden shades of Autumn, she knits all the nieces  a pair for Christmas, I wouldn't mind being her niece!!

And talking of colours Mr Lucey has been busy painting the front door, before grey....

and after, "Brinjal"

a lovely rich mulberry colour " from Farrow and Ball.  Love this colour and I've planted some pansies in the basket to match, when they show their pretty little faces.

As I type there's heavy rainy/sleet pouring down the windows and I can hear  thunder....just as  predicted by the weather man!!

Keep warm,

Lucey x

Sunday, 10 November 2013

I've Been To London To See The Queen

When I told our granddaughter we were going to London she asked me why, and I replied  "to see the Queen" and guess what? we did see the Queen!!

It was just one of those "right time, right place" moments.

As we got to the Palace the roads were closed and there were Police everywhere so I asked the Policewoman what was happening and she replied there was a state visit from "Park Geun-Hye", South Korea President.  We didn't have long to wait, in the picture you can see the bikes lined up to escort The Queen out of Buckingham Palace.

We were all excited and waived to The Queen as she passed us 

How smart do they look with their highly polished boots and impeccable uniforms, some of then were ever so young but very proud to be on duty.

We walked up The Mall to get a better view of The Queen as she returned,  and we heard the band  playing,

 the Policewoman told us she could see the carriages coming down The Mall, although there weren't many people there you could feel the excitement....and then there she was, our very own Queen, sitting in the carriage pulled by 6 fine grey horses,

I don't think I'll ever be that lucky again!!

Love Lucey x