Saturday, 27 April 2013

Julie Arkell


It's Julie Arkell time, guaranteed correct time twice a day!

While we were waiting for Julie to arrive at the studio, we rooted through Louise's stash of fabrics,

 bought vintage goodies from the well stocked shop,

 and got to know one another whilst drinking tea.

We were all excited and one of the girls's said "when Julie arrives do we curtsy" haha.

Julie put up all her display's to give us inspiration and idea's for the day's makes.

"Finding the words"

little houses,


clocks and watches,

 and bunches of wild flowers,

beautifully displayed on old shirt's and jumper's.

We were all a bit giddy to be doing any sewing, but sew we did  and I decided to make a bunch of the "wild flowers"

these are what I've started on but still haven't finished, we've been off work this week and have been on days out here, there and everywhere, so no time to sew.

A few flowers,

a watch and a rabbit house, still lots of sewing and ideas to carry on with.

Louise and Miss Debs made us a lunch to be proud of and we all nattered the afternoon away but  all too soon it was time to say our goodbyes, I chose a couple of thing's to come home with me.

One of Julie's "tic toc" watches now resides on my arm, set at 20 past twelve, just in time for lunch, 

and "tender" or Miss Rosie, is now nestled, snugly on my jumper.

Thank you Louise, Miss Deb's and Julie and all the lovely girl's that I met, for a truly wonderful day,

can't wait for next year!!

Lucey X

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Going On A Jolly.

I'm off on a jolly at the weekend but first I'll show you the case I've made for my knitting needles.

"Pretty coloured needles"

"Down the garden path"

I stitched two lovely old embroidered cloths together with a bit of wadding in between,

and stitched wavy lines for the needles to go in,

then rolled it up and tied it with some Sesame and Lilly "love" ribbon.

That's my new needles all tidy and just waiting for some lovely wool!!

Onto the jolly.

 I'm off to Hope and Elvis to do a workshop with Julie Arkell, a dream come true!!

Any of you fellow bloggers going? If so I'll see you there.

Lucey x

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Granny Slip

I was rummaging through the "draper's drawers" yesterday when I come across this very long cloth,

I think in it's previous life it was a sort of valance for along the side of a big Victorian brass bed.

It's made from snowy white cotton with a lovely hand knitted deep lace border and just perfect for making into a "granny slip" to wear under my skirts.

I wrapped it around me and   snipped the remainder off the end, then made a channel along the top and threaded some elastic through and stitched down the side.

Someone must have spent hours and hours knitting  such beautiful fine lace, I added the old shirt buttons and a piece of initialled tape, and that's it, a gorgeous "granny slip" which I shall wear with pride.

Mr Lucey won me this bike for £1 on e bay so I potted it up with some spring flowers for a bit of prettiness,

and made a bit of bunting to drape across,

now all we need is the sun to shine, that's not asking too much in April is it??

Lucey xx