Sunday, 16 June 2013

Jessie Chorley Workshop


I've been away from blogland for longer than planned what with all the decorating, you know how you do one room then another then the staircase needed doing, new carpets laid .....but more of that to follow.

First let me tell you about last weekend spent with the lovely Jessie Chorley at Hope and Elvis studio.

"Once upon a time" we all arrived at Hope and Elvis studio to meet the lovely Jessie Chorley, who  showed us her beautiful work that had such detail in every piece and talked about different stitches and her inspiration and ideas.

Jessie must have spent hours and hours on these pieces that she then had printed and made into cards,

each one is embellished with buttons, found objects and carefully chosen words,

this is my favourite piece with the big old pram and umbrella it reminds me of Mary Poppins!

All Jessie's work was displayed in old boxes and suitcases

for a real old fashioned nostalgic look,

there were also some beautifully stitched wool cushions, postcards, sewing booklets and lots of brooches to tempt and inspire us

along with lovely linen to create our own work on.

After a cup of tea  and a slice of chocolate cake we gathered our fabrics and cottons and spent the day stitching and creating our own pieces, everyone making something different,

this is the piece I stitched I was going to frame it but then I thought I'd like to make  some more and maybe stitch  them into a book,
"a quaint little cottage down a country lane"

and I've also started a cushion, still a wip.

One of jessie's gorgeous little heart brooches just had to come home with me.....

"once upon a time"

isn't that how all the best stories start!!

Back soon.......

Love Lucey xx