Monday, 31 October 2011

Happy Halloween

On Friday evening we went on a "ghost walk" in the older part of the town and I must say there were some scarry stories told but a distinct lack of ghosts....thank goodness!!!

One of the pubs where we had a quick "spirit" or two, was decked out so I popped back with my camera on sunday to take a few pics for you.

There was a huge spider on the ceiling but I didn't realy want to be seen going into a pub on my own on a Sunday afternoon!!

Some beautiful autumnal flowers sat in a pumpkin,

 and an arrangement we took to the cemetery,

Karen's favourite time of the year was autumn/halloween and she would decorate the whole house so little sister put together this arrangement for her,

 and finally, couldn't resist this pic from the internet....

"witches brew"!!

Happy halloween everyone,

Lucey xx

Friday, 28 October 2011

Warm, pretty woolies.

Yesterday I called into M&S for a browse and they've got an amazing offer on until Saturday, 25% off all womens, mens and childrens knitwear.

So I filled my trolley with warm pretty woolies for all the family and I got a few christmas pressies aswell, well it would have been a shame not too at those prices, ooohhhh christmas shopping in October!!

Lucey x

Friday, 21 October 2011

Tonight I shall be....

After a long day at work I've had a bath and got my pj's on and very shortly I'll be snuggled on the new settee with some rather lovely reading material

Don't you just love it when the nice postie deliveres the latest Cath Kidston magazine to drool over

I had a sneaky peek earlier and these bags are to die for

The lovely Jenny sent me a brochure from Bespoke Country it has some nice gift ideas in it and a few stocking fillers that I'll be requesting from mr lucey!!

So with a bag of sweets and a glass or two of "red" that will be me tonight!!

Love Lucey


Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Mr Robin and chestnuts.

On saturday we had a ride to Stockesley a lovely little market town that has some wonderful shops and one of them always has  a christmas preview day with 10% off which is where I made a bee line for!!

Dasher and dancer were tethered outside

and inside was full to the rafters with gorgeous christmas goodies, the shop was full of people drinking mulled wine and eating freshly baked mince pies and arms full of robins, stockings and snowflakes so I couldn't take any pics of the downstairs rooms

Of course I had to make a few purchases well it would have been rude not to wouldn't it?

A round fat mr robin, I'm thinking I should have bought a slightly smaller but just as fat  mrs robin to keep him company

a tea light holder in the shape of a christmas tree it just needs prettying up a bit with some holly  and those little snowflakes

I also bought lots of stickers for my book and christmas card envelopes and some jingly bells.

We had a lovely time browsing about in the warm sunshine, we got all out fruit and veg and meat there as I like to shop in independant shops if we can and back home we roasted chestnuts over an open fire

well we would have had it been an open fire!!

Roasted chestnuts and a mug of hot chocolate with sprinkles, where did I put those marshmallows???

Love Lucey xx

Monday, 10 October 2011


I think it's fair to say autumn has arrived now, there's leaves everywhere just waiting to be walked through and I've got my scarf and gloves ready for the cooler morning doggie walks, I'm also thinking warmer foods like soups and casseroles to keep us going.

 I've bought this charming little book of food by jessie Chorley

that has some  lovely receipes for flans, bread, soups and cakes and the "damson chutney" sounds delicious

the receipes are realy easy to follow and the illustrations are charming

"when the pie was opened the birds began to sing"

I'm going to make the damson chutney so I'll let you know how it turns out.

If you fancy a copy of Jessies book it's from

Changing the subject I've got a new mini!! A nice red one and look what was in the back seat waiting for me when I picked it up

some gorgeous autumnal flowers.

Right I'm off out for a spin in "The Fury" as Dylan has named it!!

Love Lucey xx

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Crafternoon class.

Yesterday afternoon Viv who owns  the local wool shop was holding a "crafternoon" class at the local church hall and she asked if I would take along some hand made items to show everyone and see what they were interested in making.

I'd made myself a new knitting bag out of a piece of old wooly blanket that I'd  lined with some pretty fabric and on the front embroidered "knit, purl, moss and rib" and a pair of (wonky) knitting needles,

the handles were made from a piece of blue CK fabric and I stitched on a pearly button to fasten the the top then  I filled the bag with hearts, doggies and a covered notebook.

I pinned all my "bits n bobs" on a covered board  to take incase anyone fancing making them

and I took  couple of scarves and handwarmers and a crochet blanket and Viv took some wool and needles and some easy knitting patterns and crochet hooks and off we went.

It only runs for 4 weeks then it changes to something else so although everyone was interested in sewing brooches and watches they realy wanted to learn to knit and crochet first. I sat with a lovely girl called Vanessa and by the afternoon she'd made two granny squares and had wrote down the pattern so that she could understand it.

I also showed her how to stitch it together with a darning needle, she wasn't sure what a darning needle was, crafts seemed to have  died  out in the past few years but now it's made  a big "comeback" and thankfully everone is back into it.

There was even a lad of about 25 there who can knit but can't read a pattern and he wants to knit his dog a nice warm coat, I might just borrow it off him and make my doggies matching coats for the winter!!

Looking forward to next week and  I'll let you know how we get on.

Love Lucey x