Tuesday, 29 March 2011

March monthly makes.

As there's only a couple of days left I thought I'd better get the camera out and show you what I've made this month, so here goes....

I had this gorgeous strawberry fabric that I wasn't sure what to do with so I covered a "garden journal" with it and I also made some jam pot covers that I forgot to take a piccy of!

I put one of my "I love my garden"  labels on the spine and added a couple of buttons to finish it off, why not eh.

Then there was this little doggie that I made for Lilly my friends grandaughter,

Lilly loves her "stanley" and carries him everywhere, now nanna wants one too!!

I've started to crochet these tiny hearts to make into a bunting for Alexa's bedroom, but sometimes tiny things take longer to do than big things 'cause you feel like you're starting and stopping all the time if you know what I mean. Anyway only about another fifty to go!!

And finally I thought I'd add this rather handsome chap that I painted (on a course) a few years ago, (does that count?)

Isn't Charlie gorgeous? He's going to "strut his stuff" in the garden this summer when I've given him a couple of coats of varnish.

That's about it I think, oh, except for the dog, birdies and covered journal that I sent to Betty in the swap so I suppose that's quite a bit, I wondered why I've never had a minute!!

Right I'd best go and glam myself up a bit as I'm going out for lunch with a friend.

Bye for now

Lucey xx

Friday, 25 March 2011

Lovely swap partner....

Morning girls,

I got a lovely e mail from Betty at "mrs yappy dog", my swap partner in the "spring makes me sing" swap hosted by Jackie from "sew special bears" telling how delighted she was with her parcel I sent her.

It's lovely when someone appreciates what you've sent them but, it's even nicer making things and rummaging around their blog finding out their likes and dislikes etc.

Anyway here's what I sent to the lovely Betty,

I know she'd love a little dog so I made her one

I also made her some little birdies filled with rose petals for her shoes, and I covered an art book for her paintings/notes, some crafty bits, CK shopper and keyring, a mug and matching t.towel, a mohair brooch and some Bettys chocolate and postcard.....and happily Betty loved everything.

It's nearly April and I havn't yet showed you "my monthly makes" for March so I'd better get my finger out and take some piccies and I'm expecting delivery of a very, very big parcel any day and I can't wait to show you it!!!

Bye for now

Love Lucey xxx

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Yellow breakfast...

Yellow breakfast, where did that come from I  ask myself??

It all started when I bought a bottle of fresh orange juice from the butcher's in a proper old fashioned milk bottle or should that be orange bottle!!

I plonked it on the table along with our weetabix and bananas for breakfast and I shouted to Mr Lucey "come and get your yellow breakfast" I won't tell you what his reply was!!

It tasted loads better than out of a carton and there was a foil top on the bottle,  now many moons ago when I was little we used to save the foil tops for the blind, I wonder if anyone does this anymore???

Then I found myself thinking what I could have for tea that was yellow but I could only think of sweetcorn and peppers!! All this sunny weather is going to my head.....

Love Lucey x

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

A birthday and treats for me...

Morning girls

It's my lovely youngest nephew's birthday today, Happy Birthday Oliver xxxx

I was partnered with Betty from mrs yappy dog in the spring makes you sing swap and my parcel arrived yesterday so I thought you might like a peek?

First was this rather delicious bunting that has big glasses of ice cream and wafers on it, does anyone know what it is called?? it's so pretty.

An extra scrummy pinny that I wore to "run round with the hoover" this morning, that was lined in a pink fabric

a pretty heart tied with red ribbon, a hand made delicious smelling lavender bag, some CK thread and hankies, some little pink sparkly beads ........and some chocolate that didn't make it to the picture, whoops!!!

Thank you very much Betty I loved everything that you sent me I'll show you what I sent to Betty when she tells me she's received it.

Thanks for all your advice on the last post, running out of picture space, as you can see it's now resolved and I'm back doing what I love......blogging!!

 I'm always amazed at how many followers I have, thank you girls.

I start work at 1pm today so I'd better get going

Bye Lucey xx

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Spring bulbs...

A couple of weeks ago I planted up my "witches hat" baskets with spring bulbs

they've all come through filling the baskets with a bit of colour,

I love the colour of grape hyacinths, when our  daughter Rachel married her late husband Paul it was February and I asked the florist to make my corsage with spring flowers and she'd put grape hyacinths in it, it was lovely.

My snowdrops have now died off but before they did I picked a little bunch and put some ivy leaves around them and put them in a champagne glass filled with moss and took them to the cemetery

I just snapped the base of the glass off and stuck it in the ground.

When we were in the supermarket we picked up these conifers, they were selling them off at £2.50 each,  I fancy some tall lead planters to give a bit of height  but the ones I like are £150 each so I think I'll have to look for some tin ones instead!!

Blogger won't let me select any more photos as it says I'm using 100% of space and I have to purchase more space. Has anyone else had this problem or is it just me??? I've deleated my first post with photos on but it still says the same.

So I'll have to show you my other photos later when I work out how to put them on!!

Short but sweet, as the saying goes.....

Love Lucey xx

Sunday, 6 March 2011

My weekend....


I love it when you wake up early and the birds are singing and you have nothing to get up for, drink a cuppa in bed, then  have a lazy breakfast and a nice bath with a fizzy bath bomb in it.

Later on we went for a lovely walk to see all the crocus snaking their way along the pathways and in the distance we could hear the church bells ringing,

the colours look lovely together.

Just a day doing nothing in particular, taking a few pictures and seeing little bits of spring emerge

the sun was so low it made the shadows of trees look enormous I'll be glad when they're full of leaves as I always thing trees look so sad in winter.

Anyway that was yesterday but today's been a busy day we've been to look for wallpaper and bought a new stove for the  snug

there was nothing wrong with the old one except it was a bit on the small side for the room and the doors open on this one making it look like a "real"  fire.

All I need now is a toasting fork so I can toast some bread over the coals....I wish!!

Looking for wallpaper in Next I bought this heart shaped lavender wreath for £5, it looks nice on top of the stove

can't wait to light the fire and burn some candles tonight while watching South  Riding, pity it's the last one as I've realy enjoyed it.

Before I go please excuse all the "poo" in the next picture

a pigeons nest with two babies in it and boy were they hungry!!!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend with nice sunny weather

love Lucey xx

Thursday, 3 March 2011

25 years later....

I picked a copy of country homes and interiors on my way home from work today and it's their 25th anniversary and I thought "I'm sure I have a first copy of that somewhere".

There it was hidden at the bottom of a big pile of magazines

it only cost £1.20 back in 1986 and now it's, well quite a bit more, but I think it's still good value. As you all know I love interiors magazines and I'm never happier than when I'm just pottering at home changing things around and making new "bits and bobs"

I think I'll go and write them a letter on my new notepaper and tell them how much I love their mag, what do you think??

Do you have a favourite magazine???

"Happy 25th birthday country living"

and here's to the next 25 years, although I probrably won't be around to see it!

Love Lucey xx