Friday, 27 July 2012

Emma Bridgewater Mugs and a Beautiful cushion

When we bought the suite it come with matching cushions which was nice but a bit "boring" so flicking "ont t'internet" I saw a  lovely bag to make into a cushion that was just what I was looking for to go on the chair

it was from bee happy homes and accessories, Deborah  also included this little pink heart for me, thank you,

 a minute after it arrived the handles were snipped off and put in the "I might use them one day drawer" (do you have one of those?) a cushion was pushed inside and a needle and thread were ran along the top faster than Linford Christie!!

"There that's better"said she

and this is where I shall be sat tonight for the opening ceremony of the olympics  which should be spectacular.

Having broken another Emma Bridgewater mug (why am I so clumsy?) I thought I'd treat us to some new ones

for me there's mrs tiggiwinkle and squirrel nutkin

and for Mr Lucey there's a beagle and a staffie

and for taking on picnics I got two melamine mugs, we'll see how long these last in Mrs Clumsy's hands!!

"Nothing beat's a good brew"

Love Lucey x

Saturday, 21 July 2012

"Oh I do like to be beside the seaside"

We woke up this morning to brilliant sunshine so I packed a picnic and we headed off down the coast to Saltburn - On - Sea,   you've got to make the most of a sunny day haven't you?

As we were going into Saltburn we passed a church that had a "table top sale" notice pinned to a tree so we called in to see what was on offer, I managed to find a big bag full of goodies, these are just a few.

After our picnic we headed down to the beach where  we saw  the  donkeys who were very kindly giving all the little boys and girls a ride on their back

then we had a walk along the prom eating our ice creams.

"stop me and buy one"

We got a ride back up to the top which was lovely

I asked the chap if I could buy his hut but he said he wasn't selling it!!

I wish.

Outside the library someone had been yarn bombing, knitted books were sewn on the railings some had worms on them,

story books

what a great idea,  knitting popping up everywhere, it makes everyone smile.

Wouldn't it be nice if the sun shone everyday?

Lucey x

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

I'd Like You To Meet Edward And Edith.

I got a letter from the  ladies at the W.I. asking if I could take in a couple of evecuees from London, so off we went to meet the train,
I was allocated two lovely little kids, a brother and sister named  Edward and Edith, come and meet them.

Edward (ticket no 254) is a lively seven year old who lost his suitcase on the train  but the lovely lady from the W.I. found it for him,

his little sister Edith (ticket no 258) who's 6 is ever so sweet and clutched her little home made dolly on the long journey all the way from London to the countryside .

Their mummy told them  that they were going on a little holiday to stay with "auntie and uncle" in the country  where they would see cows in the fields and eat fresh eggs that the chickens would lay for them.

Mummy had knitted them both a new cardigan and pullover.

When we got home they tucked into  chips and egg, a glass of milk  and a large slice of cake and then they unpacked their suitcases,

Edward had  his bag of marbles, checked pyjamas and a hot water bottle,
he also had a comic but left it on the train,

and in Edith's was  her favourite nightdress, her warm slippers and a hot water bottle.

While the children were in the tin bath in front of the fire  I laid out their nightclothes and warmed them some milk,

then we read  a story before I tucked them up in the big double bed in the attic.

"Sweet Dreams"

Edward and Edith ticket no's 254 and 258!!

Love Lucey xx

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Hello, I'm back.....

I'm back from my jollies and what a lovely jolly it was,

we started off with a little tipple on the plane, as you do,

 as we stepped out of the airport you can feel the heat and just knowing it's going to be hot and sunny for the whole fortnight  lifts your spirits straightaway.

As always my favourite part is seeing the whales and dolphin's

we saw some chaps on the beach making wonderful sand sculptures,


and  sat on the beach at night watching the most amazing sunsets,

these little chaps come out to play,

and pussy cat was happy to have his picture taken with me,

banana anyone?

The best time of all was when we went parascending, considering I don't like the water  it was the best experience ever,

When I wasn't dipping my toes in the ocean I was laying on a sunbed  eating pastries and trying out all the different cocktails,  at home it would either be an elderflower cordial or the occasional  glass of Pimm's!!

We know a chap who has a market stall and he makes bottles into clocks so we took an empty Marmite jar and a Pimm's bottle and he made them into clocks for us,

it's "Marmite O'clock"

Another lovely holiday in Tenerife......roll on next year!

Lucey xx