Saturday, 30 January 2010

Cushion...John & Dickie or Queenie & Pearl???

Hi girls, 

On Wednesday morning I was looking out of the window and I saw three robins in the garden, now I've seen two of them a few times but never three but of course every time I snapped away with the camera I could only get two of them at once.

I snapped these two on the side fence and this little chap at the back looking for food ooooh I do love robins!!

Anyway the postie dropped this lovely fabric through the letter box and before you could say Jack Robinson I ran upstairs and cut out some plain cream cotton for the back of the cushion,

and all my lovely sewing tins and buttons, and then come the best I add a few buttons and trimmings or not? Then I had to decide if the two pigeons were boys, Dickie (Bird ) and John (pigeon) or girls  Queenie and Pearl.

After rummaging in the button tin I decided they were girls  Queenie, who I gave a crown to and a nice emerald bracelet, 

and Pearl who got a lovely pearl neclace and a beautiful Ruby bracelet.

Of course I had to stitch on a wibbly wobbly jelly button before running the cover up on the machine.

I'm pleased with the way it turned out  and first I put it on the armchair but then I decided it looked better on the bed

nestled amongst my other cushions and besides I didn't want a dog laying on it!!

Also in the post this week was this poster

and a box of chocolate piglets from the lovely Kitty at Dollydaydream do pay her a visit girls...thank you so much Kitty I love the poster.


So till next time it's bye from Queenie, Pearl and Lucey xxx

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Making Nests...

Hi girls,  I saw these "truly madly deeply" mugs for sale in M&S yesterday,

and I thought I'd buy one each for me and Mr Lucey, they're filled with little chocolate hearts which are yummy

this is one bag as we ate the other bag before I got the camera out!! They sort of match my Emma Bridgewater mugs only they're a bit bigger and as Roger the lodger says "they hold more brew".

This is a heart shaped wire card holder my daughter bought for me last birthday and I hung it in the living room at Christmas time with cards on it but now it holds all these pretties. I couldn't bear to put those smiling snowmens faces away so I hung them across but no doubt when the warmer weather comes I'll put them away.

Then I put the noticeboard up and stuck some nice cards on it I didn't want to stick any pins in it just yet as I like to keep things new for a while! Does anyone else do that or is it just me???

I felt a bit of crafty coming on  as I'd just got some new buttons and threads from "Dottie and Millie's emporium" so I made these cones or "nests" which I edged with braid and stitched some lovely buttons on,  the pearly ones are from  Duttons for buttons in York

But no sooner had I hung them up than these two cheaky magpies took up residency!!!

How sweet are they???

The pigeon and jelly fabric come today and  enclosed was a piece of fabric with a fish in a bowl with coral on ,now I'm not a "Fishy" type of girl but if anyone would like it I'll send it to you, its linen union and about 18 inches X 8 inches you might be able to make something out of it just let me know. (I'm now swimming over to madmummy...thank you.)

Thank you Maryannlucy  for sending me a copy of Country Living  magazine so I'm off now for a read and a cuppa,

Bye for now,

Love Lucey xx

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Hen, eggs and jellies...

Hi girls, hope you've all had a nice weekend,  well  the question is "what come first, the chicken or the egg?"  in my case it was the egg or eggs!!

   A dozen big brown eggs freshly laid by my friend Shirly's hens.

So the last few days we've enjoyed boiled eggs and soldiers, a scrummy mushroon omelette and the biggest yorkshire puds you ever did see!!

Then, guess what come along, the chicken from the lovely Henny Flo from Fat Hen and Flo

I couldn't believe it when I saw that I'd won  a lovely rosy hen thank you so much Henny Flo I love it, she's now called Henny Penny and she sat  for a little while, on my big brown eggs. Sadly shes now sat on an empty nest as the eggs have all gone, but I shall buy her some more tomorrow.

Shirly also brought me some lovely desert glasses, the stems are twisted glass and they have fluted tops, they don't make them like that anymore. So I had to make some jellies for tea, raspberry,


lime and....

orange which we had with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a flake!! 

I'm off for a shower now then put my clean PJs on before I watch "Dancing on ice"...thanks again to Henny Flo for my lovely hen, and thanks to Shirly for the very tasty eggs.

Night all, enjoy your evening,

Love Lucey xx

Friday, 22 January 2010

UGG gloves...

Hi girls, before I show you what I've been up this week these are my utterly gorgeous wonderfully warm and cosy UGG gloves that I got from my sister and mam for my birthday last week, but disaster struck before I'd even stuck a finger in them!

Now I don't want to be dramatic but, as I got the gloves out of the box, laid them on the worktop while I cut off the tags,  picked them up,  there was grease on the back of one glove. Why am I so clumsy do I ask myself???

Moving on these were gifts from two lovely friends Barbara and Julie xx

and this little handbag sized notepad and silver pen along with some money were from Mr Lucey, I spent some of the money in the and the rest I've kept for a Noa Noa skirt, lovely Daughter and her family got me a strawberry charm,

for my Pandora bracelet and from my 2 lovely nephews a box of ferero rocher (sorry no piccies as they went in two minutes flat) chocs. My sister would have been so proud of her "boys " as they've grown into lovely young lads, and I think "Roger the lodger" forgot exept for a happy birthday greeting on facebook!!!

So, what have I been up to this week? well I tidied out my wardrobe filling a bag for the charity shop and after making a bit of space , putting in a few new purchases!!! I also threw out some old sandles and shoes that I'll not wear again and I thought "those boxes look awful" so I looked in my cards and papers box and I saw these lovely papers and covered the shoe boxes in them.

At the other side of the wardrobes I put all my magazines  into files and I decided I needed a bag to keep all my wools in so,

I found this Laura Ashley fabric  and run up a bag and I found these buttons in the tin to stitch on the front and it holds all my wools and needles.

I used this leftover fabric to make a new cover for the "heatpad"  you know the type where you put it in the micro and it warms up when you have aches and pains!!!!

and finally, I made "doileys" to go in all the sewing tins and this roses tin was too nice to throw away so,

I stuck a few nice stickers over the writing and its full of patterns. Well I've had a busy week have you??

Bye for now

Love Lucey xx

Thursday, 21 January 2010


Hi girls, opposite Cath Kidston is Mullberry Hall a fine building which goes back hundreds of years and is full to the rafters with fine china and ornaments, and at the back of the store is "The dining warehouse" set up by the owners daughter.

Mr Lucey was in his element as he loves cooking, unlike me! Anyway they stock Emma Bridgewater crockery which I love, and there were these mugs especially made for M Hall

Round the top of the mugs it says "The best things about York at Mullberry Hall" so these two popped home with us aswell as some other cooking "bits!" for Mr L as I don't cook unless its a ready meal for the oven!!!

A couple of doors up is Wildhart thats also full to the rafters with lovely things, they have lovely cushions like this one

It was £56 which is a bit pricey but I looked on the internet and the fabric is sold by the metre at £75 so I though half a metre cut in half and backed with plain cream, would make a couple of cushions, what do you think??? The shop's also full of candles, mugs hearts, rabbits, dried roses etc well worth a look if you're visiting.

With tummies rumbling we crossed over to "Little Betty's" (York has 2 Betty's) where the lovely waitress with her starched white pinny and little hat and "Betty's" brooch, served us a large pot of tea each and welsh rarebit with a big chocolate cake for afters which was delicious and a lovely treat.

We've been visiting York at least 3 times a year for the past 20 years and never been in the Minster, and every time we say "we must go next time" but theres so many lovely shops and buildings to see we never do, maybe next time......

ooooh "Duttons for Buttons "a wonderful shop full of "buttons" there's hundreds of boxes  of  buttons in all shapes and sizes I got 12 mother of pearl buttons for...£8 .. but worth  it as they're lovely also got some ribbons from Boyes but I was dissapointed as there  wasn't much choice in there. Bought a couple of fleece blankets for only £2 each, a brown one for the dogs and a cream one that I've made a couple of things out of but I'll show you those later.


We passed "Selkie" do you remember a programme called "Mary queen of scots?" well Selkie was one of the shops Mary did a makeover on, lots of nice floaty clothes  but rather pricey. We called into the Paul Smith shop now Mr Lucey likes Paul Smith but not necesserily the price tags,

So when He saw "sale" on the window he was straight in  and wasn't dissapointed as he managed to get some PJ bottoms, 2 pairs of socks and a pair of boxers all half price!! So that was him a happy bunny. We bought some food in M&S (why do we do that as we have a store in Town?) and a couple of warm woolie hats

for cold evening "doggie walks" nice warm head = happy me!!

As we passed the larger "Betty's" you can see on the left hand side how long the queue was to go in and by now it was after 4pm. All good things have to come to an end (wish they didn't) and it was home time, Mr Lucey cooked tea when we got home and we drank some lovely bubbly.

I had a wonderful birthday and was thoroughly spoilt and got some lovely presents (I'll show you next time) hope you enjoyed the "visit to York" with me

Bye for now

Love Lucey xx

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Cath Kidston....

Hi girls, as soon as I got to York on Saturday I headed up to Stonegate to the Cath Kidston shop,

where the window was full of lovely things and as I stepped inside I asked the young , very lovely assistant if I could take a couple of piccies.

I took a seat and asked for tea and cakes but nobody took my order hehe

The shop looks small from the front but it goes back 3 rooms and at the back it's an L shape so its a big shop realy. Now to show you what I bought......

Can you see through the bag???

First in the basket was the sewing tin that had some reels of cotton and needles inside, it matches the buttons tin and needlecase that I got for Christmas, then  there was the pins tin,  tape measure and scissors, the roses on the tin remind me of a painted barge, and I do love red and white spots.

Next were a pack of spotty candles for my new glass candlesticks,   two packs of napkins, and a hologram card.

You know when you buy something but it's too nice to use? well as there were 6 candles I lit 2, and I've still got 4 left to keep (same with the napkins I won't be letting anyone use them!!!)

Then I spotted some notepaper, envelopes and stickers (not that I'll use it !) that I could write to my friend in Canada on as she always has such nice writing paper and stickers.

In the home dept I asked the assistant if I could have some fabric samples and she gave me 7 which were all lovely and of a decent size,  I saw some pegs and a washing line for £5,and I thought with some stars stuck on the pegs I could use them on my pegboard.

Fortunetly for me, Mr Lucey likes shopping but after 40 mins I had a final look round and made my way to the till
 and on the counter were some hankies, now I always use a proper cotton hankie  (vintage if possible) and this one is sooo pretty with strawberries on so that went in the basket aswell.

When I had a look at it it's far too nice to be wiping noses on or even sticky fingers at a picnic, so I might make it into a cushion cover or a cloth for a little  table in Sweetpea Cottage, what do you think??

The fabric samples are under the buttons tin arn't they pretty? On the way home we called at Tesco and I saw these two cake tins for £4.50 and they match in with the buttons tin so I got them and then spent a couple of hours on Sunday putting all my sewing paraphernalia in all the tins, how organised am I eh?

Well that's my stash from CK,  I'll tell you about my presents and the other things I bought next time.

Bye for now

Lucey xx

Who would have thought...jellies and birds....