Friday, 22 January 2010

UGG gloves...

Hi girls, before I show you what I've been up this week these are my utterly gorgeous wonderfully warm and cosy UGG gloves that I got from my sister and mam for my birthday last week, but disaster struck before I'd even stuck a finger in them!

Now I don't want to be dramatic but, as I got the gloves out of the box, laid them on the worktop while I cut off the tags,  picked them up,  there was grease on the back of one glove. Why am I so clumsy do I ask myself???

Moving on these were gifts from two lovely friends Barbara and Julie xx

and this little handbag sized notepad and silver pen along with some money were from Mr Lucey, I spent some of the money in the and the rest I've kept for a Noa Noa skirt, lovely Daughter and her family got me a strawberry charm,

for my Pandora bracelet and from my 2 lovely nephews a box of ferero rocher (sorry no piccies as they went in two minutes flat) chocs. My sister would have been so proud of her "boys " as they've grown into lovely young lads, and I think "Roger the lodger" forgot exept for a happy birthday greeting on facebook!!!

So, what have I been up to this week? well I tidied out my wardrobe filling a bag for the charity shop and after making a bit of space , putting in a few new purchases!!! I also threw out some old sandles and shoes that I'll not wear again and I thought "those boxes look awful" so I looked in my cards and papers box and I saw these lovely papers and covered the shoe boxes in them.

At the other side of the wardrobes I put all my magazines  into files and I decided I needed a bag to keep all my wools in so,

I found this Laura Ashley fabric  and run up a bag and I found these buttons in the tin to stitch on the front and it holds all my wools and needles.

I used this leftover fabric to make a new cover for the "heatpad"  you know the type where you put it in the micro and it warms up when you have aches and pains!!!!

and finally, I made "doileys" to go in all the sewing tins and this roses tin was too nice to throw away so,

I stuck a few nice stickers over the writing and its full of patterns. Well I've had a busy week have you??

Bye for now

Love Lucey xx


Sadie said...

I want those gloves! Have a lovely weekend

Sadie ~ cotton rose

Anonymous said...

Goodness, you have been busy. Lucky you, what lovely presents.xx

Kitty M said...

Lucey he is here!!!

Thank you so much, I just love him (or should I say Bert)! Chris has just been to the post office to pick him up for me this morning, what a lovely start to my weekend :-)

I love pink, so was in love with the wrapping paper and your beautiful handmade gift card.

I have also just been asked to do a stall at a sweet tooth fair (part of the Manchester food and drink festival) in March so the cupcake is just going to look fab styled with our cakes. Love it!

Just popped the poster to the P.O. for you, unfortunately I wasnt in time for the 11am post but it will be on it's way on Monday.

Have a super weekend... Kitty xxx

jordiegirl said...

You've been a real busy bee. Happy Birthday. said...

Those gloves are gorgeous. I am so glad you had such a lovely birthday! suzie. xxx

LoloDesigns said...

Gosh you are sooo more organised than me. Love the shoe boxes! And you've given me an idea for my leftover roses tin:o) xx

made with love said...

Oooo, those gloves look very warm and snuggly.
You ahve been very busy. Lovely makes.
Rachael XX

Celestial Charms said...

Love the Ugg gloves, and yes that is annoying when you stain something so new. I do things like that all the time. Its a good thing I love vintage things, because nothing stays new for long with me. I need to follow your lead and clean out my closets.

Blueberry Heart said...

Those gloves are fab - didnt even know Ugg did them! On to my 'wishlist' they now go...! Love the Roses tin idea, I agree they are too pretty to get rid of.
Have a great Sunday
BH x

Rosie said...

Love the gloves. Great idea for the Roses tin thanks xx

Florence and Mary said...

What lovely gifts, and what you did with the gloves sounds exactly like something I would do.

Victoria xx