Thursday, 21 January 2010


Hi girls, opposite Cath Kidston is Mullberry Hall a fine building which goes back hundreds of years and is full to the rafters with fine china and ornaments, and at the back of the store is "The dining warehouse" set up by the owners daughter.

Mr Lucey was in his element as he loves cooking, unlike me! Anyway they stock Emma Bridgewater crockery which I love, and there were these mugs especially made for M Hall

Round the top of the mugs it says "The best things about York at Mullberry Hall" so these two popped home with us aswell as some other cooking "bits!" for Mr L as I don't cook unless its a ready meal for the oven!!!

A couple of doors up is Wildhart thats also full to the rafters with lovely things, they have lovely cushions like this one

It was £56 which is a bit pricey but I looked on the internet and the fabric is sold by the metre at £75 so I though half a metre cut in half and backed with plain cream, would make a couple of cushions, what do you think??? The shop's also full of candles, mugs hearts, rabbits, dried roses etc well worth a look if you're visiting.

With tummies rumbling we crossed over to "Little Betty's" (York has 2 Betty's) where the lovely waitress with her starched white pinny and little hat and "Betty's" brooch, served us a large pot of tea each and welsh rarebit with a big chocolate cake for afters which was delicious and a lovely treat.

We've been visiting York at least 3 times a year for the past 20 years and never been in the Minster, and every time we say "we must go next time" but theres so many lovely shops and buildings to see we never do, maybe next time......

ooooh "Duttons for Buttons "a wonderful shop full of "buttons" there's hundreds of boxes  of  buttons in all shapes and sizes I got 12 mother of pearl buttons for...£8 .. but worth  it as they're lovely also got some ribbons from Boyes but I was dissapointed as there  wasn't much choice in there. Bought a couple of fleece blankets for only £2 each, a brown one for the dogs and a cream one that I've made a couple of things out of but I'll show you those later.


We passed "Selkie" do you remember a programme called "Mary queen of scots?" well Selkie was one of the shops Mary did a makeover on, lots of nice floaty clothes  but rather pricey. We called into the Paul Smith shop now Mr Lucey likes Paul Smith but not necesserily the price tags,

So when He saw "sale" on the window he was straight in  and wasn't dissapointed as he managed to get some PJ bottoms, 2 pairs of socks and a pair of boxers all half price!! So that was him a happy bunny. We bought some food in M&S (why do we do that as we have a store in Town?) and a couple of warm woolie hats

for cold evening "doggie walks" nice warm head = happy me!!

As we passed the larger "Betty's" you can see on the left hand side how long the queue was to go in and by now it was after 4pm. All good things have to come to an end (wish they didn't) and it was home time, Mr Lucey cooked tea when we got home and we drank some lovely bubbly.

I had a wonderful birthday and was thoroughly spoilt and got some lovely presents (I'll show you next time) hope you enjoyed the "visit to York" with me

Bye for now

Love Lucey xx


Lace hearts said...

Wow, I feel as if I've been on a brilliantly inspirational trip to York. It's years since I've visited there. I enjoyed all your pictures - I love that pigeon fabric. You really should buy half a metre and make a couple Pleased you enjoyed your birthday trip.

Amanda said...

You got me in the mood, we are stopping York next week. Love the mugs, Emma Bridgewater is lovely and an inspiration to the area, I live in Stoke and pass their factory and workshop every week. Oooh can't wait now, fab photos.

Florence and Mary said...

What a lovely day you had.

Great idea for cushions, makes a lot of sense!

Victoria x

Sal said...

We had such a fabulous time in York when we visited for 5 days . I would never get fed up with this wonderful city. We did get into the Minster and all you can do is stand in awe and wonder!! Amazing!
And those little cobbled streets the loveliest place to visit. I vow to go back again soon!

VintageVicki said...

I think I need to add York to the list of places I'd like to visit - thankyou for your pictorial tour :)

Anonymous said...

I feel as though I've visited York myself now. What a lovely post, and it really sounds as though you had a great day.xx

pinkstilettos said...

I am so jealous...I want to take a trip to New York soon! I love your blog background...Did you design it? It looks like something Happy loves Rosie blog made!

The Girl said...

Hurray for York! It's so nice to see photos and think "I know where all that stuff is!" I live in Hull and my brother lives in York which is only about 45 minutes away so we're over there quite a bit.

One thing about the Minster though? It costs about £8 to go and look round it which I think is an insane price to charge people, it didn't used to cost anything which is a shame. So make sure you have a Minster contingency fund next time you go if you want to have a look round! said...

I really must go back to York! You have reminded me how wonderful it is. suzie xxx

Kissed by an Angel said...

What a lovely day you had!! Definitely make the cushions!!!

A Country Girl said...

I'm even more excited about going to York now! But have to wait til August unfortunately.
Some great ideas there of shops to visit, thanks.

twiggypeasticks said...

Hi there
There's a little award for you on my blog
twiggy x

Meri Wiley said...

I spent my honeymoon in York, 2002, and had a fabulous time. I'd been to York twice before, and I just fell in love with it, especially down in the Shambles! I think York Minster is one of the most beautiful churches I've seen, and I have tons of piccy's from there. Lucky you, that you live out there! I hope to come back in the next few years.