Sunday, 10 January 2010

Dancing on ice...

Hi girls, are we all ready for  "Dancing on ice " tonight??? I think we've all been dancing on ice this last 3 weeks hehe. I don't watch much T.V. but I shall be glued to the box tonight,  who do you think will be first to go?

On Saturday afternoon we all went to the old cemetery with the sledge for an afternoon of fun as we'd had a heavy snowfall.

The snow was about 6 inches thick and there were plenty of snowy banks to sledge down.

Mr & Mrs WG made a big Mr Frosty but before they could finish it the boys knocked him over. Have you ever tried to lift a snowball that large??? It was sooo heavy.

This is Alexa's "Miss Frosty", don't snowmen have thin arms? hehe.

Mrs WG in snow angel mode.

The sun shone all afternoon and we were as warm as toast and I was clicking away with the camera .On one side of the cemetery where the banks are you could only see the roofs and chimneys of the old houses, looks a bit like the chimneys on Mary Poppins!! But on the other side,,,

there's a new housing estate being built, they're 3 stories high and overlook the cemetery, I'd love to live in one of those as I have a "thing" about cemeteries. Not that I'd like to be in one just yet!!! But I love walking the dog round reading all the headstones and they all have beautiful flowers on them.

Much fun was had by all and after a couple of hours we all trundled round to Mr&Mrs WG 's house for steaming bowls of soup and mugs of hot chocolate,

Did you have fun in the snow this weekend or were you cosied up indoors doing crafty bits???

Bye for now

Love lucey xx


LoloDesigns said...

I love Dancing on Ice. I've got it on Sky+ so must watch it later otherwise I fear I may find out things from blogland that I don't want to know yet :o) Philip Schofield does it for me, tee hee x

A Quilter Awakens said...

Oh my, too much cold and wet for me. Looks like a lot of fun though! Karmen

Katy said...

Awww looks like you had loads of fun playing in the snow. loving your blog hun. Yes Happy made my header on my blog and i did the rest :D

Much Love Katy xx

Knittings Nice! said...

Hi Lucey..Quite enjoyed dancing on ice, but always think it takes time to get going....looks like a great time was had by all....I stayed indoors and spent quite a time internet browsing for bits and bobs to accessorize our bathroom. Always brought some material to cover cushions and reupholster a stool...all very enjoyable. keep warm.
Teresa x

Florence and Mary said...

I watched Dancing on Ice yesterday but it clashed with Lark Rise!!!!

Victoria x

Kitty M said...

Oooh I love Miss Frosty's pink mittens! Oh no I missed Dancing on Ice and Lark Rise which I love, I must remember to Sky + next weekend!

Auntie Cake said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time in the snow. And I love both of the dear snowmen, skinny arms and all. Your slide is so charming, love the wood. We have ugly plastic ones, not so great for pictures!