Wednesday, 29 June 2011

June's monthly make's...

Hi, well it look's like it's going to be another scorcher today,  the sun is shining and there's no hint of a breeze,

don't know where June went but I thought I'd best be showing you what I've made before it's too late so here goes,

first of all some cute mice filled with lavender, tutorial from The Felt Fairy, I've made loads of these as they're so simple, they're hiding in all the drawer's!!

I love the work of Julie Arkell she makes such beautiful brooches and she inspired me to make this one, just a scrap of material and some vintage blanket all lovingly stitched together,


"Four o clock it's time for tea"

This is my little lavender bunny called "Kitty" isn't she sweet?
I filled her body with lavender but I think I should have put a some  in her head as it look's  a bit flat, might do that now,

and I've  covered a notice board in wadding and put a piece of linen over it to display a few bits n bobs, it's nice to look at while I'm sitting sewing. 

And finally, I know it's way too early, but I found this fabric in the drawer so I covered a journal for christmas and added a little "let it snow" sign that Mandy sent me, am I mrs organised or what?

Well that's it for this month girls, did you make anything nice?

Love Lucey x


Monday, 27 June 2011

Lavender's blue dilly, dilly....

Morning girl's

To cut or not to cut is what I asked myself!!! 

The bees are loving my lavender that I planted down the path last year but there's so much of it it seemed a waste to let it go

so yesterday I picked a basket full and tied it into bunches and hung it up to dry in my craft room

(please excuse Lulu's tail she's camera shy!!)

it makes  the room smell lovely  and there's still about another four bunches to pick I will leave some for the bee's though as I know they love it, wish I knew where I could get some lavender honey from imagine that spread on your toast.....mmmmm.

Are we all enjoying the lovely sunny weather? I hate to say it but it is a trifle hot for doing "housewifey" things so I thought I'd raid the fridge for all those unusual shaped jars that have a scraping or two of pickles and chutney's and give them a good wash out so I can store my ever growing stash of buttons and bit's and bob's in them and I have a couple of crafty thing's to make for my partner in the magic ball  swap.

Better get on then,

love Lucey x

Friday, 24 June 2011

Red spotty parcel...

Morning girls

Before blogger rudely stopped us from posting any photo's this week I was going to show you what was in my parcel from the very lovely Mandy at daisy moon, well here it is.

Feast your eyes on this rather gorgeous red spotty box that was tied up with some lovely tape that said "How many kinds of sweet flowers grow in an English country garden" how sweet is that?

When I opened it all these beautifully wrapped parcels fell out of the box

Mandy had made me the most lovely jewellery wrap to hold all my jewels in and a cupcake and when I opened it it was a pin cushion on top and inside  it was filled with the nicest  buttons ever, there was also a lovely brooch and a very pretty bracelet in blue that had glass buttons sewn on and it fit my wrist perfectly, I felt like cinderella with the glass slipper!!

Two little lavender hearts, I love the one on the left it's made out of a snippet of an embriodered cloth

lots of  buttons on cards in ice cream colours,

A  box of hotel chocolate "buttons" and a travel journal and a card with a flowery badge on it, thank you ever so much Mandy I loved everything and I was thoroughly spoilt.

Didn't I do well?

Love Lucey x

Wednesday, 22 June 2011


I wanted to show you my button swap parcel from the lovely Mandy at daisy moon but for some reason blogger just won't let me put any photos on!!!

Three times I've tried but to no avail so I'll give it another go later on 'cause ooooooohhhhh I've  got some lovely goodies to show you!!

Lucey xx

PS is anyone else having problems???

Monday, 20 June 2011

"Country Market"...

I had a lovely day on Friday, I headed off to Northallerton as they hold a country market in the town  hall every week

there were lots of hand knitted baby coats and hats and lots of dolls clothes, crochet milk covers, pin cushions and cards,

some nice ripe fruit,

lots of plants and flowers fresh from the garden,

and loads of home baked scones, cakes of every description, pies and bread all freshly baked for the big day.

There was also fresh eggs and jams and marmalades all made on agas in country kitchens, the ladies all wore pinnies and had their names on badges and you had to be there at "doors opening" to get the best stuff,  there was plenty of "elbowing" going on aswell!!


Everything looked absolutely delicious, there were tables and chairs  down one side for tea and cakes and the tables all had cloths and flowers on them, all done in the old fashioned way by these lovely ladies. 

You were given a basket at the door by "Doris"  to put your goods in then you made your way to the counter to pay, the ladies added everything up with their pencils and paper.

I imagine the lady above  is "Ethel", after making the farmer his bacon and eggs on the aga she will of slipped off her slippers and hung her pinny on the back of the door, put on her coat and tied on her headscarf, picked up her basket and stepped outside where "farmer" would drop her off in town.!! 

So what did I buy,

 two bunches of country garden flowers priced at £1.50 and £1.90 per bunch,

everything had a sticker on displaying the price and postcode of where the product had come from, it was just like being in the 1940's, I wish!

4 delicious cheese scones, a dozen big brown eggs that we had boiled for breakfast on sunday and they tasted lovely,

some strawberries, blackcurrants and a big bag of gooseberries that Mr Lucey made into a crumble for tea, a little cover for my milk jug and  some gorgeous shortbread that had ginger icing on top that didn't last long enough to be photographed !!!


There was a wartime  weekend on and this is the display in the florist's window, all the veg sent out in rows and old pots and tools 


and big bunches of corn and billy can's.

It was one of those day's that makes you "glow" with happiness!!

Love Lucey x

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Happy Birthday Dad...

Today would have been my dad's 81st birthday and also it's father's day so we cycled over to the cemetery this morning to take him some flowers.

My dad is nearer the back of the cemetery with my nan and my sister is at the front  and in the middle there's a  rose garden with  benches round the edge to sit on, so we took a flask of tea and had a cuppa while we "people watched", I love to see all the graves filled with fresh flowers and some had "father's day" balloons  on them.

"Happy birthday dad and a happy father's day"

Lucey xxx

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Ice cream...

Good morning girls

Well where has this last week gone??

After Alexa having a bad dose of chickenpox Dylan managed to catch it too then Alexa got conjunctivitus in both eyes so grandma has been babysitting "two poorly little sausages"and when the children are here they claim my laptop!!!


Feast your eyes on this gorgeous fabric!!!!

A while ago I did a swap with the lovely Betty from Mrs Yappy Dog and she made me some bunting out of this yummy ice cream fabric and I told Betty how much I loved it and so, Betty, the lovely lady that she, is sent me this huge piece of fabric.

I snipped off the edge piece to make a tray cloth and I put two little snippets in this lovely cream frame

and the rest made a lovely cloth for the table, thanks Betty.

Mr Lucey was busy painting the kitchen last weekend and we had a bit of a change around, the fridge freezer was opposite the door before and it seemed to cut the room in half and block out a bit of the light so we moved it into the corner

and brought the table and chairs up a bit and moved the clock

it gives us a lot more space and is much lighter

this is where the fridge was before, and the rest of the kitchen

the two end walls are painted in a silvery grey and the other two are white.

The past few weekends Mr Lucey has painted the en-suite and the cloakroom and the bathroom and changed the taps and fitted a new bath panel and toilet seats (I like to keep him busy!!)

So that's a few more jobs ticked off the "to do" list but it doesn't seem to be getting any shorter as I keep thinking of things to add on!!

Ooooohhhhh yesterday I had a lovely day out, and my button swap parcel arrived,

I'll have to keep you guessing what was inside for a little while longer as I have to work today with having yesterday off, but as you'll see it was soooo worth it!!

Love Lucey xx

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Button swap parcel ...

Morning girls,

I was up bright and early this morning as I had a very important parcel waiting for me at the post office,

my button swap parcel from Wendy, of  little crafting bird,

I couldn't wait to tear off the tissue to see what was inside

I could smell the candle straightaway it will look lovely on the stove, there was a lovely pin cushion,  a sweet little owl key ring, a brooch with the tiniest buttons I've ever seen and it's now on my jumper,  just look at this gorgeous posy of flowers,

they're all on individual stems and wrapped in tissue paper and tied with a ribbon, isn't it lovely???

My buttons and fudge were wrapped in cotton doilies and tied with ribbons, there were also cards of pretty buttons and some chocolate buttons (sssssh don't tell Mr Lucey or I'll have to share them!!!) and a lovely cup cake card.

Thanks so much Wendy you've made me a very happy bunny today and as I was partnered with two lovely girls I still have a parcel to come.....lucky me.

Love Lucey x

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Vases of cow parsley...

Last weekend we went for a bike ride up the country lanes and they were full of cow parsley, it looked so lovely swaying in the wind so, we popped back later on in the car  and cut some.

I had a plan you see!!

I had three empty "bottle green" bottles (they're far too nice to throw away) so I filled them with water and put the flowers in, I also put some new postcards into this frame  and it fills an empty corner of the lounge.

The room is still painted in the "bog standard magnolia" that new houses are painted in but today I've finally found some wallpaper, so after we've been on holiday I shall have to  sweet talk Mr Lucey into decorating it!!

I'm going to the cemetery now with my basket to pick some elderberry flowers and have a go at making some home made cordial, it  probrably won't taste as nice as the bought one but I'll give it a go.

Bye Lucey xx