Saturday, 18 June 2011

Ice cream...

Good morning girls

Well where has this last week gone??

After Alexa having a bad dose of chickenpox Dylan managed to catch it too then Alexa got conjunctivitus in both eyes so grandma has been babysitting "two poorly little sausages"and when the children are here they claim my laptop!!!


Feast your eyes on this gorgeous fabric!!!!

A while ago I did a swap with the lovely Betty from Mrs Yappy Dog and she made me some bunting out of this yummy ice cream fabric and I told Betty how much I loved it and so, Betty, the lovely lady that she, is sent me this huge piece of fabric.

I snipped off the edge piece to make a tray cloth and I put two little snippets in this lovely cream frame

and the rest made a lovely cloth for the table, thanks Betty.

Mr Lucey was busy painting the kitchen last weekend and we had a bit of a change around, the fridge freezer was opposite the door before and it seemed to cut the room in half and block out a bit of the light so we moved it into the corner

and brought the table and chairs up a bit and moved the clock

it gives us a lot more space and is much lighter

this is where the fridge was before, and the rest of the kitchen

the two end walls are painted in a silvery grey and the other two are white.

The past few weekends Mr Lucey has painted the en-suite and the cloakroom and the bathroom and changed the taps and fitted a new bath panel and toilet seats (I like to keep him busy!!)

So that's a few more jobs ticked off the "to do" list but it doesn't seem to be getting any shorter as I keep thinking of things to add on!!

Ooooohhhhh yesterday I had a lovely day out, and my button swap parcel arrived,

I'll have to keep you guessing what was inside for a little while longer as I have to work today with having yesterday off, but as you'll see it was soooo worth it!!

Love Lucey xx


delia hornbook said...

aawww sorry to hear about the children. I love the fabric how sweet is that ;-)) It looks great in the frame. Can't wait to see what you get in your parcel ;-) Have a wonderful weekend, dee x

Pretty at Heart said...

That fabric is gorgeous and really unusual - looks great in the frame! I like to keep the men in my life busy too!! lol! I like your big clock! -x-

Jenny said...

Yes your big clock is fab!! love the pretty fabric too, that was so nice of your swap partner to send it to you! Hope you have a great weekend, Jenny x

Becky (Hazel and Blue) said...

There is nothing like a good change around! I like your sailing boat in your kitchen window. Looking forward to seeing what's in your parcel! Bx

B............... said...

We've had chicken pox in the house today, I'm going stir crazy not being able to get out but today I have a day pass, well an afternoon one 'hehe'. My man is taking over and I get to escape.
Love that fabric and love what you've done with it!

B xxx

Miss Pixie said...

Chicken pox is horrible. I hope they feel better soon. I am in awe of your clock! And that fabric is lovely :)

The Krafty Cupcake said...

Love the fabric and cannot wait to see what you got in your swap parcel. Hope your small ones are feeling much better, how awful itch chicken pots topped off with itchy eyes! Sue x

Isobel said...

What a lovely fabric!! So cute! And your kitchen is really super! xx

Betty said...

that's a good idea - framing fabric - I like that! your kitchen looks so fresh and tidy. Thankyou for my lavender bag - it smells lovely and is under my pillow. Looking forward to seeing what's in your swap. Bettyx

Celestial Charms said...

Such a pretty kitchen you have. Love the mosaic tiie backsplash, too.

missdipton said...

Best get chicken pox over and done with while the children are young. I love what you have done with the fabric in the frame its very effective. x Helen x

Florence and Mary said...

Great fabric, I love what you did with framing it!

Victoria xx

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