Monday, 22 December 2014

"All Done", "Trimmed Up" and "Ready".

Working in retail you get to chat to the customers
and this  past week I've been asked if I'm "all done"
 "trimmed up" and  "ready" for Christmas!

Well, I've filled scales with baubles and fairy lights
and hung new baubles on the tree,

 spent an hour studding oranges with cloves to go on the "penguin" plate,

 sprinkled  glitter on the gingerbread house and 
 hyacinth bulbs have been planted up in antique moulds. 

 We spent an afternoon gluing cookie cutters together
to make a wreath and  added some jingle bells, 

I've posted cards, wrapped  presents,
  iced the Christmas cake, done the "big shop"
filled jars with sweets and hung stockings.....

So yes I think I am
 "all done, "trimmed up" and "ready" for Christmas!

Are you??

Hope you all have a  merry Christmas
 and a very  happy and healthy new year.

Lucey x

Saturday, 20 December 2014

A Very Special Parcel

I love it when the postman knocks on the door and you know he has a very special parcel for you.

One that you've waited patiently for.....and when it's opened you'll cherish  forever.

On Wednesday such a parcel arrived,
 I very gently opened the box  and nestled inside 
a mound of tissue paper was
 "The Perfect Disguise" 

The lovely Julie Arkell had an exhibition at Ruthin centre and I saw this creature and fell in love with her, she's
 "practically perfect in every way"
 as Mary Poppins would say,

 and is the perfect partner for  "Pretending to be someone else" .....friends forever.

There was also a new red watch
"Tic Toc"
right time twice a day!

"The Perfect Disguise" is numbered 49 and Julie wrote,

49, week 31
The Perfect Disguise.
Have wanted to use this lovely
 red cloak for ages, then the right
creature came along.

I feel like Santa arrived a week early......yippeeeeeee

Today we bought oranges to go in the toe of stockings, placed all the presents under the tree, iced the Christmas cake and had mince pies and mulled wine at the carol concert.......
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Lucey x