Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Easter Nest

Out shopping with my daughter we saw a lovely idea in  a kiddies clothes shop in Yarm,   the walls were painted grey with white  frames on, and hung inside the frames were dresses and cardigans  with luggage type labels holding a description of the dresses and cardigans

along the top of the wall was a wahing line with tights, hats and birds  pegged on and there were old drawers  glued on the wall.

I'd love to copy this in Alexa's bedroom or even our bedroom, I could just see one of my summer frocks draped in a frame,  mr lucey said "no you can't"!!

We  picked up a farrow and ball colour chart and I chose a lovely deep shade of grey called "down pipe" for the front door,

I thought would look nice next to the pansies I've just potted up and the lavender when it comes out.

oops it looks a bit lop sided there!!

I got the needles out yesterday and made myself a nice yellow bracelet and brooch just in time for easter,

the brooch is made from angora wool so it looks like a "nest" and I stitched a gorgeous chicken button in the middle, then I knitted a bracelet and stitched on a few pretty buttons,

Picture this, I bribed my ten year old  grandson (with a fiver)  sporting his best grey hoodie to wear them for me while I took a couple of pics,

He said "will anyone be seeing these grandma 'cose I have to think of my street cred" (me) "no, of course not!!

Right I'm off to put on a summer frock and enjoy the sunshine while I can.

Lucey x ".."

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Kitty's On Her Own.

I was out shopping this morning when I accidently  found myself in the easter egg aisle at the supermarket, so I counted up how many I needed....2, 4, 6, 8... and put them in the trolley

3 crunchie, 3 cream egg and 2 hello kitty

Now I do love a bit of white chocolate and I couldn't stop myself from having a bite of her ear, but I don't know what happened next but suddenly there were only her feet left, poor Kitty gone but definetly, not forgotten!!!

All I can say is "absolutely gorgeous" especially her dress!

If you fancy winning either a Tilda book or a CK sew book then pop over to  "Bee Happy's"  blog where she's having a  fabulous giveaway, congratulations on reaching 500 followers sweetie x

Lucey x  ".."

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Mothering Sunday

Once upon a time on a lovely sunny day,

it was Mothering Sunday.

Younger son arrived with a basket full of flowers

and a card that said "love you" awwww bless.

Then lovely daughter arrived with a  card and  voucher for a pandora charm,

oh I am a spoilt mammy today....but I love it!!

 Thanks kids I love you  both loads.

Love Mam xxx

Thursday, 15 March 2012

A day in Easingwold

On Wednesday I spent the day with  my friend Shirly in Easingwold where all  the houses are gorgeous and in the summer they "open" their gardens

this one is painted in lovely shades of green and it sits right on the village green,

this one is called "Yew Tree House"

there's also some lovely shops there

 Heart's ia a gift shop where I got a large "twist" of rosebuds to go in a bowl and to make a heart out of, they smell wonderful, I also got some plant markers and a jam jar that says "marvellous marmalade" on the side I thought it would look nice with some flowers in it.

The sweetie shop is called "sugar mouse" my mouth was watering as we had our noses pressed against the window but we were very good and didn't step inside!!

The garden shop was full of lovely things,

If only I had an allotment to go to.....

and then it was time for lunch so off we went to "Tee Hee" cafe

 we were shown to our table and bench that had big cushions on it and  on the table there were syrup tins to hold the sugar,  look at those lovely scales,

 above  the table was a "mobile" hanging from the ceiling, it was made from a silver tea pot

and it had forks and spoons hanging from it

hmmmm, I'll have to get Mr Lucey to make me one of those, I wonder  how you bend the prongs into shape??

Back at Shirly's there were lots of sheep and lambs in the field and all the ducks were quacking and even the peacocks come over to see us, must be lovely to live in the country especially at this time of the year.

Nearly forgot to show you the dolls houses, these were actually wardrobes
Alexa would love this pink one
and I'll have the grey one please,
anyone got £3000 to lend me!!!
Lucey  x  ".."

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

At the beach.

Hello girls

Aren't we having a lovely week, with the sun shining every day and the birds singing their little hearts out it feels like high summer instead of early spring.

On sunday we went off to the beach to look for a  a piece of driftwood to put the  "fish knife" hooks on we found at the vintage fair,

in amongst all the rocks and shells we found just the right piece and back home out come the tool bag and in no time at all the "fish knives" were screwed in place.

Now where to put it? I had a spare wall in the bedroom so up it went,  I made a heart to hang on it and gathered some bottles and bags, shells and a seal and after a bit of faffing about I was happy.

I might get the kids to put "messages" in the bottles,

"sail away"

We picked up some shells on the way back and I think the seals were waiting for the ice cream van to call or were they just looking at the "kiss" in the sky"!!

Lucey  ".."

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Homemade and Vintage Fair

We went to a homemade and vintage fair at Thirlby village hall on Sunday organised by Jackie and Sarah,  I took lots of pictures of their lovely wares on sale

There were dressers full of jugs, teapots and old irons, home made jams and marmalades, candlesticks and  tea cosies, 

lots of glass and china and old tools,

 chairs covered in pretty fabrics, bags and hearts,

"the sewing corner"

and the village ladies kept us all filled up with their delicious cakes, scones and shortbread....mmmmm.

I brought a few things home with me that I couldn't resist,

two lovely hand painted glasses, a pretty cup, saucer and tea plate, three fish knives that were made into hooks and a tiny jelly mould,  as soon as I got home I made up a jelly from morello cherry cordial and it was scrummy to say the least!!

"wibble wobble"

I can't decide weather to glue a liquer glass to the plate and make a sweet stand or to just enjoy it for afternoon tea, allready looking forward to the next fair in April,

Lucey ".."

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Amusing Stories.

As it was nice and sunny and an outdoors type of day I went to B&Q  to look for a metal  half moon shaped basket for the wall and I saw these two big pots of primula for £2.50 each, what a bargain eh!

I also bought this tin planter and a couple of muscari plants to go in it but no sooner had I got all the gear out for a gardening afternoon than it started to rain, typical!!

Anyway I decided the tin planter was far too nice to leave outside  so I've put it on the table in the "reading corner" of the bedroom I don't suppose it will last as long but I can replace the plants with some more bulbs.

Yesterday morning at work I was on the menswear section happily working  away when an older chap come up to me and said (him) "Miss have you got any men's nightshirt's please?" (me)" no sorry we  havn't " (him) "it's just that I have a condition where I have so sit up to sleep" (me) "I can show you some warm pyjamas" (him) "no I can't wear pyjama bottoms because they cut me in half like speedo's???? (me) I could have  a look on the internet for you and see if we have a nightshirt that I could order for you" (him) "no don't bother I'll keep on wearing the wife's nighty but it's a bit embarrasing" !!!!

In the afternoon I had an elderly lady for a bra fitting who had more make up on than what's in our make up department and high heels that would put Victoria Beckham to shame. After I'd measured her I asked what type of bra she was looking for and she replied " a pretty push up bra with lot's of lace that give's you a  cleavage because my young man is taking me dancing tonight"!!! I fitted her into one of the lacey push up bra's with extra padding in that usually only the 18 year old's buy, and off she went with a huge smile on her face,  and as she was paying for it she told me she was 80 and her young man was her toy boy!!!

Awwww bless.

Lucey x