Saturday, 3 March 2012

Amusing Stories.

As it was nice and sunny and an outdoors type of day I went to B&Q  to look for a metal  half moon shaped basket for the wall and I saw these two big pots of primula for £2.50 each, what a bargain eh!

I also bought this tin planter and a couple of muscari plants to go in it but no sooner had I got all the gear out for a gardening afternoon than it started to rain, typical!!

Anyway I decided the tin planter was far too nice to leave outside  so I've put it on the table in the "reading corner" of the bedroom I don't suppose it will last as long but I can replace the plants with some more bulbs.

Yesterday morning at work I was on the menswear section happily working  away when an older chap come up to me and said (him) "Miss have you got any men's nightshirt's please?" (me)" no sorry we  havn't " (him) "it's just that I have a condition where I have so sit up to sleep" (me) "I can show you some warm pyjamas" (him) "no I can't wear pyjama bottoms because they cut me in half like speedo's???? (me) I could have  a look on the internet for you and see if we have a nightshirt that I could order for you" (him) "no don't bother I'll keep on wearing the wife's nighty but it's a bit embarrasing" !!!!

In the afternoon I had an elderly lady for a bra fitting who had more make up on than what's in our make up department and high heels that would put Victoria Beckham to shame. After I'd measured her I asked what type of bra she was looking for and she replied " a pretty push up bra with lot's of lace that give's you a  cleavage because my young man is taking me dancing tonight"!!! I fitted her into one of the lacey push up bra's with extra padding in that usually only the 18 year old's buy, and off she went with a huge smile on her face,  and as she was paying for it she told me she was 80 and her young man was her toy boy!!!

Awwww bless.

Lucey x


Callies Cottage said...

Fantastic stories...Men in nighties and OAP'S in push up bras..Hee Hee
Warm Wishes,
Callie x

Noelle the dreamer said...

Your post left me in stitches! I did not think there could be anything humorous about selling anymore but you prove it wrong!

Jenny at Red House said...

ee you do see life!! jennyx

Rose H (UK) said...

Hillarious :o))))

delia hornbook said...

ha ha oh bless her and why shouldn't she life should be lived to the full no matter how old you are ;-)) Bless the old man makes you want to hunt one day for him bless his heart. Lovely plants. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, dee x

Jelly Jam said...

Ha! What an entertaining day at work. Wish my job was that funny.

Riddlers cottage flowers said...

Oh yes very funny.x

Liz said...

What lovely stories!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

♥ Miss Tea said...

I love your cozy corner, it's so lovely! the pots are a lovely addition on the table! i can't help but giggle to hear about the man in nighties and the Lady with a lace push up bra and her toyboy hehehehe..

x susan

Ma Larkin said...

love your basket, what does it hide?
Thanks for visiting me.

Kitty M said...

Aww haha what a great story!!

Muscari are soooo pretty and I love their scent - I need a little trip to B&Q, our little backyard needs cheering up :-0