Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Easter Nest

Out shopping with my daughter we saw a lovely idea in  a kiddies clothes shop in Yarm,   the walls were painted grey with white  frames on, and hung inside the frames were dresses and cardigans  with luggage type labels holding a description of the dresses and cardigans

along the top of the wall was a wahing line with tights, hats and birds  pegged on and there were old drawers  glued on the wall.

I'd love to copy this in Alexa's bedroom or even our bedroom, I could just see one of my summer frocks draped in a frame,  mr lucey said "no you can't"!!

We  picked up a farrow and ball colour chart and I chose a lovely deep shade of grey called "down pipe" for the front door,

I thought would look nice next to the pansies I've just potted up and the lavender when it comes out.

oops it looks a bit lop sided there!!

I got the needles out yesterday and made myself a nice yellow bracelet and brooch just in time for easter,

the brooch is made from angora wool so it looks like a "nest" and I stitched a gorgeous chicken button in the middle, then I knitted a bracelet and stitched on a few pretty buttons,

Picture this, I bribed my ten year old  grandson (with a fiver)  sporting his best grey hoodie to wear them for me while I took a couple of pics,

He said "will anyone be seeing these grandma 'cose I have to think of my street cred" (me) "no, of course not!!

Right I'm off to put on a summer frock and enjoy the sunshine while I can.

Lucey x ".."


Pretty at Heart said...

Some great makes. Cant wait to see your front door when its all painted! I desperately want to do my front door (its an orange stain colour - nothing to do with us!) and the porch, but cant decide between blue, green or grey!!

two bones and a bagle said...

I was going to put 'do it in the bedroom' but that doesn't sound quite right - so I shall say when Mr L is not around just decorate the bedroom as you wish - I bet he wouldn't mind! The shop looks fab what great design ideas might pinch a few for my own home - when K is out of course. Great easter makes tell your grandson his street cred is safe.

Sally said...

Ooo that bedroom idea is so cute! Fab spring bracelet definitely perfect for this sunshine!
Sally x

Rachel said...

Fantastic idea at the clothes shop.I love Yarmfor a little wander around :)
Rachel x

Josie-Mary said...

What a great bedroom idea! Love the brooch :) x

Second Hand Rose said...

Gorgeous brooch and I love the bracelet! Aww that is such a lovely idea, I wish my room was bigger! Sorry I haven't blogged about your giveaway yet, but I will be doing it within the next week or so. Take care and enjoy wearing your summer dresses! XxxX

Jenny said...

Just catching up on my blog reading :) what a sweet display idea... I always think I'd like to do something like that but then I decide I'm not brave enough! And don't think my OH would really be that impressed if I started hanging my dresses on the wall :D hehe. Let us know if you do it though! xxx

Florence and Mary said...

That is definitely a fab idea!

Victoria xx