Sunday, 28 February 2010

Lovely Sunday...

Hiya Girls,

Hope you've all had a nice weekend.

This morning we took Dylan swimming and my uncle to the supermarket then I spent the next couple of hours happily sewing

 and thinking of ideas of things to make for a couple of "swaps" I'm involved in, while Mr Lucey was in the kitchen producing this!!!

He does a wonderful Sunday roast and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Am I a spoilt girl???

Thanks sweetie xx

I'm off for 40 winks now then I'll be watching "Dancing on ice",

bye for now,

love Lucey xx


Thursday, 25 February 2010

Mam's birthday...

Yesterday was mam's 74th birthday, and after she'd opened all her presents and cards, (forgot to take any piccies) or I should say Alexa opened them for her!! we all went to Peter Barrats garden center for our lunch.

Some of us had lamb casserole with dumplings and some of us the fluffiest cheese and onion quiche I've ever tasted, then we sampled the sweet trolley!!

hmmm what shall it be???

OK scones all round then, I felt round when I'd eaten it!! But it was a birthday treat so what the heck...

Then we did a bit of shopping, well why not hehe.

They've had a huge change around in there and they now stock some Cath Kidston (which is what everyone wants) and Emma Bridgewater goodies, another favourite of mine.

Some pretty pots, string and baskets,

how gorgeous are these gardening gloves???

Alexa chose this E.B. set with little dancing mice on,

and Dylan chose a C.K. cowboy mug, my grandchildren have such good taste don't you agree???

All the plants were so pretty it got me in the mood for gardening after the long winter,

and what could be nicer than this little green frog watering can to water your indoor plant's with eh.

After paying for all our purchases we spotted these cushions on the way out.

I'm so glad it's had a makeover there's much nicer goodies in there now but I think I'll  take Mr  Lucey next time as he has a much bigger wallet than me hehe.

I'm off to look for some pretty fabrics for my swaps and to try and think of some "makes"

Bye for now,

Love Lucey xx

Tuesday, 23 February 2010



I received a gorgeous "little something" in the post last week,

wrapped in tissue paper and tied up with string was this....

a beautiful yellow rose brooch from the lovely Steph from madmummy, isn't it sweet, and so  "spring"  thank you very much Steph it was very kind of you. x

Thought I'd show you the crinoline lady transfers not only did I get this one that has two ladies on and some pretty flowers

that says "given away with the May 1939 number of good news" on the top,

but also included was a second transfer with 3 little pigs, mice and gnomes on and priced at 4d (2p)

I'm realy thinking they're far too precious to use!!!

Although we had quite a sprinkling of "the white stuff" again on sunday, yesterday the sun shone all day and I played "house"!!!

Out come the packet of gorgeous red spotty napkins and I brightened up one or two places with them.

On tables,

on windowsills,

under tea pots,

below planters,

and under candlesticks to match the ribbons!!!

Wilfred Toadflax sits happily beside the daffodils, catapult at the ready!! Ohhhh I do love to play.

Then  Julie and I popped to the cemetery to take our lovely sister some pretties...

Hello Mr Robin...

Love Lucey xx

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Crinoline Lady transfer...

I'm thrilled to bits to have won this Crinoline Lady transfer from e bay but  I need your help!

Does anybody know where I buy the material/linen to make a tablecloth from please???

I can see myself spending many happy hours embroidering away and any help would be much appreciated,

I might even make it into a cushion or, will it be a tablecloth??

Thank you

Love Lucey xx

Tuesday, 16 February 2010


Morning girls,

While I was rummaging about in the loft  yesterday  afternoon I found these letters that I'd framed about 15 years ago and it used to hang in the hall of our last house.

The letters are  glued  on (wish I hadn't) and  one of them is to my granda Jim, he was my dad's dad and he bred and showed rabbits, from a chap interested in buying one of his rabbits.

The letter reads...I learned when at Hanley on saturday that you had a nice young black Dutch (rabbit) and same is for sale I should be pleased if you would  kindly furnish me with particulars, also when it would be convenient for you to meet me to see it. He finishes, Shall you be showing at Chester le Street on Sat??  Its dated 30th August 1943.

This letter is to my dad,  Peter, from his younger sister Freda written on "Saturday 5.45 p.m." and the year will have been 1951. In it Freda says Jackie ( their younger brother) is giving his wife a wall plaque!! and wants to know if there's any "flashy ties" out there? Dad was in Gibralter doing national service, and Freda wishes him a" merry christmas and happy new year from your loving sister Freda xxxxx"

This last one is to me from my nanna (we just called her nan) and there's just her address at the top but I know it was written in Feb 1981.

I'd had a misscariage at 14 weeks and nan writes,

Your mam said you were having a small operation on Thursday, I hope everything went alright. Perhaps you are home now, I hope so, Keep smiling everything will turn out right. love Nanna x

How sweet are they and to think I have all these letters to pass on to Dylan and Alexa....I'm starting to do the family tree on dads side of the family so I'll see what I can find out from his sisters.

I'll let you know how I get on....

Love Lucey xxx


Monday, 15 February 2010

Thank you Sian...

I was lucky enough to recently win a giveaway from Sian at lavender hearts and on Saturday morning I got a parcel from Mr Postman,

and I tore off the wrapper before I remembered to get my camera out!

But look at all these goodies that was inside, the chocolate was eaten as soon as it was unwrapped, there was a lovely teddy, some cloths and...

this bag that's made of calico with two hearts on and a tag saying; Lavender hearts made in a little Sussex Village, how sweet is that? It's already been shopping with me and there was also a favourite read....

this little bag thats full of lavender it makes the bathroom smell sooo nice.

Also included was this postcard of these two adorable children in a frame...

I'm sooo lucky to win thank you very much Sian.

love Lucey xxx

P.S.  Shirly popped in with these eggs for me  I asked her to tell her chickens "Lucey needs a dozen for her Easter display!!!"

Sunday, 14 February 2010


Happy Valentines Day to you all.

In the bottom of my wardrobe I have this tin my sister decorated  for me years ago and inside I have lots of letters and cards,

and while I was sorting through them all I come across a  very old card and book mark,

that were wrapped in this  old tissue paper that are family heirlooms.

 I vaguely remember when I was young my mam coming home with a big box of photos, cards, embriodered tablecloths and a sewing box .They belonged to my dads great aunties who were called The Misses Edie and Annie Dickinson who we think were born in 1876 and 1877.

There were three cards like this one, this is mine,  my BIL will have my sisters, and Julie has the other one. They're made out of paper and are absolutely beautifull.

This is the inside

and over the years the little mirror has broken

Can you see the lillies on the back?

Mr Lucey has been doing his family tree and now He's going to start on mine so maybe I'll find out who M A C W R is. My mam thinks she has a letter belonging to Edie that was from a young man, although the two ladies never married they lived together until in their 90s they died a few months apart.

As its valentines day I'll let you into a secret....I've been engaged twice but never been proposed to!!! 

Before I was married I went out with a lad called JH and one evening we'd been to some friends engagement party and on the way home we said how much we'd enjoyed ourselves and JH said "would you like to do that" "what " I asked and he replied "get engaged" I said "yes" A few months later it was my birthday and He gave me a ring that I'd chose from a catologue!! I slipped it on and that was that.....Needless to say a couple of months later we split up.

It was December 8th 1977 when I met Mr Lucey and in the following April we were walking home one night when he was saying things like when we were old and married etc and I piped up "are you going to marry me like" and he said "yes of course I am, if you want to" With a big smile on my face I said "yes" So the next day we went to the jewellers to get me a ring. The first one I tried on fit like a glove and  I kept it on and went straight home to show the family.

So there we are not a proposal in sight!!!!

But we have been happily married for 31 years ahhhh.

Love Lucey xxx