Tuesday, 16 February 2010


Morning girls,

While I was rummaging about in the loft  yesterday  afternoon I found these letters that I'd framed about 15 years ago and it used to hang in the hall of our last house.

The letters are  glued  on (wish I hadn't) and  one of them is to my granda Jim, he was my dad's dad and he bred and showed rabbits, from a chap interested in buying one of his rabbits.

The letter reads...I learned when at Hanley on saturday that you had a nice young black Dutch (rabbit) and same is for sale I should be pleased if you would  kindly furnish me with particulars, also when it would be convenient for you to meet me to see it. He finishes, Shall you be showing at Chester le Street on Sat??  Its dated 30th August 1943.

This letter is to my dad,  Peter, from his younger sister Freda written on "Saturday 5.45 p.m." and the year will have been 1951. In it Freda says Jackie ( their younger brother) is giving his wife a wall plaque!! and wants to know if there's any "flashy ties" out there? Dad was in Gibralter doing national service, and Freda wishes him a" merry christmas and happy new year from your loving sister Freda xxxxx"

This last one is to me from my nanna (we just called her nan) and there's just her address at the top but I know it was written in Feb 1981.

I'd had a misscariage at 14 weeks and nan writes,

Your mam said you were having a small operation on Thursday, I hope everything went alright. Perhaps you are home now, I hope so, Keep smiling everything will turn out right. love Nanna x

How sweet are they and to think I have all these letters to pass on to Dylan and Alexa....I'm starting to do the family tree on dads side of the family so I'll see what I can find out from his sisters.

I'll let you know how I get on....

Love Lucey xxx



The Girl said...

That's so lovely that you have those memories to pass down through the family line. I miss writing and receiving letters - e-mail isn't quite the same is it?!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely agree with the first comment. Letter writing is definitely becoming a lost art, and it is such a shame.xx

Kissed by an Angel said...

How marvellous to have these letters!!! To be able to pass the memories and the information to the younger members of the family!!! They will always know where they came from!!! Lovely!!

Celestial Charms said...

Those letters are truly treasures. Wonderful to be able to pass them on. Good luck with researching that line of your family tree. I love genealogy, it kindles one's spirit.

Smelly Radford said...

What wonderful memories to be cherished xx

Kelly said...

What lovely family keepsakes, How lucky you are to have these!