Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Emma Bridgewater....

Morning girls,

Oooh I do love  Emma Bridgewater pottery

This is part of my mam's collection that she's put on her shelves by the door, now why do I keep mine shut away in the cupboards???

Anyone fancy a "cuppa"??

One lump or two?

Us three girls (just before my sister died) bought this for mam for Christmas...can you guess where we got it from??

And, can you guess mam's name??


We got it from Bettys in Northallerton and yes mam's name is Betty!

I'm off for a cuppa,

in a "Bettys" cup and saucer.

Love Luceyxxx


The Hausfrau said...

Love Emma Bridgewater! I almost bought an EB Union Jack teapot in the *airport* on the way out of London in December but somehow thought that was a bit silly--so I'll wait until our next trip to England, and buy from a real shop!

Sarah said...

I to love Emma Bridgwater. When i started working for myself, i started collecting the pink hearts tea set.

Mary Poppins said...

I love Emma Bridgewater, have to say my favourites are the heart and polka dot designs, her husband does some cute things too. I have some special keepsake boxes that he designs, Matthew Rice.

I think the Betty tea pot is super, thanks for sharing


Sal said...

I love it too..I have various pieces but my fave at the moment is an old design called 'Sweet Pea'!
Enjoy your cuppa!

Kissed by an Angel said...

Ooooh that is gorgeous - all of it!!!
Thank you for showing us!!!

Florence and Mary said...

What a lovely collection, I was admiring the EB pottery in a local shop only yesterday

Victoria xx

Knittings Nice! said...

Gorgeousness unsurpassed!

Amanda said...

What a fabulous collection, love that teapot. Emma and Matthew have done so much for Stoke. Funny I pass their workshop/outlet every week but have never been in, mad I know. They hold parties there too. Thanks to you wonderful collectors there are local people that can say 'I work in a potbank'. Thousands in Stoke can't say that now....

Quaker Queen said...

Oh lovely thanks for sharing your pics with us. Im so very lucky in that Ive met both Emma and Matthew her husband one day in York about 5 years ago. They were there promoting a book that Matthew had Illustrated. Please dont keep your Bridgewater away anymore it should be on show! XX

A Country Girl said...

I love Emma Bridgewater too! Polka dot is my favourite - did you know you can even get an AGA in that design!


I love her stuff, but I don't own any yet....But I think this is the year, to collect one piece (or 2) a month, my problem is which collection, as I love union jack, but seems to be limited in items, I love polka dots, I love......dam, see I walk into the shop and can't make my mind up! Kx

Lavender hearts said...

Hi Lucey,

You've won my giveaway! Please send me your address and I'll post your goodies.


Sian x

Smelly Radford said...

What a wonderful collection, Beautiful! SR XX