Monday, 19 July 2010

Craft room....

This morning my craft room looked like a storeroom full to bursting with boxes

So with a bit of inspiration from Victoria at florence and mary I decided to empty some boxes and create a craft room so that I can play "crafty things" again!!

 3 hours later and much lugging and heaving the room now looks like this

Going into the room from the landing I put the armoire in the corner and put all my journals two deep on the bottom shelf and the other shelves are filled with crafty bits, just needs a little more tweeking I think!

On the wall facing the door I've put the chest of drawers that I had in the dining room and filled half with housey things and half with crafty bits, the dolls house belonged to my sister and my bil gave it to me, not sure if I should  paint the outside or to leave it as Karen had it, any suggestions???

Appely Dappely stands beside the window watching the world go by and waiting for children to ride him, and although the chair looks big in the piccy it sits against the right hand side of the room with a small table next to it, I didn't manage to unpack everything though....

so for now these boxes and other things I've yet to find a home for will be hiding behind the door!!

Must go and find something for tea now as Mr Lucey will be home soon, doesn't time fly when you're having fun?

Bye for now,

Love Lucey xx 

Saturday, 17 July 2010


Welcome to No 1 The Town House our new abode!

We're in a row of 5 Town houses and they're set around a big square, we've met all the neighbours and they're all so friendly, not like our last estate where you barely got a nod. We've already talked about getting a big tree for the square at christmas, how nice would that be???

This was a little present to ourselves, a lovely red Roberts radio, to keep me company while I'm washing up as our dishwasher is half an inch too big to fit in the hole, typical eh.

The dining table and chairs were also too big to go into the kitchen so for now we've got a white set from Ikea until I find something nice maybe made of oak.

I got red seat cushions and framed a "keep calm and carry on" poster and  I'm looking for a shelf with pegs on so I can have a few pretties on it and hang some bits and bobs from the pegs.

What do you think of our Hellmanns clock?

We bought it in Teneriffe, a chap there makes them out of original jars, we also got a moet champagne bottle for the sitting eh!

I still have lots of unpacking to do mainly all my crafty bits and books, but its slowly taking shape, my nephew is coming to put up the light fittings, and this weekend we hope to get the fence up between the two houses as the people next door move in next week.

Right I'm off to unpack a few more boxes while listening to the radio,

Bye from No1

Love Lucey xx