Wednesday, 31 August 2011

The fun part...

Mr Lucey has spent the last few days decorating our living room and last night up went the new light fitting

It's like a modern take on a chandelier with the glass droplets, just right for the new room,

and in 6 weeks time the lovely new suite will be arriving. We bought the leather one as it was practical in the last house with the dogs but it just doesn't "go" in here, well that's my excuse anyway!!

As I was hanging the curtains last night I grabbed my camera as it looked liike the sky was on fire!!

Today's the fun part, we're going shopping for pictures and bits and bobs and a new "doggie" bed!

I don't know wether I need another of those lights for above the kitchen table for "posh" dinners not that we have many posh dinners but we could if we had a nice light fitting, lol.

Love Lucey x

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

She has a story to tell...

Morning, as I said in my last post I've been "stitching"  a  book

"She has a story to tell"

So let's begin,

1st page

 That's me as a baby, aw wasn't I cute? There's an old silver 3d for luck tucked into a spray of blue flowers,  a little knitted brooch and a piece cut from an old deed.

2nd page

 some snippets of fabric, buttons and old press studs, a picture of my lovely mam on the day of her wedding, and a beautiful  treasured brooch my sister Julie (who was eight)  gave to me when I become a "mother"

3rd page

I love old keys so I stitched that on first and then I found a tiny lock charm, a lovely old shirt button and an envelope addressed to my granda dated 1943, such lovely hand writing.

And finally...

I bought a bumper load of these pre paid envelopes a few years ago and I knew one day they'd come in handy for something.

"The end"

Just a  wooly scarf, a couple of photos, a few bit's and bobs, my name and the date inside but one day a family heirloom perhaps? I'd like to think so.

I'll put this as  my August's monthly make

along with my "reindeer" scarf.

Have you been sewing or stitching?

Love Lucey xx

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Vintage bobbins...

Oh I do love it when the sun shines and what better way to spend the day than sewing especially when I have all these lovely cottons to sew with!!

Most of these are wooden reels of Dewhurst's SYLCO threads and are silk substitute machine twist and are loads better than the polyester stuff you get now.

They have such wonderful names too, there's carmine a lovely burgandy, filbert a pale toffee and antelope a lovely shade of grey.

The small rurple reel at the front is Pearsall's gossamer silk, very luxurious and the two just behind the green at the right are celebrated elephant machine silk and one is pale green and white twist and the other is blue and white. I got all of these from e bay for under £1 each so I'm on the lookout for a few more, don't know why anyone would want to sell a bobbin of cotton but I'm happy to buy them.


And what better way to store them than in this giant "custard cream"  tin, mind you every time I see it I'm reaching for the biscuit tin!!

I'll give you a little peek at what I've been sewing shall I?

It's a story book made from a wool scarf but I'll  have to keep it for tomorrow's post, must dash as I shall be late for work!!

Love Lucey x

Sunday, 21 August 2011

I'm knitting...

I've started knitting again!!

Inspired by the lovely Lynda, of  "hookin' with laa laa" I decided to knit myself a scarf, but not a plain one, one with reindeer's on, which was quite hard when I've never knit with two colours  before!! But after a few goes I got the hang of it

but then I realised when I wore it the reindeers on one side would be upside down !!

So I had to pull these little chaps out and knit them upside down which took ages but eventually I managed to finish it and I must say I'm rather pleased with myself. I'm not sure I'd tackle another one but it's certainly got me back into knitting again.

I put a pattern in the middle as you wouldn't  see the reindeers when you wear it

now I'm waiting for a cold blustery day to wear it, not that I'm wishing the summer away just yet as I have a week off work soon and am planning a few days out somewhere nice.

Thanks for all your comments on the "York" post, I put all your lovely  names into the hat, well a mixing bowl actually, and the one pulled out was.... The vintage gardener,  

here's Gill's little parcel.

Monday was my friend Barbara's "biggie" birthday so us girls went out for afternoon tea at Wynyard hall where we had tea in the library

there was big squashy armchairs and settee's to sit in and we got the full works delivered on lovely china

see those lovely big bunches of sunflowers

There was a wedding on and afterwards we had a little peek in the chappel, love the blue walls and the marble pillars

then we wandered down to the lake to see all the ducks and take more photos, it was one of those lazy afternoons where you just didn't want to leave.

Tonight we're going on a "bat" walk, you know the little furry kind?  We have been before and  Ian the chap who organises it brought along a common pipstrill bat for us to hold,  he had to hand rear it as the mother had died, and it was only 1 1/2 inches long so we've got the detectors ready  lets hope we hear loads of them!!

Love Lucey x

Monday, 8 August 2011

Magic ball swap and other things...

I was lucky enough to be partnered with the lovely Emma from "fraggle cat"  in laalaa's magic ball swap and wrapped inside a masive ball of wool was this very pretty bag.

It's ideal for work as it holds all the necessary bits n bobs and my lunch box.

But that's not all, I received all these goodies aswell!!

I love this pink fabric and will have to think of something special to make with it, it's just making the first cut with the scissors that's the hard part!!

Following my last post,  I stumbled across a vintage shop called The House of Avalon in High Petergate  York, (just in front of the Minster)

It's described as

"a quintessentially english tea room with a dash of vintage couture,

a magical little shop selling quality vintage clothes and accessories"

There was a lovely blue spotty dress hanging up just inside the door, if you click on the picture of the shop you might be able to catch a glimpse of it, priced at £95, is this the going rate for vintage?

Saying that if you "want it" then I suppose you have to" pay" for it!!

In the shambles there's a wonderful little wool shop called Ramshambles

(pic from internet)

so I went in for a little look and come out with some wool and a dish cloth hand knitted by a local blind lady for £1.50, bless her, and all proceeds go directly to her, so if you happen to be  in the shambles please consider buying one, thank you.

Following my last post I'll put your names in a hat later today and there'll be a "little something" in the post for one of you.

Bye for now

Lucey xx

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Guess the place....

Afternoon girls,

First of all a very happy birthday to our lovely daughter Rachel who's 32 today xxx

 Now do you fancy a little quiz  then read on!!

I had a wander around some lovely shops on monday, anyone guess where I was??

some nice old fashioned pharmacy bottles

lots of flat irons, very hard work I imagine for some unfortunate girl

they don't make them like that anymore, thank goodness!!

just "the drink" for a hot sunny day

anyone for tea and a scone?

It was a pleasure trying on clothes in this changing room with it's gorgeous wallpaper and yes the skirt did come home with me!!

freshly squeezed lemonade (got any ideas yet?)

wonderful edible treats from the best cake shop ever,

and finally,

a trip on a river boat.

Just leave a comment if you know where I went and I shall pop a little something (don't know what yet!) in the post for one of you.

Bye for now

Lucey xx