Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Vintage bobbins...

Oh I do love it when the sun shines and what better way to spend the day than sewing especially when I have all these lovely cottons to sew with!!

Most of these are wooden reels of Dewhurst's SYLCO threads and are silk substitute machine twist and are loads better than the polyester stuff you get now.

They have such wonderful names too, there's carmine a lovely burgandy, filbert a pale toffee and antelope a lovely shade of grey.

The small rurple reel at the front is Pearsall's gossamer silk, very luxurious and the two just behind the green at the right are celebrated elephant machine silk and one is pale green and white twist and the other is blue and white. I got all of these from e bay for under £1 each so I'm on the lookout for a few more, don't know why anyone would want to sell a bobbin of cotton but I'm happy to buy them.


And what better way to store them than in this giant "custard cream"  tin, mind you every time I see it I'm reaching for the biscuit tin!!

I'll give you a little peek at what I've been sewing shall I?

It's a story book made from a wool scarf but I'll  have to keep it for tomorrow's post, must dash as I shall be late for work!!

Love Lucey x


Mandy said...

I can never understand why people want to part with thread either! Looking forward to your next post. Your book looks lovely.
Daisy xxx

Floss said...

That book is such a great idea! I grew up with mum' ageing collection of thread like that, and couldn't believ it when I tried to buy new stuff when I left home - modern thread is, as you say, relatively rubbish. Now I have some of my mum's and some vintage ones I've picked up - just like you. I have some wonderful linen string from an old bobbin, which I just used to string up some chilli peppers from our garden! It must be 100 years old or more, I suppose...

Bee happy said...

Love your threads on the wooden bobbins, you are so lucky having these :)

Great idea using a scarf for a book, can't wait to see more.

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!