Monday, 8 August 2011

Magic ball swap and other things...

I was lucky enough to be partnered with the lovely Emma from "fraggle cat"  in laalaa's magic ball swap and wrapped inside a masive ball of wool was this very pretty bag.

It's ideal for work as it holds all the necessary bits n bobs and my lunch box.

But that's not all, I received all these goodies aswell!!

I love this pink fabric and will have to think of something special to make with it, it's just making the first cut with the scissors that's the hard part!!

Following my last post,  I stumbled across a vintage shop called The House of Avalon in High Petergate  York, (just in front of the Minster)

It's described as

"a quintessentially english tea room with a dash of vintage couture,

a magical little shop selling quality vintage clothes and accessories"

There was a lovely blue spotty dress hanging up just inside the door, if you click on the picture of the shop you might be able to catch a glimpse of it, priced at £95, is this the going rate for vintage?

Saying that if you "want it" then I suppose you have to" pay" for it!!

In the shambles there's a wonderful little wool shop called Ramshambles

(pic from internet)

so I went in for a little look and come out with some wool and a dish cloth hand knitted by a local blind lady for £1.50, bless her, and all proceeds go directly to her, so if you happen to be  in the shambles please consider buying one, thank you.

Following my last post I'll put your names in a hat later today and there'll be a "little something" in the post for one of you.

Bye for now

Lucey xx


Karen S Booth said...

Now that is a new shop ~ and it looks delightful too! I may be out of synch, but £95 seems a little steep for a vintage dress, but I don't know really! Did you buy it? I am sure it was lovely.....
LOVELY knitted dish cloth, my MIL used to knit them and she was from York too!

Bee happy said...

Wonderful swap gifts, so cute! I'm the same with cute fabric, don't want to get the scissors anywhere near it! just got some CK fabric from Bicester in the sale, still looking at it at the moment, can't cut it up yet!!

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

Ali said...

Lovely goodies there!! Thanks for the Heads up to that lovely shop/cafe can I ask where abouts in York the shop was that sold the medicine bottles xx

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Great swap goodies! And how wonderful to hear that the lady knits these cloths! Brilliant x

The Vintage Hobby House said...

Lovely shops,feel yet another visit to york coming on,bet youre in a muddle to who The Vintage Hobby house is ,well it's me MandaMade,changed my blog name ,long story !!hope to see you over there missed my blogging friends,beautiful dress but £95 ???? X Manda X

fee~bee said...

what great things you have got from your swap.We are certainly due a trip to York very soon and I will be sure to pop into those shops
xx fee