Thursday, 14 May 2015

New House, New Baby and Sadness

April 2nd would have been Mam and Dad's 60th wedding anniversary,
 it was also  the day we moved house,

 from No 1 at the seaside to No3 in the country.

A new build overlooking the village green at the front and a dean at the back, its lovely for walking the dogs and riding our bikes but we're also close to shops so best of both worlds.

Earlier in the year I had an operation on my knee so while I'm on sick leave I've made the most of the nice weather potting up plants and designing the back garden, just waiting for the gardener to come and do some digging and planting.

The wildlife here in the country is amazing, there's red kites, owls, bats, deer in the field at the back and in the garden we have Jays, woodpeckers, blue tits, robins,

and these little fellas keep us amused with their antics!

 We have a large kitchen/ family room to fill so first stop was to visit Kathryn at My Vintage World
 for a cupboard to display my jelly moulds, and this was just what I was looking for.

Right shape, right colour and right size for the space, and it was soon filled with my jelly moulds  along with a few tins and packets.

Mr Postie delivered these lovely EB mugs,

just right for a brew and a slice of home made banana loaf, 
I could get used to this
 "being a lady of leisure" malarky, ha,

We have a gorgeous new grandbaby born to our son and his girlfriend or should that be" girlfriend and son" lol, absolutely beautiful and we're totally smitten, awwww.
(sorry no pics allowed on here)

Sadly, my very good friend died suddenly so we're off up to Northumberland to scatter her ashes at the place she loved most, RIP x

Lucey x

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Birthdays and Beginnings

"Happy Birthday"

Today would have been my lovely Mam's birthday.

The photo in the middle is Mam on her wedding day and the other two are of Mam and Dad.

"Sending special birthday wishes up to you in heaven Mam xxx"

I'm busy packing my little suitcase full of scraps of fabric, hand written envelopes and coloured threads for a "Daisy Moon" workshop at Hope and Elvis studio this weekend.

The lovely Mandy is going to show us how to stitch the littlest of
 fabric shoes onto hand written envelopes.

How sweet are they?

Lucey x

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Happy New Year

It's all over for another I hate that saying!
I love Christmas and all the trimmings that goes with it and I'm sorry to be putting everything away for another year, but needs must so I spent today taking down the trees, cards and decorations and storing them all in the garage until November when I can do it all again!

On Christmas Eve we went to the garden centre to feed the reindeer and this year they were very hungry. There's a little machine that you put £1 coin and and it spit's out a tiny amount of food, Rudolph and his friends gobbled it up from little outstretched hands.

Santa was good to me this year and brought me a set of 1950's babycham glasses,

a lovely biscuit tin that I filled with chocolate biscuits to have with a cuppa,

and my best present ever...Julie Arkell's new book.. Away.

Boxing Day afternoon all the family come, we exchanged presents, played games, wore silly hats and ate a lovely M&S buffet. After a few drinks some went home and some slept over, we talked long into the night about new beginnings....

I have some news to share.

Our son and his girlfriend are expecting a baby in the new year.....

We are all overjoyed at the patter of little feet once again coming into the family.

Lucey X