Wednesday, 28 April 2010

"I've won, I've won!!"....

As soon as I saw the competition to win a bottle of Tattinger champagne and 6 glasses I thought "I've won" it's a dead cert, I know what it is because I collect them!!!

It's a babies rattle, there's a whistle on one end and a teether on the other and in the middle jingly bells, I was soooo excited and immediatly sent off the answer and also a couple of piccies, and waited....and waited....

Sadly I didn't win but felt smug as at last I got the mystery object right, (along with hundreds of others!!)

So I thought I'd share them with you anyway.


These have whistles on the top


there's the owl...

and the pussycat!

The bells and the shells...


the two on the left say "baby"

and a little duck.


I got most of them from antique fairs and a couple from car boot sales and I just love anything old and silver especially brooches, I must show you our collection of "baby" brooches one day. (I say we as Julie and I both collect them)

Oh well I was looking forward to a glass of champagne but I suppose lemonade is just as nice.....not.

Love Lucey xx

Monday, 26 April 2010

Seaside Cottage...

Oh I do love beach huts all painted in lovely ice cream colours and standing proudly in a row so I decided to make "Sweetpea Cottage" into "Seaside Cottage" for the Summer

Outside there's a bucket and spade, a crab bucket and net and an Alexa sized deck chair,  mam bought this years ago from a boot sale and I've ofter thought of "doing it up" but I think it would loose it's charm 

and inside is filled with shells, seaside plates, and postcards,  "oh I do like to be beside the seaside"...

These little cloths are actually CK dusters but far too pretty to put away in the cleaning cupboard!!

I'd love to replace this "radio" with this rather lovely Cath radio ( when I have a spare £200 doing nothing!)

I've sprinkled some of my lovely white "French sand" in amongst the shells

Miss Goose has a new yellow ribbon and I just  had to buy another set of union jack tins to display my shells in (well you've got to set the scene!!!)

Mam gave me this pretty bunting that used to hang in her conservatory, and I made little  pelmets and tie backs for the window in that Britania remnant I got from CK

andthese beach hut canvasses were only £1 each from poundland and look "so at home" on the walls

Mr Lucey insists on having this chair in here as he says the CK chairs are too have no taste do they???

This sums it up as I'm more of a "beach girl" than a "country girl" just wish there was room for a bed and I could have a sleep over,  I'm off to stain the decking and I shall be a happy bunny....

Love Lucey xx

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Come dine with me...

Did anyone watch come dine with me last night?

It was Claire's turn to host the event and she bought a new dress for the occasion and it was gorgeous.

I took the pictures from the TV so they're not that good,

This is the top of the dress with a lovely band of red and white spotty round the top and bottom and it had two little bows above the bust and a belt on and the material was bright blue.

Here's Claire wearing the dress

and doing a twirl!!

The skirt was a full circle and underneath were layers and layers of pink net, and on the dress (in the first picture) was a label that said hell funky, or I think that's what it said, so I looked on the internet but couldn't find anything by that name.

Does anyone live on the Isle of Sheppey and know what that shop is called???

if so I'd be ever sooo gratefull

Love Lucey xxx

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Pretty as a picture...

When we tidied out the garage I come across a couple of old frames I'd bougt in France years ago,

so I went upstairs and selected a few nice postcards to go in this one

these were free in amagazine


and it looks quite nice hanging on the bedroom wall.

The other frame was for  the bathroom and I had a piece of fabric left from when I made a blind for the window

so I just cut out two pieces to put in here, and the little cherub that was left  over looks lovely in this frame.

It's my sister's birthday today (next year is the big 40) so  I'm off to take her presents and cards before I go to work.

Happy birthday Julie,

Love Lucey xx


Sunday, 18 April 2010

A day at Saltburn by the sea...

Yesterday dawned bright and sunny so we decided to go to Saltburn it's half an hour's drive away along the coast and a place we'd not visited before.

As we drove into Saltburn there was a church on the right and grazing in the grounds was a ram!! Isn't he gorgeous??? I jumper out of the car top take some photo's and as a Lady approached he jumped up and come running over to us.

She told me "Bertie" look's out for her passing by each day and she always brings him a treat which he looks forward to. In the background can you see the sign saying "collector's fair" so in we went, now sometimes you find things and sometimes you don't, but we had a good old rummage about and I found a couple of new "old" noddy books a ladybird book some lovely buttons, and an album full of first day issues and christmas air mail letters as well as stickers and pegs, didn't I do well? Mr Lucey bought 2 Paul Smith rabbits for our collection and a few other bits.

We passed some realy lovely apartments on the way to the beach

how lovely  to live in something as nice as this,

and this was the view from the top, it reminds me of when we were in Cornwall a couple of years ago.

Then we saw the little ticket office for the tram that takes you up and down the cliff

this is the view from inside

it had beautiful stained glass windows

and everything had just been refurbished and given a new lick of paint for the season

 there was another ticket office at the bottom I'm sure all this could be used in a  film set.

There were donkey's on the beach for the kiddies to ride on, and we walked along the pier and had the obligitory bag of chips in newspaper

we went along to the woodland centre where there was swings and climbing frames and a train

"toot toot"

the smell from the hyacinths in the Italian garden was divine and the diners in the tea rooms spilled out onto the lawn with their scones and tea in the warm sunshine

we shall certainly be visiting again but I must remember to wear comfortable shoes!!

Love Lucey xx

Saturday, 17 April 2010

A little treat...

I'm sooo lucky!!!

As soon as I saw this bag I thought I must have it, bags are my one weakness....

We got a nice bonus from our boss (Stuart Rose) this month so after I'd given half to Mr Lucey (how kind am I???) lol, I knew exactly what I was spending my "half" on.

I sooo love this seaside Radley bag, and it's all mine!

Radley's sitting on his deck chair with his bucket and spade beside him and there are colourful beach huts and a string of lights

you also get the purse to match

don't you love his little cap???

there's sandcastles on the back too

I know I'm lucky, but hey if a girl can't treat herself....

Come on Radley let's go shopping....

Love Lucey xx

Thursday, 15 April 2010

At the swings...

Last week we did a spot of child minding while mummy and daddy were at work and as usual Alaxa headed straight for the play doh

we all had to make a snowman!! still if it keeps her happy

there's nothing like a ride on "Apply Dapply"

or a go on the swings

or even a swing made for two!!

One day we went up to the village and played bubbles and hide and seek

and we took a big bag of nuts for these cheeky fellows! I love squirrels and it all started when Mr Lucey bought me a steiff squirrel when we were first courting... many moons ago!

we saw the sheep and lots of crows nesting in the tall trees, we love the outdoors and try to do outdoorsy things with the children

While clearing the garage out we found the crab bucket and lines ready to go crabbing again, and that inspired me to make sweetpea cottage into seaside cottage but more on that next time...

Love Lucey xx