Monday, 12 April 2010

Vintage Wedding....

I collected my 3 favourite magazines last week and in Homes & Antiques was an article on vintage weddings,

the first one featured a couple who wanted a victorian wedding and they had a big marquee on the village green with an English picnic theme.

The second one was a 20s wedding where they went all out with flapper dresses and the bride sourced most of the crockery herself

and now arranges "themed weddings"

everything just looks sooo romantic!!

and finally, there's the "vintage extravaganza" where the bride and grooms friends organised the whole wedding, they had 1920s wind up gramaphones and 1940s swing dance music 

Love the idea that each guest was given a piece of fabric for them  to customise into a piece of bunting.

It makes me wish I was getting maried again!!!

There's also the full dossier on all the addresses for the shoes, dresses, hair/styling, china/props,  entertainment and marquees, it would be a fun idea for a special birthday or even a big family and friends get together.

Now who could I invite to a party???

I love this house featured in 25 beautiful homes there's something warm, cosy and romantic about having the stairs in a room like here in the diningroom,

and I love the bluey grey paint on the wall but I'd pretty the room up a bit with some CK goodies of course!

and finally, you know summer's on it's way when there's "sweets and treats" and all things delightful for that summer fete

It makes you want to get baking doesn't it....

My last day off work today so I'm going to enjoy it, now shall I bake, sew or garden???

Love Lucey xx


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous magazines - that 'sweets and treats' page is divine. Did it take many sups of tea to get through that lovely lot?!xx

Kissed by an Angel said...

Gorgeous magazines!! Great for advice for someone who wants a wedding with a difference!!!
Happy Monday Lucey!!

Rubys mamma x said...

I may have to start nagging Mr P, like-NOW!!!

Handmade in Gibraltar said...

What a nice magazine, the weddings sound inspiring don't they ? What a great job that would be - a wedding planner !
Louise x

Duchess of Tea said...

Lovely magazines darling, I love the idea of 1920s wind up gramaphones & 1940 swing dance music. Now I too wish I was getting married again ( just kidding!!) Wishing you a ovely week my friend.

Love & Hugs

topchelseagirl said...

Great magazines. You could invite all of us to a vintage party, at least you'd know we'd all appreciate it lol. x


Would love to set up a vintage tea party.
Well I have my Birthday coming up in May, maybe if I pulled my finger out, made bunting, make the cupcakes, Kx

Florence and Mary said...

I was chatting to a friend only yesterday saying if I were to get married I'd love a vintage tea party theme.

Victoria xx

Meri Wiley said...

Hi Lucey,

I think you should go ahead and do all three things; bake, sew and garden.....why not? Who say's you can't do seconds on your marriage...have another wedding! Celebrate the fact that you're in love, or if you're not currently married, have a "single" person wedding. Just celebrate yourself! There's no rule book, life is what you make it!


susan said...

I saw that 'sweets and treats' article too! I think it's the bright spring colours that grabbed my attention. We had a cookie baking session at the weekend because of it! Didn't think I could sell them though!

Country Cottage Chic said...

Such lovely photos!


Kelly said...

Wow those weddings sound amazing!
If I were to do it again (after a failed attempt!) I would keep it very simple but I love the idea if a vitage style dress! Bet they diddn't come with Vintage price tags!!!