Thursday, 22 April 2010

Come dine with me...

Did anyone watch come dine with me last night?

It was Claire's turn to host the event and she bought a new dress for the occasion and it was gorgeous.

I took the pictures from the TV so they're not that good,

This is the top of the dress with a lovely band of red and white spotty round the top and bottom and it had two little bows above the bust and a belt on and the material was bright blue.

Here's Claire wearing the dress

and doing a twirl!!

The skirt was a full circle and underneath were layers and layers of pink net, and on the dress (in the first picture) was a label that said hell funky, or I think that's what it said, so I looked on the internet but couldn't find anything by that name.

Does anyone live on the Isle of Sheppey and know what that shop is called???

if so I'd be ever sooo gratefull

Love Lucey xxx


Anonymous said...

Hi Lucey - that lady really was the perfect housewife! I think that this week's episodes are repeats from quite some time ago, so the shop may no longer be able to help? I do hope that you have success tracking down the dress!xx

Kissed by an Angel said...

Hi Lucey, I don't watch come dine with me! I agree with you that the dress is lovely though!!
Sorry not to be more helpful!!

winnibriggs said...

How weird is that. Sorry didnt watch that episode, but have just done a whole set of posts about tracing my family on Sheppey!!
The dress looks divine though. Hope you trace the maker.
Jenny x

melanie said...

I did watch it, and I absolutley love the dress. I thought that other woman who was on, was just awful about Claires dress, very bitchy indeed! xx

dani_loves said...

Hi hun I watched that too last night, the dress is by a brand called Hell Bunny, they make lots of alternative clothing and I think she is wearing a petticoat underneath, I think they make these too :-)


Hi,I have just been on ebay looking for the dress for you and its there !!, just look for HELL BUNNY and there is one with a price of £25.00 new with tags! fab retro dress, hope this helps, bestest Linda x x

Kelly said...

I love it, doesn't it look fab!! I just wish I had a figure suited to a full circle skirt!!!!

Cowboys and Custard said...

Oh to have a figure to put in a dress like that!
I love come dine with me.. but it does tend to highlight the ugly side of people sometimes.. Social etiquette seems to have died somewhat..
Thanks for your visit..

Michele x

Meri Wiley said...

Hi Lucey,

That dress almost looked like an apron to me......very vintage. We don't get that program out here across the pond, but I can definately see why you'd want to hunt it down. Good luck!


sadie said...

I loved that dress. I was so annoyed with the girl in that hideous 'dress' thing slated it. I mean, how on earth could she have the nerve to say it was horrible, when wearing something that looked like a binliner and about 10 sizes too small!!! Meoww. Harsh, but true! :O)

Donna said...

I watched that ep and I do come from Sheppey but she didnt buy it from the island think she was from a village just off sheppey, my guess she brought it in Faversham it was a amazing dress, that Katie looked like a wrestler on Claires night and had sooooo much cheek to take the mick out of claires dress.