Wednesday, 31 August 2011

The fun part...

Mr Lucey has spent the last few days decorating our living room and last night up went the new light fitting

It's like a modern take on a chandelier with the glass droplets, just right for the new room,

and in 6 weeks time the lovely new suite will be arriving. We bought the leather one as it was practical in the last house with the dogs but it just doesn't "go" in here, well that's my excuse anyway!!

As I was hanging the curtains last night I grabbed my camera as it looked liike the sky was on fire!!

Today's the fun part, we're going shopping for pictures and bits and bobs and a new "doggie" bed!

I don't know wether I need another of those lights for above the kitchen table for "posh" dinners not that we have many posh dinners but we could if we had a nice light fitting, lol.

Love Lucey x


charl said...

i love your light its gorgeous.. i bet it gives off a lovely twinkly light.. im sure you need to get another!!!..
the picture of the sky is beautiful sky at night shepherds delight!

cant wait to see your finished room..

A Blessed Life said...

The light is lovely,can't wait to see it all finished,it looks good already.

Anonymous said...

The light is perfect for your room and another one would be the icing on the cake
happy shopping
xx fee

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

wOW! I love that light - amazing x

Kandi said...

Looks fabulous!! I love the wallpaper too.
Kandi x

The Vintage Hobby House said...

Lovely light,looks really pretty.xMandax

Florence and Mary said...

Your living room is looking fabulous especially that chandelier!!!

Victoria xx

Kitty M said...

Ooh gorgeous light Lucey - I lo ve shopping for interiors - can't wait to see the doggies new beds as well! We hope to rescue Alfie from France by the end of September, so I hope to get another Cath Kidston number for his return :-)