Saturday, 17 July 2010


Welcome to No 1 The Town House our new abode!

We're in a row of 5 Town houses and they're set around a big square, we've met all the neighbours and they're all so friendly, not like our last estate where you barely got a nod. We've already talked about getting a big tree for the square at christmas, how nice would that be???

This was a little present to ourselves, a lovely red Roberts radio, to keep me company while I'm washing up as our dishwasher is half an inch too big to fit in the hole, typical eh.

The dining table and chairs were also too big to go into the kitchen so for now we've got a white set from Ikea until I find something nice maybe made of oak.

I got red seat cushions and framed a "keep calm and carry on" poster and  I'm looking for a shelf with pegs on so I can have a few pretties on it and hang some bits and bobs from the pegs.

What do you think of our Hellmanns clock?

We bought it in Teneriffe, a chap there makes them out of original jars, we also got a moet champagne bottle for the sitting eh!

I still have lots of unpacking to do mainly all my crafty bits and books, but its slowly taking shape, my nephew is coming to put up the light fittings, and this weekend we hope to get the fence up between the two houses as the people next door move in next week.

Right I'm off to unpack a few more boxes while listening to the radio,

Bye from No1

Love Lucey xx


Kitty M said...

Welcome back Kitty and congratulations moving into your new home!!! It is looking lovely -Can't wait to see some more piccies. I'm hoping to get to Hawarth tomorrow to stock up on some goodies for my blog bake giveaway so watch this space! Kitty xxx

clare said...

Welcome back hun x Your new house looks lovely...and thanks for sharing some pic's! Good luck with the rest of your unpacking...speak soon hugs Clare x

daisy daydreams said...

Happy new home, you front door looks charming

Meri Wiley said...

Hi Lucey,

Great Piccy's, but I need to see more........please! I love the clock, very fun. Keep em' coming.


topchelseagirl said...

Ooh it looks tres posh! Good luck with the rest of the unpacking and more piccies in due course please. x

Pea Green Kitty said...

Hello Hello!!

I cant wait to see some more of your new pad, it sounds and looks beutiful!!


Sal said...

I hope you'll be very happy in your new abode!
Have fun! ;-)

michelle said...

Hi Lucey,

Good luck in your New Home!!

I love the Duck, or is it a Goose? by the front door.

I have to apologise for pinching your Link for my Blog Page. I didnt realise I didnt have one to swap:-/ I will be getting one soon, sorry!!

Michelle x

michelle said...

Me again,

Have you seen my Give Away?

I will be drawing it on 25th July!

Michelle x

Claire@AreWeNearlyThereYet said...

Oh I love folk who talk Christmas when it's only July, without moaning about it! Hee hee! X said...

I love the little glimpses of your lovely new home, and I wish you much happiness there! Love the clock too! I love the sound of plantint that big tree in the square, lovely! Suie xxxx

Florence and Mary said...

Well it certainly sounds like you've moved to a lovely area!

I'm so envious of your Roberts radio it's lovely and the Hellmans clock is so much fun.

Victoria x

made with love said...

Welcome back, you new home looks lovely.
Hope you will be very happy,
Rachael xx

magpie chic said...

Lovely to have you back in our neighbourhood too! New house looking fab already. Can't wait for the cowboys to show up LOL!

magpie chic said...

Lovely to have you back in our neighbourhood too! New house looking fab already. Can't wait for the cowboys to show up LOL!

sitting oh so pretty said...

Oh how lovely for you!!! Love the radio....the exciting bit is the unpacking and finding new homes for your bits...hope you will be really happy there!!!xxx

Kelly said...

I love the new house! It looks great already! the kitchen is gorgeous!!!