Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Just saying hello.

Just thought I'd pop in to say hello and wish  a "happy birthday" to anyone lucky enough to be celebrating,  my daughter has a friend who is officially "8" today!!

I got some lovely fragranced daffs for £1 to go in my new jar/vase it's about 8" high and has  "Gartons of Birmingham" on the side and it has a flat glass lid I don't know what was in it, maybe a sauce?

My friend Evelyn gave me some moss from her garden so I got a cheery pink primula to go in an oversized cup and put the moss around it, a bit of spring indoors, mind it's been beautiful outdoors today, Rachel and I went to do a bit of shopping this morning she's just moved house and the worktops in the kitchen are dark blue so until she can get them changed she bought  a red microwave, a lime green toaster, a purple kettle and a yellow bread bin and it's realy brightened the kitchen up and also a little shopping trip with mam cheered her up a bit as it's the first time she's been out since her op.

I've been sewing again, this time a shopping bag, made from my lovely wooly blanket stash, and lined with some left over CK print,

I embroidered "rabbit" on the front and added a couple of red buttons  and I'm nearly finished my "Lucey Rabbit" to pin on  but in the meantime I "borrowed" Rachel rabbit so you could see it finished.

It's not a shopping bag for the "milk and bread" type of shopping more the" ball of wool and yard of pretty ribbon" type of shopping, just right for a vintage fair I'm going to on Sunday where I hope I come home with my shopping bag full to bursting!!

I'm off to catch the last of the sunshine before I go to the slimming club where I'll be the only one not to loose anything, I knew I shouldn't have had that large slice of chocolate fudge cake with oooodles of fresh cream on this morning, it was utterly delicious though!!

Lucey xx


delia hornbook said...

It really has been lovely today shame i have been at work but we did get out this afternoon and did some playing with the children it was far to nice to stay inside. Loving your bag it looks so soft hope you fins some lovely goodies at the weekend. dee x

Pretty at Heart said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for you - that you did lose a bit!!

A Blessed Life said...

The bag is delightful and I imagine so was the cake..never mind you can start again we all do lol.

Floss said...

I think it may have had HP sauce in it!

I love looking up that kind of clue - and lovely flowers and bag. Thanks for the fun!

Daisy said...

Your bag is gorgeous Lucey. The cake must have been worth it. It sounds delish! xxx

Betty said...

Very pretty Rabbit bags. Good luck with the slimming. Betty

Riddlers cottage flowers said...

Love the bag very sweet.x

Liz said...

Your bag is absolutely gorgeous! Love it!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

Sally said...

I am in love with your bag it is totally gorgeous!

Simply Scandinavian said...

What a lovely bag. I was only saying today that I want to make a bag.
Did you make it from a pattern?

Jooles said...

oh that is the sweetest bag i have EVER seen....just adorable
happy weekend
love jooles x

Carol said...

What a fabulous bag.
The cake and cream sounded delicious.
Hope you have a lovely time at the Vintage Fair.
Carol xx

Marianne C. said...

Hello Lucey,

I was just taking some time to hop around blogland. I don't always get to take a look at as many blogs as I'd like.

Very cute rabbit tote. I hope you got to fill it up during the fair.


Second Hand Rose said...

Aww that's such a gorgeous bag! I need to make myself a knitting bag, I have too much wool to keep in a plastic bag now! XxxX

Jewel said...

Thank you! I was 6 on wednesday!

I love the gorgeous bag! Hope you found some bargains! x

♥ Miss Tea said...

you're not the only one who didn't lose anything, I've been on a diet for a month now but so far, i havent lost anything *sigh* but I adore your shopping bag! the rabbit is so cuteee and love your embroidery on it!

x susan